Shark Navigator Vacuum Review, Buying Guide

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Shark Navigator Vacuum Reviews

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum, Champagne (NV42) review:

A nice carpet or a striking cleaner room is the contribution of a Shark vacuum cleaner. In fact, without the direct help of a vacuum cleaner, you cannot have a nice looking room or a cleaner carpet at your home. If you do not use a Shark vacuum cleaner, you will have dirt and dust everywhere. And the cleaner is able to remove the dust and debris from the floor and makes them look gorgeous. The Shark Navigator Reviews have found that this is one of the best devices invented so far that cleans various types of unwanted dust particles from your home. You can apply the cleaner for several other purposes too. Besides, following the Shark Navigator Vacuum Review, this is one of the greatest products that clean smoothly and consumes less power. Actually, this particular vacuum cleaner is a great source of cleanliness at home.

At the same time, the cleaner is able to clean your surroundings too. It comes with some additional tools and accessories that remove the dust and debris of different size and shape. In a word, the cleaning device is able to make your surrounding environment clean and healthy and thus brings a happy environment to live. The Shark Navigator Reviews also recommend this cleaner for some other basic reasons. This is a lightweight device that is engineered with improved technology. As a direct result, the cleaning process is easier than before. Besides, the cleaner lasts longer than average Shark vacuum cleaners. The Shark Navigator Reviews praise the device for its continuous service.

How to select the best cleaner?

Well, this is a simple question but the answer is too complicated. A large number of issues are related here and contributing simultaneously. In fact, the one which appears as the best for someone might prove the worst for the others. It happens due to situations, cleaning types, users’ mental satisfaction, vacuum cleaners’ overall performance and many more issues together. At the same time of all these factors, the users are puzzled with different types of brands. Most of the brands have their own advertisements and marketing policies to attract the customers. And as the potential customers do not have the experience, they get some pieces of junks.

Therefore, some of the key factors are attached here for the kind consideration of the potential vacuum cleaner buyers so that they could develop some ideas before they purchase such a device. Here the common factors are narrowed down:

Select the type

A large number of vacuum cleaners are available around. You will get a different shape and size and categories. They are categorized based on the type of service that they provide. And now it depends on you which one you want to have. There is an upright cleaner while you also can have a cylinder. Besides, you can go for corded cleaners or you can also select the cordless one. Each of the cleaners is different and come with their specialties. But you know what- the features are suitable in all the cases. If you believe that the cordless cleaner is the best as it does not have any cord to carry, in reality, the view might be different. The cleaner which you are selecting, someone else might be rejecting that finding any disadvantage.

Similarly, when you put emphasis on the upright cleaner, someone in another place is blaming the machine for the back pain s/ he got while using the device. Cleaning capacity is also not the same for every device. Therefore, the key point is to select your needs. A large number of cleaners are available in the marketplace and you can have the one which suits your needs best. And it is only you who can decide which one would be more beneficial to you than the other types of cleaners.

Mind the size

Before you move finally to have a vacuum cleaner, you need to consider the size of the cleaner. In fact, this is an important issue indeed to have the right cleaner size. You cannot carry the cleaner all the time unless you need to clean the floor. So, you do not need a larger cleaner. A moderately sized cleaner is able to clean a small house completely. On the other side, if you have a larger house or space, a smaller cleaner will not serve your purposes. You need a larger cleaner to clean the house. But if you have a smaller one, you will be interrupted frequently during the cleaning process.

Therefore, this is wise to decide about the size of your cleaner. Often the users cannot take the right decision regarding the cleaner size because of they select the cleaner after visiting the market instead of having some prior plans. As a result, they cannot have the best product and their experiences are not up to the mark. Thus, you should get some ideas about your residence or space where you are set to use the cleaner. According to the cleaning space shape, you need to take the decision to get the cleaner. This process will help you prevent some unwanted situations in the later phase of the cleaning.

Dust collector

The dustbin or the dust bag is one of the top priorities before you go to buy a cleaner. In fact, the dust collector bag also plays an important role in the selection of a vacuum cleaner. The dust bag contains all the dust and debris inside it. So, if the size is smaller and you have a larger house, it would be not possible for the bag to store all the dust in that smaller bag. You will need a large bag in this case. You cannot take breaks during the cleaning process and this is irritating too.

On the contrary, if you have a larger bag than you need, the bag will remain empty all the time. The cleaning process may lead to delay as you might think to clean the bag later. This is one of the key reasons why people become lazy in cleaning the dust collector bag of their vacuum cleaner. So, if you do want to avoid such issues, you might work wisely. Select a cleaner that has a moderate dust bag. The bag will contain all the unwanted dust and debris and you could be able to clean the dust bag regularly.

Manual or robot?

With the advancement of technology, you now can have some of the specific benefits o using a vacuum cleaner. The manufacturers have added some specific functions for the cleaners. They are now available in both manual and robot features. Using the manual feature, you have to carry the cleaner to the places and spaces you need to clean. This an interesting task to some people while this is irritating too for many others. If you want comfort with a vacuum cleaner, the manual cleaners may not render you. But if you are too much action and love to move across your house, the manual cleaners are the best for you.

On the other side, robot vacuum cleaners are able to provide the best level of comfort to the users. In fact, when using a robot vacuum cleaner, you need nothing to do. Just switch on the device and the rest will be done by the robot cleaner. There are sensors inside the robot and thus it will not crash without any obstacle. Besides, the cleaning process is also easier for the device. It can clean all the rooms at a stretch and the robots from renowned brands are also able to work for longer hours. The most impressive thing about robot cleaners is that they can do the job efficiently as like humans.

Versatile application

When you are getting a vacuum cleaner, it does not point out that the cleaner would only clean your floors. You might want to use the cleaner for some other purposes as well. For instance, there might be necessity to clean your ceiling. If you want to clean any specific ceiling part, you have to use a vacuum cleaner. But not all the cleaners are able to provide you with the best possible options. They are not manufactured in the ways to reach the ceilings above. So, if you get such vacuum cleaners, you would be able to clean the floors only.

But there are some other types of vacuum cleaners that are able to reach the ceiling and clean the dust and debris there. In fact, they are engineered to provide a versatile service to the users. Besides, you can also use those machines to clean the underneath of your furniture, table, and sofa. You do not need to remove or replace them from the existing position. The cleaners have foldable wands which will enter into the spaces and hunt down the dust and other unwanted elements that are spoiling the environment of your home. So, when you are to buy a vacuum cleaner, make sure it comes with a versatile feature.

Power issues

Generally, vacuum cleaners run on electricity. But those which are cordless run on batteries. But you can use both the features on the cordless cleaners. They are made in a way that you can have both benefits. But the point to consider is its power. If the Shark vacuum cleaner runs on battery, you need to know how long the battery power will stay. In fact, this is not possible for the users to take pause for an hour every day while cleaning. If the battery is less durable, the users have to charge them again and again during the cleaning process.

But if you can get something that will not need to charge frequently, that would be better and more efficient as well. Usually, the manufacturers of the Shark vacuum cleaners are now attaching some special batteries to the devices so that the power might last longer. When you will have more battery power, you can clean more spaces in your home. At the same time, the task becomes smoother as you do not need to take frequent pauses while you clean the rooms. Therefore, this would be great if you can take information regarding the power issues of the vacuum cleaner before you get that.

Bag or Bagless?

Well, this is a considerable issue indeed. If you are using a Shark vacuum cleaner that comes with a bag, you can have some specific benefits. First of all, you can get to know about the amount of dust and debris available in your home. You can clean the bag safely and this is a convenient way as well. The suction pipe will store all the dust and dirt in the bag and you can empty the bag at your convenient time. But there are some other views as well. Some of the users are in love with bagless vacuum cleaners.

They are of the view that bagless cleaners are easy to carry and light in terms of weight. They do not need to clean or empty the bags. The filters will do the job and cleaning the filters will be enough for the maintenance of the cleaner. They also say that the bag may leak and the dust might spread in the rooms as well. They are right to some extent. And they also have points in their statement. But it depends on you which one should you prefer – the one that comes with a bag or the one without a bag? It is based on your prior experience and experiments. So, make sure you are getting the right one before you move to the market.

Lightweight device

Make sure you are going to have a Shark vacuum cleaner that is lightweight. This is not possible for all people to carry heavy vacuum cleaners. In fact, this is not possible for the users to carry the large vacuum cleaner from one room to another. This is an irritating issue. You cannot do it all the time. And even if you prefer to do it, you may not love to carry the heavier vacuum cleaner all the time from one place to another. Frustration will grip you suddenly and you may lose interest in cleaning the rooms.

Therefore, the best ways are to select something that is lightweight. There are a couple of other benefits of using lightweight vacuum cleaners. You can place them anywhere you want. There would be no problem in storing the device at your home. On the other side, handling a heavier Shark vacuum cleaner is often troublesome unless you are using that for some commercial applications. Besides, as they are heavier in weight, it points out that they are larger in size. So, you need a large space to store the device. And being a sensitive device, it needs the right protection and preservation. Failure of the protection may result in permanent damage of the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning surface

At present, the Shark vacuum cleaners are able to explore different types of surfaces. But still, there are some specific vacuum cleaner which is unable to clean different surfaces together. The majority of the manufacturers of Shark vacuum cleaners are now attaching the feature of cleaning wooden surfaces, carpets, and even concrete floors. So, you will need to check which type of floor you have and what type of cleaner do you need. If you spend some time in planning ahead of the purchase, it would be beneficial for you to many extents.

In fact, if you can get a device that can clean many other surfaces together, it would be cost-effective. You do not need to have different types of Shark vacuum cleaners to clean several types of floors. Considering the aspect, the manufacturers of the current days are procuring such versatile Shark vacuum cleaners which are able to remove all the dirt and dust from various types of floors. It would be best if you can get one of those. But make sure they are armed with such features and not proved as pieces of junks in a later phase.

Why is Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum, Champagne (NV42) the best?

Flexible hose

Following the Shark Navigator Reviews, this is one of the most important benefits that the users will have if they get this Shark vacuum cleaner. In fact, it comes with a flexible hose which is a great relief for the users. They usually do not have the flexibility with the hose pipe. Most of the hose pipes are fixed with an upright Shark vacuum cleaner. As a result, they are unable to clean different surfaces. The fixed hose is unable to go inside the underneath of furniture or some other parts of the room. But a flexible hose is able to reach the farthest corners of the house where the fixed hoses appear impenetrable. The Shark Navigator Reviews recommend this device as the hose is around 25 foot and thus this is a great benefit for the users in different terms.

Different floor cleaning

According to the Shark Navigator Vacuum Review, this particular cleaner is able to clean a wide number of floors. In fact, the cleaner is able to clean both the bare floors and carpets. And this has become possible for the powerful motor of this machine. Usually, the manufacturers produce Shark vacuum cleaners of certain categories. And those pieces are able to clean certain types of floors. If you get a cleaner that will clean the carpets, that would be unable to deal with the bare or wooden floors. And the ones which can clean the wooden or bare floors are unable to clean the carpets. Considering the trouble, the manufacturer of this product has combined both the features of its product.

Large dirt cup

The device is armed with a larger dust cup. According to the Shark Navigator Reviews, it helps the users to clean around the house and get a cleaner environment. Despite being a lightweight Shark vacuum cleaner, this product is able to have a great performance. The large cup collects all the unnecessary dust and debris from the floor. And emptying the cup is also easier. You can do it easily at any convenient time of yours. The users are unhappy with their experience of having a smaller cup. The smaller cup is unable to hold all the specks of dust and thus they have to clean the same place several times. With this large cup addition, they do not need to spend extra hours cleaning their houses.

Washable HEPA

Many of the Shark vacuum cleaners come with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorber) to provide better cleaning. But they are not washable in most cases. If you use this Shark product, you will get some extra advantages. The HEPA used here is washable. You can clean the HEPA and get a better cleaning of your home. Simply disassemble the device and bring out the HEPA, clean it with water, and reassemble it again. The task is done. But you do not need to clean the part in every week. Rather, cleaning the HEPA once a month is the best way to get a better performance.

Pet hair cleaning

The device is also able to clean pet hair. In fact, having a pet is fun but cleaning their litter and garbage is not. So, people who have pets in their homes, need to have this particular device for several reasons. The device smoothly cleans all the pet hair. On the other part, the other ordinary Shark vacuum cleaners are unable to clean the pet hairs. They cannot clean the floors smoothly. This shark vacuum device has special brushes to remove the pet hairs from the floors and accordingly, you can solve the pet hair issues. There would be no more pet hairs on your floor or on sofas.

Less noisy

Following the Shark Navigator Reviews, this device is less noisy. Usually, the Shark vacuum cleaners generate a moderate level of noise while operating. In fact, many of the users complain about the noise issue. Some of the users are unwilling to have the Shark vacuum cleaners as they cannot tolerate the noise. But this Shark device is less noisy. It produces less noise during the operation. When you are using the device, it would be hard for you to realize if actually, the device is operating or not. People who want a noise-free life will love it for its noise-free feature.

  • It has large capacity dirt cup
  • It Comes with a pet hair power skirmish that’ll clean pet hair off upholstery and staircase
  • It is very reasonably priced
  • It has strong suction – great for carpet and bare floors
  • This machine uses HEPA filtration
  • Long warranty
  • Too unwieldy to clean a tall flight of staircase in this case the Shark Lift-Away would be a better alternative
  • It has the high center of gravity easily tips over
  • It has no swivel steering
  • It has no storage for attachments especially in some of them

Last words

Most of the Shark Navigator Reviews highly recommend this Shark vacuum cleaner for some of its wonderful benefits. The device comes with improved technology and has a special cleaning approach. It can clean dust and debris rapidly. Besides, according to the Shark Navigator Vacuum Review, this product lasts longer and has a vast warranty period. You will get rapid customer supports in cases of emergencies. People who want a calm environment will be in love with the device. Despite a strong motor, the noise level is lower. So, it helps clean quietly. Besides, the other aspects of the device are up to the mark. And thus, this Shark product could be a great buy for you.

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