Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver

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Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver Review

Everyone wants to make them look better and an electric shaver plays an important role here. In fact, without an electric shaver, this is really tough to clean your beards completely. When you will get an electric shaver, you also would be able to use the product in different manners. Hence, the importance of an electric shaver is known to all. Nobody denies the needs of such shavers rather they are always after the shavers. And most of them try to get the right brand for them. Getting an electric shaver is really fun if you know how to use it rightly and have the best brand with you. Most often the users have some negative experiences regarding the electric shavers. They find a majority of the products as junk. They are not satisfied with the products and their service quality.

Therefore, this is highly important to get the right electric shaver. The shaver comes with lots of benefits and features. The users are able to get some smoother performance from the shaver and thus this has become one of the most favorite items for the users across the world. The electric shavers are preferable to men because they need less time to shave and provide the very best performance. Bearing all the issues in mind, people are tending more to get the electric shavers. But when they are unable to get the perfect piece for them, they cannot have the experience. This is really an irritating issue. So, the best thing is to know about the electric shavers so that you can have the best choice for your needs.

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5190cc Electric Shaver
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Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5190cc Electric Shaver

How to get the right electric shaver?

This is a confusing issue indeed. Most of the cases, the users are unable to select the right piece for them and they fall victim to some falsified advertisements. The outcomes are not up to the mark. In a word, the overall shaving experience becomes dull to them and they get back to the old fashion. But this will not happen if you invest some time in reading the texts below. The key features that you should check are mentioned here. When you will go to buy an electric shaver, you need to follow the rules and check the features. When everything will match you, you can get the piece without a second thought. The features are narrowed down here to make the issue simpler.


To get a branded product is one of the most important things that you need to consider. In fact, brands are able to satisfy the clients. Brands have some certain values that the other ordinary products are unable to provide. When you will get something from a brand, there are certain issues ensured. First of all, you will get the reliability that the product would not be bad. Usually, the brands do not produce bad products that may hamper their reputation. Besides, the brands also ensure the durability of the products. When you will have a product with a brand, you will get the assurance of replacing the product if you have any troubles.

Moreover, when you will get the electric shaver from a brand, you will be entitled to some other advantages. The return policies for the brands are up to the mark and they also manufacture some great-looking products. Their features and flexibilities are highly improved and you can rely on the shavers for a long time. Besides, they also own some exceptional features that are not present in the other ordinary shavers. So, if you are really interested to get an electric shaver, the best idea would be to get one from any reputed brand that is available to you.

Battery features

Batteries play an important role in the electric shaver. Actually, the majority of the shavers run on batteries and you need to recharge them based on your necessities. If you recharge the batteries completely for a single time, you can have shaved for about a week. But the battery duration might get reduced if you use some other features. However, the batteries are the same for each of the electric shavers. But the battery durations may increase slightly based on the brands. There are some other electric shavers available which run on electricity. They have power cords that you need to plug in a power socket and shave.

But this is a bit painful issue and you need to have some power sources inside the bathroom. And they are not able to be used in everywhere. Considering the aspects, the majority of the users are in preference of the battery-run electric shavers. They are able to be carried and applied at any places. Besides, the batteries are safer and take less time to get charged and more other handy applications. So, when you are there to get an electric shaver for your personal use, make sure the shaver comes with batteries and they are rechargeable too.

Know you type

There are several types of electric shavers are available around but not all of them are suitable for every sort of skins. Besides, the shavers vary in terms of applications. If you have a sensitive skin, you cannot use all the electric shavers. And if you mistakenly apply any of the electric shavers that do not fit you, you may experience skin burn or other skin complications. Besides, if you need a regular shave every day, you have to pick the one which is able to meet your purposes. Not all the shavers are able to serve you every day. In fact, some of them are used for occasional use too. And if you apply them regularly, you will get a fragile experience.

If you are to shave every day, you have to pick the rotor shaver. And if your skin is sensitive, you have to get the foil shaver. The rotor shaver comes in touch with your skin and cuts the hairs completely. The foil shaver also does the same but it does not come into the close contact with your skin. A foil keeps the blades away from the skin and at the same time, you get a very clean shave. Hence, this is important to know about the skin type you own. In fact, a misjudgment may cause serious trouble for you while using the electric shaver if you do not have the right electric shaver that matches your skin.

Wet and dry features

Wondering what the features are? Well. You may wonder if you do not have any prior idea about electric shavers. Usually, there are two types of electric razors are available. One of them is dry while the other one is wet. Both the shavers have their certain features and equally popular among the users. The dry shaver is relatively faster for shaving. And you can use it anywhere you want. The shape and size are comfortable that allows the users to carry the shaver with them all the time. So, this is a great pick for the users across the world.

On the other side, the wet shavers are something special for some people who love to take shower and shave. The wet shavers come with a waterproof feature which allows the users to shave even when they are taking a shower. This is convenient for those who really lack time in their daily life. The wet shavers are also able to clean the beards and other facial hairs smoothly like the dry shavers do. In fact, this is the basic difference between the two shavers that the dry one is unable to perform in a wet condition. Both the shavers are the best for everyday use and you need to set the type that you need most or suits you most.

Cleaning issues

Some might find it uncomfortable to clean the shavers. Yes, this is really a time-consuming task for everyone to clean the electric shavers. And if you are unaware of the process of cleaning, there are chances that you might damage the shaver. Besides, you have to clean the shaver in a routine – after each of the use, you are to clean the shaver. Usually, there are two ways of cleaning. If you are a newbie with the electric shaver and want to clean it, you might get the manual one. The instruction manual will lead you the way to clean the shaver perfectly. But you know, this is really a big deal for some of the shaver users to manage time to clean the shaver manually.

Besides, there are some advanced models which come with a charging station. You just need to place the shaver on the charging holder. The automatic process will clean the shaver and also will charge it. This is a bit more convenient for everyone. In fact, cleaning the shaver is not a quick job and you need to spend a notable amount of time for that. Therefore, some of the electric shaver users prefer the charging stations. The built-in technology is able to clean the shaver automatically and certainly, the cleaning becomes perfect.


You will get hundreds of electric shavers around you while visiting a shopping mall. They appear with innovative features and options for the users. But in reality, the advertisements will lead the users into a troublesome situation. Not all the manufacturers are able to provide the complete satisfaction to the users. Most of the electric shavers are pieces of junks. You would be unable to use them after around a month. As a result, your investment is wasted. The best idea is to get some reviews on the internet. But the best idea is to get some first-hand reviews from people who are using the electric shavers.

The users will describe the efficiency of the shavers. When you are to attend a formal meeting at the office and shaved though an ordinary electric razor, there are chances that you will not get an efficient shaving experience. You might feel facial hairs on different parts of the face. At the same time, if you make hurry, you might get cheek cuts too. Efficiency is the other thing that you need to consider when you are going to have an electric shaver. The reviews will describe you the effectiveness of the shavers and accordingly, you can decide what to do or discard the idea of getting that particular shaver.


Comfort is the other prime concern of the electric shaver users. They actually want comfort and so they are moving for the shavers. Most of the shavers are able to move on the skin smoothly and you will not feel any sort of burn or cut. In fact, the number of injuries with the electric shavers is almost zero percent. Some unwanted incidents might happen which are pure an accident. When you will use an electric shaver, you will not feel any burn on the skin. Generally, after having a shave with the ordinary razors, people feel different types of discomfort. They feel skin burn and even sometimes they face rashes as well.

But when you will have a shave with an electric shaver, there are no such issues at all. Your comfort is ensured with the shaver. Besides, some of the advanced shavers come with a cooling system that will make the skin cooler. You will need to apply any external cooling elements like shaving balms or shaving lotions. This is really comfortable to shave with the electric shaver as it is completely safe. You will not need to worry about minor shaving injuries as well. Even the smallest part of hair will be removed from the shaver that is amazing indeed!

Why Braun Electric Razor Series 5 5190cc is the best?

There are a wide number of reasons. People mostly prefer this particular shaver for various reasons. It provides the best comfort and the flexibility to the users and the price is relatively competitive. Besides, there are some other reasons also playing roles behind its popularity. The shaver is available everywhere and has a very good performance in all terms. Most importantly, the manufacturer has been producing the razors for a long time which has gained the reliance of the users. Some of the key features that made the razor best in pointed here.

No skin irritation

This is a common complain of the men that they suffer from skin irritation after they shave. And this happens in different places. They may shave at home or on the outside of their home. But the issue remains the same. This happens mostly for the skin type. Some of the skins are too light and when they come in touch with the ordinary razor, the skins get injured slightly which caused the irritation. This is also known as the skin burn. Consequently, to cool down the burn, people use several antiseptics and balms. It takes sometimes to reduce the irritation.

But the story is different if you have an electric shaver and particularly this Braun piece. The shaver is able to remove the hairs smoothly and you will not feel the slightest burn at all. The shaving experience will be different. The comfort will last longer. This is the other reason why people prefer this particular Braun series. The blades are able to reach in the remotest parts of the cheek but you will not feel anything during the shave.


As it is told earlier that the electric shavers are able to perform both in dry and wet situations, this particular product is armed with the feature. You can use the shaver for different situations including both the dry and wet. When you are in a rush, you might want to get a shave and this product is there to serve you. No matter you are taking a shower or on your way to the office. You can comfortably use the shaver to make your face cleaner. Besides, when you are taking a shower and shaving, you will have options to clean the shaver in the shower. This is easy to do.

But to get the best result, you will need to apply some shaving gel or foam on your cheek. This makes the process more tranquil when you will apply the leather. There would be no compromise too if you do not apply the leather during the shower. The performance will remain the same all the time. The waterproof feature of the shaver has made it preferable to all types of men indeed.

Ergonomic design

Sometimes the users are troubled with the design of the electric shavers. They do not feel comfortable in different terms while using the shaver. They feel uncomfortable to hold the shaver. They do not have any strong grip too. All these cause pain to them and sometimes lead to serious trouble too. The manufacturer – Braun – is aware of the issue and thus has made the shaver in an ergonomic way. This specific shaver appears with an ergonomic design. The users are able to hold the shaver strongly and there are no chances of slipping from the hand when you are using it.

Further, the look of the shaver is outstanding too. You will be in love with the product after your first meet with it. The manufacturer has also taken care of the issue perfectly as well. In fact, to sustain the business you will need to make the products special in all terms and the manufacturer has done so. Thereby, the product is on the top preference list of men around the world.

Strong power backup

Often there are complains that the electric shavers are unable to hold a notable amount of power in them. It happens for the faulty batteries. Sometimes, there are some other issues like frequent applications which also cause the power drain easily for the ordinary shavers. In fact, it seems that the batteries are unable to hold the power for a long time while they are in operation. Thus they need frequent charging. But this particular shaver from Braun is free of such issues. The users can have some special advantage and particularly the power issue is one of them.

The shaver is manufactured with a rechargeable battery that is more powerful than the other types. Generally, the Li-Ion batteries are longer than the usual types of batteries and the manufacturer has applied such a battery for this shaver. In accordance with the battery, the users are able to spend at least a week with a single complete charge. It takes around one hour for the battery to get charted and the charge lasts for about 45 minutes. So, if it takes five minutes average for a single shave, you can get seven days for this purposes. Is not this a great feature?

LED display

The addition of the LED display on the shaver has improved its quality and functionality. Earlier, the users had to face numerous troubles while using the electric shavers. They were unable to know about the battery status. And when the battery died in the middle of the shave, the entire issue turned too much inconvenient for them. But with the passage of time, everything has been improved and so did the manufacturer of this shaver. Braun has added an LED display with the shaver to make the experiences happier of the users. In fact, the display is of great help to men when they shave with this razor.

The LED display shows the battery status, and also has a hygiene indicator. So, when someone will take the razor in hand, the bright LED light will attract the attention of the users. It is helpful in this way that the user would be careful while using. If the battery is low, the user can recharge it or make the shaving short. If the hygiene indicator is not in the right position, the user might clean the shaver and then use it in accordance with the needs.

Longer lasting

Usually, the ordinary electric razors do not last more than a year. But Braun is an old manufacturer of the items and knows better than others how to make the products durable. So, this ensured that a Braun electric razor lasts more than six years. And if you are careful enough, the duration might be stretched to seven years as well. This is really a durable product and you need not waste money in a regular interval to get a better electric razor than the earlier one. The durability of this shaver is one of the most preferable features of this piece.


  • Auto-sensing motor: the motor of this product comes with an auto-sensing feature. So, even if your beards are dense, you will get a smooth shaving experience.
  • Flexible shaving head: the product has eight direction comfort head which makes the shaving flexible.
  • Foil blades: this particular product also comes with foil blades. As a result, you do not get any skin irritation after the shave.
  • Easy trimming: the trimmer of the shaver is able to cut even the low lying hairs in different parts of the face which is a plus.
  • Foam or gel application: you can use both the foam and gel if you want. But you can shave without them too.
  • Waterproof: the shaver comes with a 100 percent waterproof feature. So, you can now have the option to shave during shower too.
  • Charging station: the charging station of the razor not only charges the razor, you will get a cleaner piece too.


  • Less user-friendly: due to the remodeling of the shaver, some of the users might find it less user-friendly.
  • Slower draining: the draining of the beards and hair from the shaver head is slower.
  • Heavier: the new model contains some extra features and thus some people might find it a bit heavier and inconvenient for operation.

Last words

The Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5190cc, is one of the most impressive one made so far. The addition of some of the newest features has made the shaver more attractive to the users. In fact, the high-end product is able to win the heart of the people within no time. The shaver is able to perform several tasks together and user satisfaction is guaranteed in this case.

People who have used Braun shaver once in their life will come back to this product again and again for its outstanding benefits. So, regardless of your user level or skin type, you can get this particular product for your everyday needs. It would be a profitable buy for you indeed.

Braun is one of the leading electric shaver manufacturing company and this Braun Electric Razor for Men/Electric Shaver, Series 5 5190cc, Rechargeable with Clean & Charge Station is manufactured with great care. You will get several benefits from this single shaver and the experiences would be nice memories in your life.

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