Shark NV752 Review – With Pros & Cons

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Now a day, the application of Shark vacuum cleaners is on the rise for several reasons. People are after the vacuum cleaners for the outstanding benefits that they receive from the devices. Some of them are automated while some others need a manual operation. Following a Shark Nv752 Review, the Shark Nv752 vacuum cleaners are some of the most prominent ones that help you to clean the floors perfectly. In fact, the Shark Nv752 Reviews also recommend this product for its versatile applications. The easy availability of the product is the other reason for people’s preference. Actually, people look for a product which comes with some great benefits and durability. And according to the Shark Nv752 Review, this product contains all the necessary features that the users need.

Besides, the Shark Nv752 is also popular for its manufacturer. The manufacturer has long been producing such products which have been widely used across the world. If you consider the performance of the cleaner, you will be amazed. The device is able to perform on different types of floors and at the same time, the performance level is up to the mark. In fact, the cleaner removes all the unwanted dust and debris from the floor that it looks new. Further, you can cover all your rooms with this particular device. Following the Shark Nv752 review, the mobility is one of the preferable issues of the users and thus they are in love with this piece.

What to seek in a vacuum cleaner

Well, this is a great issue to consider. Getting the perfect Shark vacuum cleaner is often a hard job indeed for the users. They become perplexed with the varied selection. In fact, there are wide numbers of selections available if you want to have a Shark vacuum cleaner. As this is a good purchase, often the manufacturers try to deceive the buyers. They run a large number of advertisements describing the importance of their respective products. But in reality, the products are not up to the mark and some pieces of junks. They become unusable after a certain time. The people who are looking for durability do not get it in those products.

Moreover, if you are looking for a convenient cleaning, you cannot have that from those devices. As a direct result, you lose trust in the manufacturers. But there are some producers and they are completely different from others. If you rely on their words, you will not be disappointed. But the best way is to know something about the vacuum cleaners. When you will know about the pros and cons and every other detail of your Shark vacuum cleaner, you would be able to get the right piece. Therefore, some of the key points of a great Shark vacuum cleaner are narrowed down in this part. They will help you know the things to consider before you move to get a Shark vacuum cleaner.

Set your type

All the floors are not the same. When you opt out to have a Shark vacuum cleaner, you have to determine what type of cleaner you will need. In fact, based on the floor categories, the cleaners are made. For instances, if you have a large floor, you will need to have a moderate cleaner. If you get the one which is smaller and comes with a lower capacity, you would be unable to have a better performance. Rather, the performance from the cleaner will frustrate you. You cannot get a cleaner that will cover all your floor. And at the same time, you will regret about buying the device.

On the other side, the manufacturer is unable to have ideas about the floor you have at your home. Actually, you know what type of floor you have here. If it is made of wood, you will be in need of a cleaner that can clean the wood floors. But if you apply a cleaner that is made to clean the mosaic floors, certainly the performance level will be reduced to a great extent. In that case, you will have some bad experience regarding the selection of the cleaner. So, it appears that the cleaner is not as guilty as you are. You got the wrong type than your needs. Accordingly, you are getting the performance as you selected.

Plugging or unplugging?

This is a matter of debate. Some of the users love to plug the device when they will use it. But some other people come with a different opinion. They love to move the cleaner here and there. This appears convenient to them for many reasons. First of all, cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to transport. You do not need to have a power source with you all the time. This truly becomes inconvenient for the users to carry an alternative power source with them all the time while cleaning the floors. Often the power cords are not long enough to reach the nearby power source too.

The people who want to plug the device own a different view. They want to use the cleaner with the power source to keep the battery in a good condition. They believe that plugging the device and using it is a good way to clean the house. And at the same time, they also consider the pricing issue. The cordless cleaners are a bit pricey than the ones which have cords. But the cleaning is as usual. Therefore, before you move to have a Shark vacuum cleaner, set your preference if you want to get a cleaner that comes with a plug or want to have a product that runs on battery.


Generally, people prefer to have a cleaner which comes with a lightweight. In fact, using a lightweight Shark vacuum cleaner is really beneficial. When you will use the cleaner, you can move it from one place to another easily. Actually, lightweight cleaners are easily transportable. But consider that you got a cleaner with a heavyweight. You believe that the large piece will help you to clean all the rooms. But in reality, the cleaner will create more trouble than you can imagine. First of all, carrying the cleaner from one place to another would be a great hassle for you.

Besides, there are some other issues associated with the heavyweight cleaner. They come with a great size and shape. You cannot have a proper place to store the Shark vacuum cleaner. In fact, they need some special sort of storage for them. Maintenance of the cleaners is also troublesome. All the issues create a disorder to you and your surroundings. Thus, having a lightweight Shark vacuum cleaner is the best way. Further, the lightweight cleaners are also easy to maintain. You can easily store them at your convenient place. No worries! Such features are absent with the heavyweight vacuum cleaners.


A notable number of Shark vacuum cleaner models are available around. Each of them has their distinguished capacity and features. Some of the models come with easy operation while some others are able to make the cleaning process easier. Therefore, when you are selecting a Best vacuum cleaner, you should consider the model facts. The model should be selected based on your convenience. If you want to clean the floor with ultimate care, you should get a cleaner that comes with an upright position. The upright model helps you to hold the cleaner straight. As a result, you can clean the floors in a standing position.

But if you want something different, then you should get something else. The handheld cleaners are able to provide you comfort as well. You can carry the device any of the rooms you want. In fact, this portability has made the models more popular among the users around the world. But if you do not want to take care of the cleaner, you can have the robotic models. They are able to clean a house without any supervision from the users. And they also have some other benefits as well. But the performance might not be preferred by some of the users who own a perfectionist attitude. Therefore, select the model you want according to your needs.

Buy at clearing sales

If you want to save some of your dollars, here is a great idea. Try to buy the products during the cleaning sales seasons. In fact, at this time, you will get the best products at a lower price. Often, the users are unable to get the desired products at a higher price. Actually, the vacuum cleaners are a bit costly products than any other home appliances. The manufacturers hike the price considering a large number of issues. The application of top quality materials, the addition of technological tools, and overall the brand – all are liable for a higher price of the products. At the same time, they also serve the users in return.

Therefore, people who most need the cleaner are unable to get the preferred product at the other times of the day. At the end of every season, the manufacturers sell the products at a reduced price. It helps both the manufacturer and the buyer to get a quality product. If the manufacturer does not sell the products, they will be unable to produce more. And similarly, the potential users are getting their most needed product at a cheaper price. As almost all the brands have their clearing sale, you can select your brand and wait for some moments to get the sale and grab your cleaner.

Read the specs

Many of the users have a habit that they do not read the product specifications or descriptions. This is another prime reason why they cannot get the right products. As they follow the advertisements from the leaflets or other mediums or from the salesperson, they get allured. In fact, they do not consider that all the information they are receiving from the external sources might not be authentic. They need to crosscheck the information accordingly. And the user manual or product descriptions are the best ways to do it. But they are unable to wait for some moments to have a look at the product descriptions.

As a direct result, they cannot get the right products. And the product does not match their criterion. So, their experience becomes unusual. They are not satisfied with the Shark vacuum cleaner. But if they would have been careful about the product description or about the products specification, they could have the best product ever. There are some people who are careful about the issue. Before they finally decide to have any Shark vacuum cleaner, they go through the product descriptions carefully. They get their necessary product and for that reason get served for a long time. The key idea is that you should read the product description and specifications carefully before you get any vacuum cleaner for your home.

Power issues

Some of the modern Shark vacuum cleaners run on battery. You need to charge the battery each time before you start the cleaning operation. The issue to consider is that how long the cleaner’s battery charge lasts. There are some Shark vacuum cleaners which need several charges to clean three bedrooms while there are some other cleaners which can clean an entire house without taking a second charge. If you want to have a cordless cleaner with a stronger battery, you need to take care of the matter. As a matter of fact, this is truly irritating to take a pause, park the cleaner and get it charged.

Avoiding such issues is the best idea and you can do it only by getting a cleaner that will have a strong battery. Try getting some ideas before you get in the field. Usually, the cordless cleaners run with batteries and try to know if the charge will last for an hour or not. If the charge will last than less an hour, you should discard the idea to have it. Besides, get some knowledge that how long it takes to have a complete charge. You are having a Shark vacuum cleaner for your comfort not to get disturbed in the middle of some fun with your family members.

Accessories availability

Everything is okay with the cleaner but you cannot get the right accessories. You might be in need of a trash bag or a canister once the old one is damaged or expired. In that case, you may need an extra of such things. But if you do not get that, there is no use of using the Best Shark vacuum cleaner. It will not serve you for a long a time in such a condition. Thus, this is the best idea is to get some knowledge prior to the accessory availability. Many of the manufacturers may advertise about the accessory availability but you should check it by yourself.

In fact, you do not want to get into trouble in the middle of your home cleaning. If you cannot get the accessory, your cleaning process will be limited or you simply cannot do that. As a result, you will have a dirty house filled with numerous debris and dust here and there.

What we have in Shark Nv752

Following the Shark Nv752 Review, this is one of the greatest and improved products made so far. The Shark Nv752 Reviews often recommend this product for the different type of domestic and large-scale cleaning process. This is a less noising device that is able to perform different types of floors. At the same time, the manufacturer ensures the durability of this particular product. The brand is a reputed one and been dominating the market for a long time. The performance and operating system of this device according to the Shark Nv752 Reviews are awesome. This could be a great piece for those who want a trouble-free cleaning at home.

Few of the key features of this product are described here for your further comprehension.

Easy cleaning

The cleaning method of this Shark Nv752 is simple. Anyone can operate it easily. The functions attached to the device are ready to use. And most importantly, you can use the functions with the fingertip. The manufacturer has taken enough time to design the functions of this device. As a result, you are now able to meet almost all of your cleaning needs at home. No matter what types of dust or debris you have in the home, the cleaner is able to clean them smoothly. Usually, some other ordinary cleaners have some issues with the cleaning process. They cannot have a smooth operation. But there are no such issues with this cleaner.

Simply turn on the switch and start cleaning. This is the best suited to clean various types of carpets. During the cleaning process, you will find that there are no breaks during the performance or the vacuum is not jumping or bumping. It has been tailored to have such tasks smoothly. If you hold the device, you will not feel that something is happening or not. But the cleaning tasks will go smoothly and without any break.

Simple maintenance

Often the vacuum cleaner users are in deep trouble with the maintenance issue of their respective vacuum cleaners. They cannot maintain them efficiently. They have trouble in emptying the trash bin; they have trouble to store the cleaner, also face issues while addition or deduction of accessories. As a result, they cannot have a better experience.  The experience becomes bitter. If you consider all such issues, you will experience something different. The maintenance of this cleaner is simple, according to many of the Shark Nv752 Reviews. They have recommended this product for its simplicity. Actually, this is a simply gorgeous product that has few setbacks. Once you are getting this product, you will start admiring it.

And all of this will happen for the simple maintenance. You can store the device at any of your convenient places, use at any time of the day and night. And most importantly, the performance is higher than any other usual brands. Considering all the aspects, this is a great device.

Colorful device

Though the other manufacturers do not care about the color issues, the manufacturer of this brand cares. Accordingly, the manufacturer has added a variation. The product is available in different colors. In fact, when you are using a colorful device to clean your house, it will impress you and others. It is widely admitted that in line with a better performance, you need something extra. The manufacturer has added the extra here by adding the color. But there has been no change in the price or there is no compromise with the performance issue. This is just a way to make the device beautiful.

As a result, people are getting more attracted to this Shark vacuum cleaner. Everyone loves to have a beautiful thing in their home. And the colorful devices are really beautiful. They look gorgeous when they are in operation. Can you imagine that a very colorful Shark vacuum cleaner is cleaning the house and you are enjoying the cleaning? Yes, your imagination would be right if you get this one.

LED attachment

The attachment of the LED lights is another dimension in this Shark vacuum cleaner. You now can see the darkest part of your room using the lights. Many of the contemporary vacuum cleaners do not have such features. As a result, the users do not get the optimum performance. They cannot clean the remotest parts of the room or in their houses. But with the assistance of this LED lights in this particular device, the users are now able to clean all the parts of their homes. According to Shark Nv752 Review, the LED lights are of high importance. They are able to make the spots brighter and you can clean them easily.

The bright LED lights are able to illuminate the spots you are cleaning and accordingly you can have the best cleaning ever. This is really a great way to start cleaning the house and have no troubles at all. Besides, the LED lights will consume less power. So, there are no issues that it will increase your power consumption.

Versatile use

The Shark Nv752 Review mostly prefers this device for its versatility. The device is able to be used in different manners. You can use the Shark vacuum cleaner for several purposes. First of all, you can use the cleaner for cleaning the floor. The lift away button allows you to use the wand to clean the upper portion of your house. In fact, if there is any dust or other unwanted things found on the upper corners of the floor, you can use the wand to clean them. And the dust and debris will be accommodated in the canister. But the other ordinary devices are unable to perform in both the ways.

Therefore, this Shark device brings a double benefit to its users. Switching on the lift-away mode is simple and takes less time. Besides, you can also use the mode to clean the beneath of chairs and sofas where the device is unable to reach.

Great performance

The Shark Nv752 Review recommends this product for its great performance. The device is able to perform in different types of floors. Regardless of the floor is carpeted or bare, you will have the similar performance. The device is engineered in the manner so that it can perform well. Alongside the performance, the device is enabled to remove the pet hairs, unwanted debris of smaller size and shape. And at the same time, it takes less time for the cleaning purposes. If you are in need of accessory, you will get that easily too. The manufacturer is aware of the necessity of the accessories and thus they have taken the necessary steps to make the accessories available.

  • It Cheaper than the Dyson DC65
  • It has HEPA filtration
  • The powered lift-away feature of this model means you simply can disconnect the canister from the ground instrument making it is simple to clean under furniture without the need to move it
  • It has the large dirt capacity
  • There are Bright LED lights greatly help hunting down pet hair and dust bunnies
  • You will get 5 Year Euro-Pro Manufacture Warranty
  • Though it’s cheaper than the Dyson, it will still cost over $300
  • The Swivel feature not as smooth as a Dyson
  • It is easily tripping over if you’re not careful about pulling the hose.
  • This vacuum is a bit heavy
  • The stick of it is too tall and cannot be adjusted

Last words

The Shark Nv752 is a notable product at a reasonable price. You can have this product for your ordinary use. In fact, the Shark Nv752 Review recommends this product for your daily needs. According to many Shark Nv752 Reviews, this product is able to perform silently and renders the optimum performance to the users. The addition of improved technology like the bright LED light helps to hunt down the dust perfectly even in the dark of night. Considering all the aspects, you can have this Shark device without a second thought. This would be the best buy among your all other home appliances.

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