Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews – With Pros & Cons

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Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Stick Vacuum
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Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Stick Vacuum

Are you in a big trouble about cleaning a huge spacious house for you? Or you are concern about cleaning your mats or kitchen? I am here to solve your problem! Yes because you are going to have a crystal clear idea about cleaning your house or mats or kitchen! Just go through the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Review in which I have elaborated about a magical cleaning machine and this Aladdin’s lamp will help you as your housekeeping partner!

Read our Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews and apprehend precisely why this is often one among the foremost common pet hair vacuum brands. Yes, we tend to thoroughly inspect their best models and tell you what you ought to expect with each of them.

You see, selecting a vacuum is an important issue; however determinant if it’s what you wish at a look, is entirely totally different. Don’t be worry although, here, we tend to assure you that we are here to assist you to induce price for your cash if you choose to travel with a vacuum from Shark Rocket. In alternative words, we tend to will make sure that you get the most effective bang for your bucks!

For starters, Shark Rocket is at the head of producing pet hair vacuums. In essence, which means you get nothing wanting superior quality and unmatched deftness. Take Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews series for example. These tried and tested units represent themselves with well-thought-out, innovative options.

Plus, Shark Rocket vacuum activity everything you’d anticipate in premium models. Ideally, you desire to induce a machine that may make your job easier while not fundamentally inflicting operational fatigue. Of course, you wish to pay longer eliminating pet hair in your way and time worrying regarding obtaining tired.

And to prime it off, Shark Rocket vacuums’ performance is stellar therefore you’ll be able to rest assured that your quest to induce eliminate dog smell in your house can begin on the proper footing.

Without more ruckuses, let’s dive right into Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews.

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Stick Vacuum

For being in a residence, everyone wants to get dense in size appliances that provide simple to luggage compartment facilities. Here come the most magical Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews which will give you the probable solutions. This vacuum cleaner is very much lightweight and extremely easy to handle & utilize. But this vacuum is not a full-sized upright vacuum cleaner similar to the Shark Rotator Professional lift-away.

This Shark Rocket series vacuum cleaner is specialist for its multitalented cleaning areas. It is not the only specialist for cleaning floor but also a professional for deeply cleaning mats. If you have average to high pile carpets on your ground, it could be the best preference for you.

Fundamentally, this upright vacuum cleaner is thin and so much useful. It is not only slim al all but also you can easily change this Shark upright vacuum cleaner to a handheld vacuum with no loosing of its unique suction power. So it allows you to without difficulty clean the above floors particularly the furniture, stairs and narrow spaces.

The Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews give you a budget-friendly unit that may adopt too various environments. Use it as a hand-held for stairs, baseboards, crown molding or upholstery – or use it as an associate degree upright vacuum for larger floor areas. This Shark model is additionally terribly simple to maneuver and includes a tight cleanup radius. I might advocate this vacuum for folks searching for a “one-fits-all” vacuum.

Are you bored with clean up the house and ending up with back pain? You would possibly strive exploitation this home appliance that’s designed to form cleanup plenty easier in terms of its structure and operation. Shark Rocket Deluxe professional Ultra-Light Upright Stick home appliance serves this purpose neatly and clearly. It provides a radical cleanup performance for blank floors and deep carpets.

Using this upright home appliance is sort of simple because it permits simple maneuvering and intensive reach. You’ll cowl several elements of the area notwithstanding height and breadth because the home appliance comes with a slim and long wand. Hidden trash isn’t any match for the brilliant light-emitting diode lights embedded within the nozzle and hand-held vacation, thus you’ll simply spot any accumulation of dirt and touch upon it on the spot. Whether or not you’re clean up the ground, stairs, or article of furniture, the home appliance is up to the task. Get more info at Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Reviews

You can fleetly broaden the scope of your home cleanup by exploitation any of the accessories like the upholstery tool, the dirt brush, and crevice tool, among others. You’re could already be convinced regarding this product, however, take many minutes to scan additional regarding the options.

Features and your benefits with details

This Shark upright rocket sequence vacuum cleaner is designed and engineered with suitable features that bring this vacuum cleaner to the truthful while remaining one march ahead to the competition.

2-speed Suction control for multi-surface:

Ensuring the rocket never compromise with the suction, it is constructed with never loss suction technology. This vacuum cleaner is designed with 2 different suction controls. The high suction power is for cleaning your carpets and the low suction is gentle on the hard floor. Even at what time the vacuum filth cup is full, at rest it doesn’t drop its suction.

The amazing Swivel Technology:

Basically vacuum cleaners are incapable to rotate completely. As a consequence, dirt may still fool around on the floor or carpets. Having this in mind, this vacuity cleaner is constructed with an advance swivel steering technology which allows reaching the unreachable areas to suck the esoteric dust.

The Filtration system:

Shark failed to fit the HEPA filter to this vacuum cleaner; the manufacturers made the filtration something diverse. The washable and reusable sift reduces the rate of changing the filter over and over.

The long 30 feet cord:

The cord of this impressive vacuum length is 30 feet long so that 3 small rooms can be effortlessly covered by this Shark rocket sequence. There you will find a store alternative of the cord in the vacuum, so you can abrasion the power supply cord without any irritate. The long cord will give you cleaning ability in a wide area so easily.

The 2x Dust Cup and Unloading system:

The rocket series has 2x detachable dirt cup ability which is actually 2x filth cup than its younger brother HV300. The dust cup size is superior and enough for vacuuming 3 places to stay. It contains about 0.22 gallons of filth capacity. You will simply love this upright vacuum for its easy 2 ways emptying the dust cup. One key unloading characteristic will give you disturbance-free vacuuming and unfilled the trashes.

The LED lights:

This shark model is also designed and engineered with high powerful LED lights on the syringe. And for this, it is more suitable to see the shadowy spaces under the furniture. There you will find a brush roll pointer light on the syringe shows you the brush roll is on or off.

Features at a glance

  • It has Roller Brush Head
  • There is Upright Wand
  • You will find a Dust Bin on it
  • There is Power and simple Settings on it
  • There are 4 amperes
  • It runs on 120 volts
  • 500 watts
  • It has powerful Headlight
  • It has 2 speeds Brushroll Control
  • It has Washable Filters
  • There is Swivel Steering
  • The Cord Length is about 30 feet (9.1m)
  • You will get the Dusting Brush
  • There is Pet Multi-Tool
  • It comes with an accessory Bag
  • It has Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment
  • It has Wall Mount Storage Hook
  • It has On Board Accessories Clip

Key Specs

  • Its Cleaning Path Width 10 inches
  • It is Upright vacuums Vacuum Type
  • Bin Capacity is about 0.2275 gallons
  • Product Weight is about 14.5 pounds
  • It has Shut-Off Brush Roll
  • Bagless
  • Compatible Floor Type for All the floors
  • It is Corded
  • The Cord Length of it is around 30 feet
  • The Filter Type is Reusable
  • It can work in Multi-Surface
  • There is Washable Filter
  • The Attachments Included Hard Floor Hero accessory, Duster gap Tool, Upholstery instrument, Wall Mount storage space clasp


  • The Product Height is about 47.5 inches
  • The Product Length is around 10.25 inches
  • The Product Width is almost 10.25 inches

It is quite similar with Dyson series, this one could be a buzz within the market. Careful with most hypnotic appearance and nice charm, this model is that the most light-weight product launched at such a value. I’d prefer to share Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review with you and that I am a great deal|most} affected by this product that I even have a lot of stuff to share with you guys.

Shark has launched these manufactured goods in its rocket sequence. The amazing manufactured goods have managed to build up a great deal of appreciation from the users. It is simply eight pounds in weight and therefore the dimensions are 11.1 x 11.9 x 33.5 inches. It’s a sleek machine that has been factory-made especially for pet homeowners. This model excels in the removal of pet hair from each corner of your house.

It is being claimed by Sharks that this product can work higher than several different same vary product. One more reason for folks to seem forward to the present product is that the value. it’s a whole package of quality, skillfulness, and beauty.


At its core, the Shark Rocket Deluxe professional home appliance could be a convertible stick and hand-held vacuum; a two-in-one of types. Use it with the ground head and central suction system for a light-weight upright. Or use it as a strong hand-held, wherever the central suction system is remodeled into a long wand and also the head is detached.

Aesthetically, I must say that this vacuum appearance sleek. The low profile vacuum head offers it an easy and light-weight look. Locating several of the heavier components of this vacuum nearer to the handle conjointly helps with maneuvering and overall management of the unit.

The stick vacuum cleaner design ensures that you have greater control when using it. Its grip is rubberized to enhance control even in conditions where you have to use one hand to hold the wand. It is lightweight and easy to store. You get to save on filters, as this vacuum cleaner comes with washable cleaners that are reusable.

Swivel Steering Design

Maneuverability is a very important factor in the design of vacuum cleaners. This is because a room filled with furniture may require a slimmer design in cleaning tight corners and high spots such as shelves. Additionally, various surfaces require specific accessories, and this cleaner is well equipped to deliver the best performance regardless of the circumstances.

Brushroll Switch

This enables the Shark stick vacuum cleaner to remove dirt embedded within carpets and rugs using the motorized brush roll. Turning on the brush roll is easy as the switch is within easy reach of the finger, close to the handle. Just a flick of the finger and you can select either of two speeds to use this feature.

How It Cleans

The Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro vacuum cleans machine is using a nice combination of suction power and rotating skirmish heads to rub a range of outside sorts. There’s an improvement mode for low flooring, like hardwood, tile or low pile carpet, yet united for prime pile carpet or thick rugs.

The Shark is straightforward to maneuver and switch and incorporates a high degree of maneuverability. Vacuum quickly for a quick and simple clean or vacuum slowly for a deeper clean.

Size & Dimensions

The Shark Rocket DeluxePro vacuum weighs around eight pounds and is 48” tall. The vacuum floor head is around 10” x 10” x 2” high, creating it straightforward to urge beneath couches or piece of furniture.

This unit comes with a wall mounted hook to hold up the vacuum. It’s too much important to notice that, just because of its style, the Shark Rocket DeluxePro home appliance doesn’t stand on its own- in “upright mode.”

One workaround here- is to detach the motor from the extending handle and fix it on to the bottom, as you’d use in hand-held mode. During this configuration, you’ll get the vacuum to the square on its own and you’d not have to be compelled to essentially use the wall hook.

Accessories & Parts

The Shark DeluxePro vacuum will provide you with the following assortment of attachments and add-ons while you are going to buy it:

  • A Handheld
  • A Dustbin
  • The Dust-Away Hard Floor Genie
  • The Upright wand
  • The Crevice tool
  • The Roller brush head
  • With the Upholstery tool
  • The Motorized brush tool
  • The Dusting brush
  • Also with an accessories storage bag

The variety of accessories is one of the key features that set the Shark Rocket apart from other stick or handheld vacuums. The customization permits you to convert the vacuum from Associate in Nursing upright vacuum for hardwood, tile or carpets, to a hand-held vacuum that’s higher fitted to upholstery, cars, crevices or another spot cleanup.

Although solely 2 accessories may be carried on board this vacuum, there’s an oversized accent bag that comes with the vacuum and helps to stay all accessories in one place.

Cleaning Tests

The following vacuum cleansing tests designed to point out however the Shark Rocket vacuum performs on a spread of surfaces discovering a spread of scrap varieties. For these tests, we glance at exhausting floors, low carpets, and high carpets. for every floor surface sort, we tend to take a look at the vacuum against rice (3 oz), cold cereal (1 oz, because it is larger), clay (3 oz), and sugar (3 oz).

Each of the scrap varieties was equally unfolded across the testing lane. Once spreading out every scrap sort, we tend to proceed to complete the vacuum take a look at. This takes a look at consisted of forwarding and backward passes through the scrap.

To measure the quantity of scrap picked up by the vacuum, we tend to 1st live the trash can before running the vacuum. Next, we vacuum up the mess and take a new measurement of the dustbin, which in turn gives us the total amount, in ounces, of debris picked up by the vacuum.

Hardwood Floor test

For the hardwood check, the Shark Rocket DeluxePro did fine, aggregating most of the rice, Kitty Litter, and sugar. The cereal wasn’t possible for the Shark, but it was, by far, the foremost tough. At first, throughout the check, it pushed the cereal down the testing lane while not suck it up. Regarding halfway through the check, it started running over the cereal and crushing it, that allowed this vacuum to suck up additional cereal than before.

One alternative factor to notice here is that the vacuum vogue. At the start of this check, we tend to use the standard vacuum vogue (straightforward, back at a diagonal). The Shark Rocket vacuum doesn’t suck up media on the rear pass. Instead, it merely drags it behind itself and can continue to suck after you resume a progress. For this reason, we tend to had to change our vacuum vogue to associate degree alternate vogue (straightforward, straight back, move vacuum to a new area and then on).

In a shell, this simply implies that if you vacuum within the ancient vogue this vacuum would possibly need some further passes to choose up all the detritus.

Low Pile Carpet test

The low carpet check is just about the clone of the hardwood floor check, except the dust is displayed across low pile carpet. Measurements area unit recorded within the same method and also the same variety of passes area unit created.

On the low carpet, the Shark Rocket did virtually here too. Again, the cereal was a hassle spot. The Shark is light-weight enough that it essentially rolled on prime of the cereal and crushed it a touch, however, wasn’t ready to suck up a majority of the items.

High Pile Carpet Test

On the high carpet, from the appearance of the before and once the check, you’d assume that this vacuum did well. Once more the clay, rice, and sugar area unit sucked up simply. On the high carpet, there was enough friction from the carpet fibers to permit the Shark to roll and crush the cereal and so suck it up.

At least that’s what it sounded like happened. However, once we empty the dirt canister, solely seven-membered of the cereal had created it into the bin. Therefore wherever was it? Because it clad, the cereal had really been crushed and lodged within the housing of this vacuum, making an entire blockage.


Using Shark Rocket DeluxePro is comparatively straightforward. There’s a switch on the pinnacle of the vacuum that toggles between off, on for an occasional surface (like hardwoods or tile) and on for a high pile surface (like a thick space furnishings or carpets.)

Directly on the far side, the peak setting may be a straightforward lever that releases the filter cowl. Shark recommends commutation the filter monthly.

On the face of the vacuum, a handle is that the dirt cup unleashes. The dirt cup itself is comparatively tiny and may hold about a pair of cups of dirt and junk.

Understanding exclusively, however, the trimmings attach and separate from the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro vacuum is as easy as locating the sunshine grey set free buttons on the body of the vacuum. There are 2 main locations wherever the vacuum releases, that helps this Shark remodel into a range of improvement tools. Cathartic the wand at the handle permits you to connect the crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush or mini brush roller on to the unit for hand-held improvement.

The alternate configuration is to depart the wand connected to the hand-held unit and use the foot unleashes to connect and detach numerous heads. With the impressive configuration, you can simply use the quality brush roller of it, the mini roller, or the “filth Away Hardwood Floor sprite” for giant space floor perfection. You may even attach one among the hand-held tools for extended cleanings, like baseboards, crown molding or exhausting to achieve crevices.

Setting up the Shark Rocket vacuum is fast and painless. Most everything comes assembled within the box, thus all you’ve got to try to be take away the vacuum from its packaging, plug it in, and switch it on. Confine mind, the vacuum comes as Associate in Nursing upright, therefore if you’re trying to use it as a hand-held you’ll get to separate the units. However, this is often the sole extra setup needed.


The combination of the lighter weight and smaller brush head expanse created this vacuum terribly simple to maneuver and reach tight areas. The firm turning radius of this vacuum makes still strange shaped areas reachable. This was a real time saver, not having in the direction of move every chair or little item in order to obtain enough clean.


Regular maintenance could be a part of the take care of any vacuum and helps to extend the time period of the unit. For the Shark Rocket DeluxePro, it’s quite simple and involves gentle for a number of solution pieces- the comb heads, the filter, and also the filth away microfiber pad which is for difficult floors.

Properly maintaining the spinning brush is as straightforward as turning your Shark the other way up and ensuring those brush heads square measure clean and clear. Long hair (human or pet) will simply wrap around the shaft of the spinning brush heads and cause a blockage that successively reduces suction power. Sometimes, you will get to absolutely replace this brush.

Shark recommends exchanging the filter a minimum of once a month. Reckoning on however massive vicinity the vacuum is the improvement or whether or not or not you’ve got pets might change this time period slightly. People that suffer from allergies may additionally enjoy ever-changing this filter additional often, to assist keep the finer particulate from obtaining back to the air.

Lastly, users World Health Organization utilize the Dust-Away hardwood attachment may have to conjointly purchase replacement microfiber pads. The microfiber pad is originated in a straight line behind the floor suction head and it helps to detain any filth on the hardwoods that the most head might miss.

These pads square measure machine cleanable otherwise you will wash them by hand in heat water with a light detergent and dry on low heat. Even with this care, it’s still suggested to exchange these pads every 3-4 months to take care of their improved performance ability.

Suction Control

This machine has an excellent management of suction. It works on the no-loss suction mechanism that helps in continues improvement. Most of the vacuums don’t have this feature thus it’s positively a and. rather like AN upright vacuum, you’ll be able to clean anywhere of the house as well as the ceiling and also the drapes. It’s conjointly good for improvement blank floors and exhausting floors.


Just like alternative vacuum cleaners, this one conjointly comes with multiple accessories. You get crevice tool and dusting tool. The dusting tool is economical enough to provide you the clean ambiance of the house. Apart from that, there’s a pet hair tool that works astonishingly on pet hair removal from varied corners of the house. There’s conjointly a tough floor spirit and a microfiber pad.

Two Speed Brush Roll

This product possesses varied settings for various kinds of surfaces. Basically, there are unit of 2 power settings for your floor desires. The carpets are cleansed absolutely and also the embedded dirt is extracted out. The settings conjointly go light on the blank floor and delicate upholstery.

Dirt Cup

Made of clear material, you’ll simply see what proportion dirt has accumulated among and take action to empty the dirt cup consequently.

Some extra features to explore

  • Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment is used for vacuuming and dusting hard floors, especially hardwood and other sensitive types of floors.
  • Microfiber washable pad is used for fine dusting, while larger debris is vacuumed directly into the vacuum. Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment in combination with microfiber pad helps the user to clean rather a large area quickly.

Thanks to the lightweight design and swivel steering, unit are very maneuverable around the objects and obstacles on the floors. Due to the low design of the main cleaning head and LED headlights, cleaning under beds, sofas, and furniture is very easy. On the other hand, for cleaning beneath appliances, particularly ‘Under-appliance’ tools are necessary.

  • Wall Mount Storage Hook will simplify the storage space of the unit. Though a cordless appliance is much better as a crisis vacuum, Shark Rocket HV321 is light and small, and can be used even in emergencies – just plug in the unit before use.
  • Convertibility: Shark Rockets HV321 is a convertible and very versatile unit that comes at a very reasonable price. They can be used as the main vacuum cleaner at (smaller) homes and apartments or as the second vacuum cleaner in large homes and apartments – some people use them as the main vacuum cleaner even for cleaning large areas, but if the floors are heavily soiled, dirt bin must be emptied at least once during single cleaning task. For small homes and apartments, this unit is highly recommended units.

Who Should Buy the Shark Rocket DeluxePro vacuum?

This is the fun section of Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Review that I like writing regarding. Why Buy?

Well, if you’ve got browsed the review fully, you’re tuned in to the options of this model. It’s an ideal machine, straightforward to use and manage. Within the supporting statements, I’d say that this machine comes with varied useful attachments like the Crevice tool, dusting brush, and arduous floor jinni brush. It swivels bright beneath any quiet furnishings and cleans the realm. The light of this model illuminates the realm and permits you to wash the ground in dark yet.

It has thirty-two feet long twine that helps you to achieve the area units that are isolated from the reach of your hand. It’s utterly propellent technique. Apart from that, this product comes with fiber duster that’s reusable once you wash it. It may also assist you in cleanup drapes.

The Shark Rocket DeluxePro household appliance could be a multi-tool that amendments as usual as your vacuuming wants to change. Changing from a hand-held unit to an Associate in the nursing upright unit makes this a very versatile unit. That being aforesaid, it’s a twilled unit, that will offer some drawbacks as a hand-held and doesn’t simply stand on its own, which can be a possible downside as Associate in Nursing upright.

I would recommend the Shark Rocket DeluxePro vacuum cleaner if you’re looking for the following features in a vacuum:

  • Adaptable – The big selection of accessories makes this vacuum very elastic to suit a spread of wants. Additionally, the easy unleash buttons build swapping out elements terribly fast and simple.
  • Maneuverable – the combing roller is just 10” wide and 2” tall. This makes it simple to induce into nooks and crannies, moreover as maneuver underneath the piece of furniture or through chair legs.
  • Budget-Friendly – If you don’t mind it being a rough vacuum, this might be a wonderful possibility. The suction is powerful and employing a twine permits the price to remain low.

What you’ll get in the box with it

So, you must be thinking to know what is included with the deluxe pro ultra light upright vacuum cleaner right. Here come the pats that you are going to have with it!

There are just a few parts comes with this vacuum cleaner.

  • The handheld portion.
  • The extension wand
  • The motorized floor brush
  • Dusting brush
  • 12″crevice tool
  • Wall mount
  • Pet hair tool to remove pet hair.

Depending on the version you want to purchase, the rocket series vacuum comes with different accessories.

Powerful motorized hand tool, Dust away hard floor attachment, under appliances wand, home and car detail kit, multi-angle dusting brush, dusting Jennie and flexible hoses etc are the extra attachments you need to buy an extra.

Frequently Asked Question

So let’s see what are the frequent questions that you might like to know about this vacuum cleaner.

Is deluxe pro different from TruePet in terms of features?

No, I guess the only difference between these two is of the color. Also, here is one more divergence where you can come across an extra upholstery device in the deluxe pro.

Is there any special tool to clean the drapes?

It is a lightweight machine so you can easily hold it up and cleans the drapes. But yes, there is a different tool that can help you in cleaning the drapes easily.

Is it comfortable to empty the dirt cup?

It’s very easy to empty the dirt cup. There you will find a button situated close to the filth cup that has to be punched to discharge the dirt cup. You can then empty it.

How often should use the filter?

You should wash the filter every month. Rinse the filter lid and foam in the water until the water runs clean. And dry the filter in the air.

How to empty the dust cup?

You should unplug it first. Remove the dust cup by pressing the “dust cup release” button. Hold it above trash can and press door release button on the front.

For which purposes the vacuum is best?

It is best on the bare floor, hardwood floor and carpets. Works great all around with the extra attachments.

Is the review unbiased?

100%. We don’t get anything from any specific brand by promoting their product.

Does it cost extra or less by clicking the links?

No, it doesn’t. We’ll receive a small amount of commission if you buy through our link.


  • Mechanical brush rolls have 2-speed system
  • As it has the plug so there is no tension of battery for you
  • Accessory wand for the floor-to-ceiling clean-up
  • It has the powerful 500 watts which will give you strength
  • It is washable with HEPA filter
  • Dust Container Capacity is .24 gallons
  • You will have 5 years limited warranty


  • You will have to bear the high pitch whistling sound
  • There are no side holders to hold accessories
  • It simply cannot stand on its own
  • The cereal is a trouble spot to clean by it. The Shark is proper lightweight that it basically rolled on top of the cereal and crushed it a bit, but it is not able to suck up a majority of the pieces.

Final words

This versatile vacuum cleaner comes with a thirty-foot cord and weighs just about eight pounds, excluding its accessories. Its height is 47.5 inches while its width and depth are 10.25 inches and 13 inches respectively. When unboxed, the vacuum cleaner should come with the handheld vac, motorized floor brush, extension wand, wall mount, dust brush, pet hair tool, as well as crevice tool. Customer reviews are generally positive about the vacuum cleaner with many stating that it has met their needs and demands of their homes.

Ease of use is a recurrent report while its efficiency continually crops up in the reviews. While some customers complained about the cord, others had no problems with it at all. This vacuum cleaner comes with a five-year warranty.

This shark model works great in all types of carpet, tile floor, and hardwood floors. Since the vacuum cleaner doesn’t stand by itself, it is very lightweight to handle and carry. So you’ll face no problem because you can lie down the vacuum cleaner or to a wall.

This shark rocket upright vacuum cleaner is engineered with awesome 2-speed brush rolls and both the brush rolls are awesome and they just work grand while going mat to bare ground in the home. The low speed is for rugs and bare floors and high speed is for vacuuming carpets. The two brushes are motorized. So no matter for which purpose you want to use this vacuum, you can be worry-free and have this light vacuum.

I recommend this product for its great suction power; give you the ultimate cleaning experience and keep looking fresh your house.

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