Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean Reviews

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Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean Reviews

Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean
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Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean

One of my least favorite aspects of adulthood is cleansing my house. In this same vein, nobody else will clean the house likewise as I do. So, because it usually happens, I’m cursed a majority of the improvement duties. Recently, I used to be given the prospect to do the new Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology in my home. It’s a game changer once it involves my unit improvement routine. This can be my honest Shark Rocket Complete Reviews of Shark Rocket Complete, and, though’ I received the merchandise without charge; all opinions are my very own.

It may appear laborious to induce excited a few vacuum, however, in this Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean Reviews the Rocket Complete from Shark could also be the exception. (That and therefore the Roomba 980, as a result of it, is so satisfying to observe it visit to add your home and you ne’er ought to break a sweat.)

Well, that was my proficiency with the Rocket Complete, the most current vacuum from Shark brand, an association that is been within the diversion for over one hundred years. (There’s a reason you’ve got detected concerning them!)

We gave this holiday a correct take a look at, and it seems that it will actually hold its own. If you are looking for associate degree upright vacuum that you’re going to have for many years, this one could also be it. Shark has been attempting to unseat Dyson as a market leader in upright vacuums.

With the success of the Rocket series (over 1,000,000 sold in keeping with Shark), they’ve somehow managed to search out some way to upgrade associate degree already smart acting product to one thing even higher.

Their engineers and merchandise style team has been very busting their tails off in terms of analysis and development and this product is that the results of it. They bring it with the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean technology.

Product Description of Shark Rocket Complete

Before starting Shark Rocket Complete Reviews I must say that The Rocket took home one among the best overall immeasurable the cluster, primarily helped by its exceptional performance once it came to cleansing onerous floors and by being supremely simple to use. This model is meant for a lot of deeper cleansing than different stick vacuums, therefore this won’t be the merchandise for you if you wish a convenient answer to cleansing a light-weight mess, however, this model may okay follow your ancient upright and keep your home virtually, if not equivalently clean.

The Certified industrial plant Refurbished Shark Rocket Complete Reviews show that with couple Clean Technology provides you 2 brush rolls operating in unison to get rid of the 3 varieties of dirt from your floors and carpets: giant, little and stuck-on particles – that is Triple Particle cleansing. At but ten pounds, this ultra-lightweight upright vacuum simply converts into a hand vat for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleansing. It conjointly has powerful semiconductor diode lights on the hand vat and nozzle and brush roll access for fast and straightforward maintenance.

The Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology is unambiguously designed to wash up every type of dirt and particles, together with little crumbs, giant messes, and even stuck-on scoop. it’s double the facility of the first Rocket, and with twin brush rolls for triple particle cleansing, it works nicely on each surface whether or not it’s hardwood floors, tile floors, or plush carpet. In fact, since it works as each AN upright stick holiday and as a hand-held, you’ll be able to clean almost something and everything with this light-weight vacuum. I’m talking ceiling fans, window sills, drapes, upholstery and far additional. Heck, I’ve even used it to wash my car! I think that this Shark Rocket Complete Reviews can explain you the proper info which you are looking for.

Performance Comparison

Shark Rocket Complete Reviews now going to explain you the performance of it. To see that stick vacuum reigned supreme and sucked up the competition, we have a tendency to take the highest models on the market nowadays and place them through a series of head-to-head challenges, starting from improvement carpet to scrutiny convenience issue. These tests were divided among four weighted rating metrics: Convenience, pave improvement, simple Use, and Carpet improvement, with the sections below providing additional data concerning however the Rocket performed and what score it received.


  • Let see the features in this Shark Rocket Complete Reviews.
  • Comes with a current cleanup head Shark calls the “DuoClean” technology
  • This new cleanup head provides “Triple Particle Cleaning” that pulls in massive, little and stuck-on particles from each blank floor and carpet
  • This is created attainable by the 2 brushes spinning in unison
  • Weighs underneath ten pounds
  • Two-in-one skillfulness permits you to use these not solely on floors however additionally higher than it
  • Brush roll garage permits you to scrub the 2 brush rolls while not having to flip the vacuum over
  • Storage clip enclosed for storage
  • VIP pledge
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Washable Filters
  • Wall Mount
  • LED Lights
  • Easy to Empty mud Cup
  • Onboard Tool Clip
  • Quick unleash pedal
  • Advanced Swivel Steering

Key Specifications

  • In our Shark Rocket Complete Reviews, we have found out the proper key specifications for you. Let see the specifications of this amazing product.
  • Dusting Brush
  • Duster Crevice
  • TruePet Mini Motorized Brush
  • Under Appliance Wand
  • Accessory Bag
  • There is no Brush roll on/off
  • Cord Length is 30 feet
  • Net weight is about 9.9 pounds (with the floor tool and wand)
  • 5 pounds (hand vac only)
  • Shipping weight is about 18.3 pounds
  • Cleaning path is 9″
  • Overall length is 46.4″
  • Filter type is Washable
  • Dust capacity is N/A
  • Voltage 600 watts
  • Manufactured in China

Duo Clean Technology

In terms of modernism, you’ve needed to put Shark on the higher level, right up until present with Dyson and so the DuoClean feature is proof of that. The twin brush thought isn’t entirely new. Mechanism vacuums just like the Roomba 980 and 800 series have used this idea with their merchandise. This can be a primary within the upright and sticks vacuum class. In a way, Shark derived the thought initial employed by Dyson within the V6 series. The concept here is rather than employing a low profile cleaner head that often ends up in snow plowing, the roller would truly pull dirt towards the water then into the bin.

This will prevent the horrendous snowplowing consequence that plagues different attach vacuums just like the Hoover Lynx Stick, Air performer and therefore the previous Dyson sticks vacuums that didn’t have the soft roller brush. Shark took that perception from Dyson and integrated it hooked on their product by combining it by means of a rigid bristle brush that has agitation on the mat. You get the higher of 2 worlds while not having to get rid of switch tools. Pretty clever by Shark I need to say.

The ‘Duo” in Shark Rocket Complete Duo

So what specifically will “dual brush rolls for triple particle cleaning” mean? Primarily, the vacuum has 2 brushes, a soft brush, and a brush. On laborious floors, the soft brush works to get rid of stuck on mud, fine dust, and enormous particles, whereas the brush pushes the particles up into a high-speed suction channel. On carpets, the soft brush roll pulls in giant particles on high piles, whereas the second, deep-cleaning brush removes deeply embedded dirt. I like however I will move straight from my space rugs to my floors while not having to vary any settings, too.


Let see the benefits in this Shark Rocket Complete Reviews

The best shark vacuum Complete could be a light-weight and moveable vacuum that comes with such a big amount of choices. My favorite options embrace that ability to induce beneath a piece of furniture, the removable attachments, and its light-weight feel.

  • The awesome DuoClean Technology has the ability of two distinct brush rolls spinning in unison to tug in giant, tiny and stuck-on particles on floors and mats
  • Lightweight skillfulness for floor-to-ceiling improvement
  • Powerful LED lights create it really easy to check the hidden dirt

I had no plan what a distinction a LED light would create on my vacuum till I had one. My dark hardwood floors create it difficult to check dirt and rubble, particularly underneath a piece of furniture. That little LED light-weight very helps Pine Tree State see higher to wash higher. Definitely, it’s a piece smarter, not tougher moment.

I need to speak to y’all this Advanced Swivel Steering facet. Vacuuming is such a pain, particularly lugging an important vacuuming cleaner everywhere the house. Choosing it up to maneuver it around a piece of furniture is that the worst. With the Shark Rocket Complete, there’s no choosing it up and moving it to induce that hard-to-reach corner of the space. It’s as getting ready to a self-guided vacuum as you’ll get.

Accessories Included

We also specified the info about accessories in this Shark Rocket Complete Reviews. How frequently is high-quality cleaning accessories included in your buy? Sure, there may perhaps be one or two, but the Shark Rocket Complete has eleven different ones.

  • Dusting brush
  • 12” crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Under appliance wand
  • Duster crevice tool
  • Mini motorized brush
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • 30′ power cord
  • Wall mount
  • Accessory bag
  • Pet multi-tool

The vacuum comes with a handy accessory bag. The hand vacuum can be hooked onto the base of the wand or use a wall mount for storage. When it comes to cleaning the Shark Rocket, they couldn’t have made it simpler. The filters easily pop out and can be washed in water, and the brushes are also very accessible. One of my favorite things about this vacuum is that Shark labeled every button and release. They’ve taken the guesswork out which is helpful.

Overall, the shark vacuum reviews Complete with Duo Clean Technology is amazing. I can literally clean my whole house with it. Plus, I never have to sweep again unless I want to! I highly recommend this vacuum to everyone but especially people with kids and pets because of the versatility.

I don’t always need every single tool when I’m cleaning, but it is nice to have them available. I especially love the pet multi-tool. That’s usually not an included accessory in most vacuum sets, and I’m always grateful to find a set that includes it. My favorite “extra” is the under appliance wand. That area never gets cleaned unless you’re moving out? Be gone, dirt and grime!

Prime 9 reasons to love Shark’s new Duo Clean

We gave this vacuum a proper test, and it turns out that it can certainly hold its own. If you are searching for an upright vacuum which you will have for several years, this awesome one may be that desired. In this Shark Rocket Complete Reviews let see the prime 9 reasons to love Shark’s new Duo Clean machine for you:

1. it’s simple to assemble.

Understandably, this is often an awfully vital attribute to appear for once buying a vacuum. The worst factor would be to urge your new cleanup tool home and notice you would like to scan a 10-page booklet before you’ll begin victimization it. Concern not: Shark includes directions, and there are solely four steps total, all elaborate with “click” as you attach the handheld the vacuum to the wand and also the wand to the ground nozzle. Terribly straightforward!

2. Its swivel steering makes it simple to maneuver.

You know those suitcases that you will wheel around the flying field as they swivel on their wheels to simply re-examine bumps and around corners? This vacuum wills just that, because of its increased swivel steering. Plus, proprietary No Loss of Suction technology permits the vacuum nozzle to remain flat on the bottom, centered on particle pick-up.

3. It seriously deep cleans because of its twin brush-roll system.

Cat hair embedded within the couch upholstery, low grains have strewn across the hardwood floor, dust, dirt, and even cat litter was no match for this vacuum. Proprietary DuoClean technology picks up little too giant particles and even stuck-on dust thus you are not left with any mess.

4. It transitions from hardwood floors to carpet mechanically.

It does not get a lot of versatile than this. This vac’s 2 specialized brush rolls transition from hardwood to carpet supported your surface. Translation: there isn’t any ought to switch accessories or settings after you move from space to space. There is, on the other hand, a two-speed control put on the handle so that you will leave gentler on vacant floors or fragile rugs, or tougher on deep carpets with below-the-surface dirt.

5. It comes with specialized nozzles to scrub each crevice of your home, car, or couch.

Surfaces get a lot of sophisticated than simply floors. Your upholstery, pillows, windowsills, and hard-to-reach corners (like behind the restroom and below the couch) will all be tackled, too. This vacuum comes with six totally different accessories thus you’ll set up your cleanup spree consequently. Individuals cuddle a rag crevice tool, upholstery instrument, dusting skirmish, Under-appliance baton, TruePet small motorized brush, and hair-removal instrument (forgetting some hair or filth off your brush roll post-clean).

6. It reaches!

A 30-foot cord permits you to maneuver from space to space while not finding a replacement power outlet each couple of minutes. If you do not want that style of length, simply keep the remaining twine wrapped around the aspect hooks, then unfettered a lot of as you would like to hide a lot of ground.

7. It is quiet.

No, really. We all know that one’s laborious to believe, however, this vacuum isn’t annoying to work. Of course, it isn’t one thing you’ll power up whereas the total home is sleeping; however, you’ll a minimum of vacuum late-night while not creating your downstairs neighbors file a grievance with the owner.

8. It permits multiple storage choices.

Once you are done the cleanup, prefer to store the vacuum upright. Wrap the facility twine around the hooks, then place in your closet or on a wall (only tough half is you will prop it up thus it does not fall over). Or use the enclosed wall mount to mount your vacuum in associate degree easy-to-reach place.

9. it’s simple to keep up.

Once the mud cup fills up to the “MAX” level, you’ll have to empty it. Looking on what style of dust you picked up in your brush roll, you will additionally set out the comb and use your enclosed hair-removal accent (mentioned above) to urge hair, string, or particles that ordinarily get wrapped around the brush. And lastly, looking at the frequency of use, it’s suggested you rinse the filter monthly to stay the suction at its best.

Additional details

We are suggesting you for going through the additional details in this Shark Rocket Complete Reviews. Because it will help you to get the proper decisions while you are going to buy this.

Brush roll garage

In older Shark Rocket vacuums, you’d have to be compelled to flip the big improvement head over and take away a handful of screws to possess access to the motorized brush. Shark has improved however you clean this half by creating the highest half removable with no need for any tools.

The decided this “brush roll garage”. This mechanism merely uses hinges that pops in or out. You don’t get to use a screwdriver to wash the comb, simply set out the duvet and you’ve got access to the brushes. Once more thumbs up to Shark for this style improvement.

Easy-Emptying dirt Cup

One feature I prefer is however simple it’s to empty the dirt cup. Shark permits you to get rid of the complete dirt cup with a push of a button so empty it over a bin. This makes avoidance a lot of easier and fewer mossy. It conjointly permits you to scrub the bin if it gets too dirty.

Washable Filters

On high of the bin square measure 2 filters that square measure drip-dry. Shark recommends that you just wash these once a month. Shark failed to mention if these filters square measure HEPA, however, I’m presumptuous it isn’t as a result of they didn’t mention it in any of their advertorials.

Advanced Swivel Steering

To make moving this issue around easier, Shark additional swivel steering that produces turning and dynamical direction easier. Simply flick your risk and it turns.

Quick unharnessed foot lever

To disconnect the most improvement head and wand, all you wish to try and do is push a lever. Shark additional this feature thus you don’t have to be compelled to bend simply to get rid of the wand.

LED Lights

Another favorite feature of mine is that the junction rectifier lights on each the most improvement tool and therefore the vacuum itself. Sharked used very bright junction rectifier lights that illuminate the trail and assist you to track dirt, notably dirt and hair that may be onerous to ascertain with natural light-weight.

Bright lights may be conjointly helpful below piece of furniture wherever it gets darker. Once you pop out the wand and floor tool, the junction rectifier light-weight before of the vacuum mechanically lights up and helps you track dirt and dirt on upholstery.

Onboard Tool Clip

There is space for storing on the wand that enables you to store a handful of attachments.

Wall Mount

Because this tool is thus highly significant, it’ll not stand on its own thus Shark adds a wall mountable bracket wherever you’ll suspend this vacuum on for storage. It uses 2 screws to carry it in situ. Installation isn’t onerous if you’ve got a drill. Ensure to possess a separate box to store the opposite attachments that come back in conjunction with it.

Lots of Power during a light-weight Vacuum

Once I turned it on, I used to be quickly affected. The ability this tiny vacuum puts out was terribly noticeable! Running it across the world floor covering in our front room, I used to be terribly happy. I didn’t have to be compelled to push onerous the least bit; it just about did it by itself. By the time I finished the remainder of the floors in our house, I used to be in love! It’s a tremendous machine, simple to handle and extremely effective on each my onerous floors (wood and tile) and my carpets. And therefore the junction rectifier lights build it simple to ascertain what’s on the ground.

Thanks to the Swivel Head, it virtually activates a dime, permitting ME to urge in and around places that there are no doable thanks to getting with a full-sized upright. I used to be able to simply get below the cocktail table, in between the lounge and therefore the finish tables, around all the cords running from my pc and our table lamps. I conjointly got below the table, in between all of the chairs, and even below the perimeters of rock-bottom cupboards.


As so much as loudness, the Shark Rocket Complete couple isn’t excessively loud. You’ll tell an exact increase once you switch between power level 1(floors and space rugs) and level a pair of (deep pile), however, it’s no manner thundery or any louder than you’d expect.

The only issue I detected that’s progressing to take a touch of obtaining won’t to is that the bulk of the load on this vacuum is up high. This implies that I can’t simply lock it and leave it standing au courant its own. Since it’s unstable, I actually have to prop it up against one thing or lay it down if I want to prevent vacuuming for a second. However, the flexibility and effectiveness of the shark vacuum reviews very outweigh this.

Take Your Chores and Cut them in half

My absolute favorite issue concerning the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology is that this vacuum takes such a big amount of chores and cuts them in half. Rather than having to brush, Swifter, so vacuum, I will simply use my Shark Rocket Complete. It saves ME time, energy and cash.

If you’re searching for a flexible and cheap vacuum that deep cleans higher than different vacuums I’ve used, the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean technology may be a fantastic choice. I believe you’ll be quite affected by this machine’s skillfulness, pick-up, surface ability and general ease-of-use.

If You Buy This On Amazon, You Will Get The Following:

  • Dusting brush
  • Duster crevice
  • 12” crevice tool
  • Accessory bag
  • Pet multitool
  • True-Pet Mini Motorized Brush
  • Under appliance wand

I have a toddler, an infant, and two cats so we’re no strangers to mess. I feel like I’m constantly sweeping, vacuuming, or scrubbing just to keep up! We have mostly hardwood floors plus a couple of area rugs so I thought the Shark Rocket Complete would be a great addition to my regular cleaning tools. Set-up was a breeze with great photo instructions.

As soon as I finished setting it up (which took about ten minutes to read through the instructions and five to put it together) I wanted to try it out on my area rug. We recently adopted our second kitten from a shelter so our cat hair has doubled. With a ten-month-old crawling around I try to keep the hair cleaned up because otherwise, it goes right in his mouth! I was immediately impressed with how lightweight the Shark Rocket Complete is. It weighs about ten pounds and pushes SO easily. I was impressed but also disgusted by the amount of hair and dust the vacuum picked up with just a few sweeps over my area rug. With the combination of the Soft Brushroll and the Bristle Brushroll, it was able to pick up visible particles (aka cracker crumbs) and embedded fine dirt from the carpet. The next test was on our dining room floor. With two kids under four, we always have messes to clean up after snacks and meals.

Our new kitten loves to eat everything our kids drop but that’s not always a good thing. I try to clean up after every meal but I get SO sick of sweeping because I always seem to miss something. I tried the Shark Rocket out after my son finished his snack and you can see in the photo above exactly where I vacuumed-perfectly clean! The swivel head makes it easy to get around high chair legs. I love that I can go straight from my area rug to my floor without changing any settings, too.

After vacuuming all my floors I tried out the handheld feature. It is so simple to remove the hand vacuum and connect various attachments. I used the motorized brush on our couch and it took care of all the cat hair with no problem. I love that the Shark Rocket Complete has LED lights to guide and highlight the area I’m vacuuming. The ergonomic handle and fingertip controls make it easy to use with one hand.

Cleaning performances in varied fields

This metric consisted of evaluating every vacuum on the amount of various cleansing modes on the market, whether or not you’ll flip the rotating push aside — if there’s one, however well the vacuum might clean in near to the sting of a space or below piece of furniture, however, every vacuum handled, likewise because the amplitude made. The Shark Rocket attained eight out of ten for its performance, examination quite favorably with the remainder of the cluster.

This product is continuing its wonderful performance in our piece of furniture check, reaching virtually the complete approach below our simulated lounge, near to 37″. The extractor head ne’er came off the bottom throughout this check, not like the Dyson models, with the handle being the sole a part of the vacuum that restricted its reach.

This vacuum will hold 2 of its attachments on itself, with a bag provided for storing further accessories. This model encompasses a swivel head, permitting it to be terribly maneuverable and agile. This vacuum measured in at seventy seven.5 dBa on our SPL meter, creating it one in every of the loudest vacuums of the bunch. This may well be partly thanks to the very fact that the most motor is within the handle, creating it a lot of nearer to your ear once in use.

Hard Surface cleansing

Next came out pave cleansing metric in terms of importance, taking credit for the half-hour of the ultimate score. To check this, we tend to displayed flour, oats, Cheerios, pet hair, and rice on a vicinity of the exhausting floor so assessed however well every product did at cleansing up every variety of junk. This metric is wherever the Rocket really shined, earning a score of nine out of ten — the very best of the complete cluster. This model did a superb job of assembling rice, solely taking one pass to gather the junk. We tend to use the clean floor cleansing mode and it had been out and away the best of the complete cluster to choose up the rice with.

This model carried over its solid performance check to our flour assortment check, solely taking 2 passes and even propulsion flour out of the cracks between boards — notwithstanding if the vacuum was run parallel or perpendicular to the crack direction. Evidently, I must say that the Rocket continuing its stellar performance into our farewell assortment check, yet again leading the cluster. The Rocket did wonderfully in our oatmeal assortment challenge. It solely took one pass, yet again leading the cluster with its fantastic performance.

Finally, the Shark Rocket did a fine job finding out pet hair, assembling all of the hair that we tend to order out, besides a few of the opposite vacuums within the cluster.

Carpet cleaning

Our final metric, Carpet cleansing, accounts are for the residual 15 August 1945 of the entire score for every stick vacuum. The same as our pave cleansing metric, we tend to yet again use an identical set of debris: Cheerios, pet hair, oats, rice, and flour. The Shark Rocket finished out the check with an honest score, earning a seven out of ten. This was the second highest score of the complete cluster.

The Rocket did quite well at assembling rice, solely taking 2 passes to gather the overwhelming majority of the grains from the low-pile carpet. However, it still left some residual mud behind. It continues its nice performance on the medium-pile carpet, though’ it did fling some grains of rice to the aspect.

The Shark Rocket did an honest job in our flour assortment check, obtaining most of the flour, however, did not match the performance of the Dyson V8 and therefore the V6.

However, the Rocket regained the highest spot in our cereal assortment check, excelling the foremost out of each vacuum within the cluster in each the low-pile and medium-pile carpet check. The Rocket finished out the Carpet cleansing metric with a solid performance within the oat collections check ANd a very well one once it came to assembling pet hair. This vacuum collected the entire oat flakes however left behind a touch a lot of mud than the Dyson V8. It collected most of the pet hair; however, the front rotating brush was a touch susceptible to unknowingly assembling pet hair.

Pet Hair

At the 7: 40-minute mark within the video on top of you’ll see that V-Blogger Ibaisaic check it on pet hair with excellent results. Even if it didn’t choose each strand of hair on the primary pass, it had been still ready to devour most of it. Unless you’ll be grooming your dog frequently or have a military of dogs within your home, pet hair cleansing shouldn’t be a tangle for the foremost half.

It conjointly comes with a mini-motorized brush capable of cleansing pet hair on cloth upholstery. Skip to the 15:13 mark of the video to envision it in action. In terms of cleaning pet hair, it did a reasonably sensible job however it scattered items of rice towards the perimeters of the lounge. Again, this can be a difficulty with motorizing tools like this. The mini motorized tool is nice for deep cleansing cloth upholstery as long as you’re not cleansing loose junk.

Stair cleansing

The changeableness makes this usable on stairs. Yes, it’s doable to connect the most floor tool directly on the vacuum itself minus the wand. However, the merchandise is lightweight enough to wash stairs while not detaching the wand.

Upholstery cleaning

This comes with 2 tools that permit you to wash upholstery. Initial would be the little upholstery tool and therefore the second would be the mini motorized brush. The latter would be appropriate for cleaning pet hair off upholstery.

Easy-to-Clean Rollers

Something else I actually love regarding this vacuum is that each brush rollers are improbably straightforward to require off, clean, and replace. I can’t stand once hair, threads, or strings get wrapped around the brush rollers and you have got to either sit there and unwind them by hand (yucky), or grab a screwdriver or another tool and take the rollers off.

With the Shark Rocket couple, all I actually have to try and do is push 2 buttons, and that I will simply access the comb, snap it out, clean off the hair and dirt, snap it back in and snap the lid closed. It virtually took Pine Tree State perhaps five minutes from beginning to end disposing of the comb, cleansing it and swing it back. Shark even includes a handy very little brush cleaner that includes a murderer on one finish that produces removing hair, strings and alternative things that get wrapped around the brushes a lot of easier.

Easy to empty

The first time I drop the large-capacity mud Cup, I used to be aghast at what quantity dirt it had collected. I believed my former vacuum had been doing an honest job – apparently not. The mud canister separates from the vacuum with the push of a button, and so opens from the lowest and simply empties. I simply empty it into Associate in nursing previous sack, tie the bag shut and place it within the trash.

I empty that mud Cup quite a few additional times as a result of once I noticed simply however versatile this vacuum is, I went on a cleaning spree! Seriously, the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology is like one in every of my stepson’s Transformers. It simply converts from a light-weight upright stick holiday into a robust hand-held mini-vacuum that’s ideal for stairs and piece of furniture, for dusting laborious surfaces like tables, for cleaning up spills (non-liquid), so way more.

And those attachments I discussed above? They attach simply and are improbably handy, sanctionative Pine Tree State to vacuum the couch and chairs, the curtains, the air vents, and even underneath the stove and white goods. I used to be vacuuming all varieties of hard-to-reach places, and even within the corners and alternative spots that I’d ne’er unreal of having the ability to vacuum. It’s therefore lightweight; I even went when my ceiling fans and mini-blinds. You name it, and that I cleaned it with my new Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology!


  • Greatly enhanced main cleaning head. The additional soft roller brush roll nicely will add the superfluous confrontation for you while cleaning
  • Supplementary power and agitation than any of the preceding Shark Rocket variants
  • You will get the long 30-foot power cord with it
  • It comes with countless other tools to clean above the floors
  • You will get a great warranty if it is purchased straightforwardly from Shark
  • It is very easy to empty the bin


  • Minor dirt bin compared to bigger uprights like the Dyson
  • On the loud elevation
  • There is no storage for the tools to keep
  • It does not stand on its individual

What Do Consumers Say?

One common theme I detected with all the reviews I’ve scan – this vacuum very pulls up dirt due to the improved improvement head. The couple clean head will dust massive and tiny like hair, cereal, powder, etc. It doesn’t have any HEPA filtration therefore if you’ve got the metabolic process condition like the respiratory illness you’ll need to induce one thing else just like the Shark Navigator.

Even if Shark calls this associate degree upright, it won’t stand on its own attributable to the unstable style. You’ll use the storage bracket to store this upright. The dirt bin is on the little facet and if you’ll use this to wash your entire home, shoppers warned that you just may have to empty it very often associate degreed this is able to be higher suited as a mediate cleaner.

I’ve used a Dyson upright before and you’ll empty it very often particularly if your home features a ton of carpets, therefore, this shouldn’t be a giant issue here.

To Wrap It Up

Shark very has upped the ante here. They’ve improved the already excellent Rocket series by a notch by up the most motorized improvement head.

Instead of employing a sole motorized brush one thing that the majority brands do, they went next to the norm and supplementary a second beater bar, a soft brush roll to drag up massive, medium and tiny sized scrap on the surface.

This is a good complement to the stiff brush that has agitation on the carpet. The soft brush roll conjointly prevents the alarming snowplowing impact that hampers the performance of tons of stick and upright vacuums. You get this revolutionary improvement head and a mini pet improvement tool conjointly with a motorized brush supercharged by its own motor!

But wait there’s additional. You’ll conjointly get different tools like a full-length crevice tool, a soft brush tool, a mixture tool ANd an underneath appliance tool that may facilitate this product just about clean each nook and cranny of your home.

Now that’s price for cash and if you can’t afford a Dyson Upright or perhaps a conductor, have a glance at this and see if it’ll suit your wants.

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