Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver

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Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver, Electric Foil Shaver

Having a smart look in the present day is really important. A clean shaved face is attractive and able to bring you the desired look. And to get the shape, there is no alternative of Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver, Electric Foil Shaver. This is a great electric shaver indeed and you will get the very best service from it for a long time. Though most of the electric shavers are available at high prices, you can get some of them within a reasonable rate. This one belongs to the category that will be available in the moderate rate for having a better shaving experience.

Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver
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Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver

Sometimes, people are reluctant to use the electric shaver considering different obstacles. The electric shavers need to change the accessories and everything is not always available around. This brings a sense of reluctance among the users. But the advantages they get are adorable. They get a clean shave and a comfortable feel. So, there is a section of people who never rejects these electric shavers. They use them even if they have to pay a bit more for the purposes. In fact, they have got the optimum level of comfort from the electric shaver. Nothing else suits them other than this electric shaver.

Besides, some of the shaver manufacturers come with a trial period which helps the users to get the right idea about the shaver. If the shaver suits them, they can keep it used and maintained. And if the shaver does not match their needs or causes irritation, they are able to replace the shaver. This is a great option indeed for electric shavers. Therefore, a large number of users are moving for electric shavers for their everyday use.

Features of electric shavers

There might be queries about the popularity of the electric shavers. In fact, they are adorable indeed with their outstanding features and flexibilities. They are comfy to use and do not cause any irritation after the shave. Some of the key features of the electric shavers are pointed out here so that you can know about them.

Clean Shave

This is the most impressive feature of electric shavers. When you apply an ordinary razor to get shaved, there are chances that you might miss some parts of your cheek. And certainly, this would look no good when you will be in a public place or intend to attend a meeting. A clean shave is necessary in those cases. Only an electric shaver is able to provide that. The electric shavers are manufactured in a way that they will provide you with the best clean shave ever had in your life.

At the same time, there would be no irritation in the skin. Sometimes, the males suffer skin disorders if they shave with ordinary razors. The razor blades do not suit their skins and cause serious irritations. They need to apply different types of aftershave bums or lotions to get rid of the problems. This is an extra cost for the users. But, there are no such issues when you will use an electric shaver. You will get the smooth experience ever.

Easy application

The application of electric shavers is too easy. Even a novice can also use it smoothly. You just need to hold the shaver and the remaining will do it. But with the usual razors, the users need to insert a cartridge and then apply the cream onto the face. After that, they are to pull the razor too and cut the beards. Often they are unable to operate the razors and even there are minor accidents. The cheeks get injuries and bleeding is a common scenario. When you are using an ordinary shaver, you need to accept the risks. In fact, there is no alternative to this issue.

The entire scenario will be the opposite of this electric shaver. The easy operation will make the experience smoothers. You do not need to spend time refilling the cartridges or pulling the razor forward and backward. You just need to place the shaver on your cheek and the device will do the rest. It will cut the beards smoothly and you will not feel uncomfortable at all. You can shave as long as you want with the shaver and you will not have any untoward situations regarding your shaver. The performance will be satisfactory.

Battery charging

The electric shavers run on batteries. In fact, you need to recharge the battery after every shave. Some might have the idea to change the batteries once the charges are gone. But the manufacturers of the electric shavers have reduced your efforts. You need not change the batteries frequently. If you complete the charging cycle, you can have it for a long time. The charging time varies based on the shaver brand and quality. Usually, the battery needs a charge for over one hour and that provides the shave for the week. Complete charging will allow you to get shaved for at least seven days. This is really adorable.

Besides, the electric shavers have some other features as well. When the battery is full, the battery charger gets automatically shut down and you do not need to do that manually. In fact, sometimes, people forget to unplug the charger. They are too busy and that begins right after waking from sleep. So, this is natural that they may forget to unplug the battery charger. Hence, the manufacturer has added this feature with the electric shavers. It will make them remain hassle-free all the time. Besides, this feature also prevents accidents or explosions as well.


The electric shavers are convenient in all terms. For instance, you do not need to add extra foam or gel on the fact to get shaved. You can save time during the shave. Besides, the people who use electric shavers get some other extra advantages. The shavers are highly safe. You need not worry about safety issues. Charging the batteries is safe. You will get some warnings when the battery is low. Besides, if you are reluctant to charge the battery, there are options for you as well. Some of the electric shavers come with power cord options.

When you get the electric shaver with a power cord, you can plug and shave. But in that case, you will need to have a power source inside your bathroom. And these days, all the bathrooms have some sort of power source installed. So, this is not a big issue for shaver users. However, shaving with the one that needs a battery charge is really fun. You can carry the shaver with you anywhere you need. This is really a helpful device for the males.


The cleaning of the electric shavers is not a hard task to do. There are several ways of cleaning a shaver. You can either use a brush or even you can use water to clean the shaver. The usual razor cleaning process is a bit different. Most of the time, you need a mug of water to clean the razor. If you do not clean the razor blade instantly, you would be unable to get the next touch on your cheek. This is indeed trouble for the users. But the manufacturers of the electric shavers have thought of something different. You need not clean the shaver every time while shaving.

The majority of electric shavers have some small brushes for cleaning purposes. You can clean the shavers using the brushes. The brushes are able to go inside the shaver and clean properly. Besides, there are some other shavers available that you can clean through the water. Both ways are comfortable for the users. Besides, there are some other electric shavers that have a self-cleaning system. You do not need to spend your time and energy cleaning the shavers. The system pumps sanitizing liquids. The liquids pass through the cutter blades and clean perfectly without any additional activities.

Complete shaving

The electric shavers allow the users to get a complete shave. Sometimes, there are long hairs found in the cheeks and the usual razors are unable to cut them thoroughly. When you will cut them, they will get integrated with the blade which will cause you trouble. So, if you want clean and complete shaving, you need an electric shaver. The shaver is able to trim long hairs. Besides, trimming becomes smooth with such shavers that you will not feel anything while trimming. This is a unique feature that the electric shavers own.

Besides, the electric shavers will save you time. You can shave while bathing too. In fact, this is another impressive feature that will allow you to take the shower and at the same time, you can shave with the electric shaver. There are some models which will make things so simpler for you. When you are in a hurry, you need to take a quick shower and a shave. But you do not have the necessary time to complete one after another. The shaver is there to relieve you. You are now able to complete the shave and shower together. The shaver is shockproof and you need not worry about getting wet with the electric shaver. Everything will go fine.

Quick performance

The usual shaving process takes more time to complete the shave. You need to make a complete arrangement. For instance, you have to collect shaving cream, water, and a razor. Besides, you need towels to clean your face. But you know, all the issues are gone when you have an electric shaver. The shaver is able to make a quick shave. The versatile shaver will clean the face within no time. And most importantly, you can do that at any place regardless of whether your face is dry or wet.

The ordinary shaving process is slower and on the opposite, this is a faster alternative. This is the right and perfect shaving aid for people with a busy schedule. If you need to attend a meeting at the office but have some straw-like beards, you can shave them instantly at the office bathroom or even in your desk if you have little space. Besides, there are no chances of razor cuts during this quick shaving process or you will not have any burns as well.

Saves your money

Do you want to save money for your shaving? Electric shavers are the best way to do so. They come with all the necessary things you need to shave. The usual razors need to attach extra cartridges, you need shaving gel or foam and some other materials. Besides, applying aftershave lotion is a must for every man. This is a usual way of shaving with traditional razors and all of them will cost you money. But you will have no such issues with the electric shavers. This single product will reduce the money you earlier invested for your shaving purposes.

An exceptional present

An electric shaver could be an exceptional present for men. In fact, you can present the trimmer for different occasions. If you find not a suitable gift for your dad, boyfriend, friend or any colleague, an electric shaver could be the best one. This is really a wonderful present that will make the receivers smile. The features and flexibilities of the electric shaver are well known among men and many of them want to get the right shaver for them. Therefore, considering all the aspects, this could be a great gift for your male counterpart.

Why this Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver is the best

There are several reasons for this product to be the best one available in the market. The product has a wide number of features that will amaze you. In fact, the manufacturer has taken care of all the possible issues that may arise during the shaving process. No doubt, most electric shavers are pieces of junk. You will face different types of problems while using them. But this one is completely different from the others. The experience will be changed if you try this product at least a single time.

Few of the key features of this shaver are pointed out here.

Competitive product

Braun is one of the leading brands in the electric shaving arena. The manufacturer is producing a wide number of quality products that are available around the world. Men are in love with the products for their outstanding features and flexibility. The cutting heads of this shaver are smooth and thus it never burns the users. You have the freedom to get the best piece from a wide array of products. Besides, the other features of this product are highly specialized and made for a wonderful experience of the users. You will feel the specialty of this particular electric shaver from this brand.

The product of this manufacturer is free from troubles and you can use them for a long time. It is easy to clean and use and Braun is praised across the world for the manufacturing of this particular shaver for men.

A close shave

The particular Braun shaver is able to provide a very close shave. In fact, when you are sensing no hairs at all in your skin, or the hairs are not standing in a position that could be traced, the shaver is able to remove the hairs. The foil shaver is able to clean those hairs in no time. You do not need to use any particular series of razors for this task. Any of the Braun shavers will do the same. You will be glad to get the experience. In fact, in terms of close shaving, the Braun products are hard to be negatively criticized.

Luxurious look

A large number of electric shaver manufacturers produce some worst quality materials. They also do not have any special looks. They are almost similar in features and designs. But Braun products are entirely different than them. They come with some solid designs and luxurious looks. In fact, the look of an electric shaver is really important. You are paying a smart amount to get the product but if the look is not up to the mark, you cannot get satisfied. The shaver should be complete in all terms. And its look is as important as the performance is. Hence, there should be no compromise about the looks and if you want to get the best one, this Braun product is the right one for you.

Firm holding

The shaver from Braun provides you a stronghold. The other shavers do not have any strong grips. As a result, if your hand gets wet or if you are unable to hold it tight, there are several chances that the shaver might slip from your hand. This happens as there are no strongholds. But this particular product from Braun comes with a strong grip. So, even if you want to lose the grips, you would be unable. The secure holding allows the users to have a firmer grip. This is one of the key features of this shaver that will provide you with a better comfortable feeling.

Wet Dry feature

Braun has been producing electric shavers for a long time and has added some special features. Some of the shavers are able to clean during a shower as they are waterproof. Some others are unable to shave in the shower. They are able to clean in dry places only. But this particular shaver is waterproof and able to shave in both wet and dry situations. This feature has made the shaver favorite to all men across the world. In fact, the experience would be different when you are shaving during the shower. You can save your time which could be spent for other purposes.


When you are shaving with the usual razors, you may feel burning in your skin. Later, you need some balms or after-shave lotions to control the burn. But when you are shaving with this particular Braun product, there are no chances of burning. The shaver is engineered for an auto cooling effect. Technology makes it easier to have cool skin. During the shave, you will get the cool feel that the shaver will provide you. You will never get a red face in the bathroom for unnecessary burning. The product is also the best one during the summer days as most of the men face the burning problem in that time.

Covers entire face

The shaver is designed in an outstanding manner. As a result, this is able to cover your face completely. The other usual shavers are unable to perform like this one. They are designed to cover the cheek only and as a result, when there are hairs in your contour, they are unable to clean that. But the Braun product is able to move on all the directions. You can cover your contour and other corners where the other shavers are unable to move. As the hairs do not always grow in the same direction, you will need to apply the shaver for every direction and this Braun shaver will allow you to do that.

LED display

Many of the electric shavers do not have an LED display. But this is really an important thing to consider. The LED display is able to show you the charging status and other necessary information. When you are seeing the charging status, you can decide when to charge or you can check the hygiene status to know what to do now. But the majority of the electric shavers do not have the feature. The manufacturer, Braun, considers such needs carefully. As a result, it has attached an LED display with the shaver so that the users could get benefitted. In fact, the LED display is really of a great benefit for the shaver users when they shave.

Battery performance

The battery used in the Braun shaver is rechargeable and can last for about 45 minutes. In this time, you can have over 10 times of shaves. Besides, the battery is durable and it takes less time for charging. The average charging time for the battery is one hour. The manufacturer has considered some other issues like an emergency situation. When you are in an emergency and need to shave but there are no charges on the shaver, you can get some emergency charge as well to handle the situation. The other usual electric shavers do not have the feature.

Easy maintenance

Often the users are worried about the maintenance of the electric shaver. They are considerable issues indeed. But if you have a Braun piece with you, everything is easier. The manufacturer has made the cleaning process for the shaver simple. You just need to install the cleaning cartridge. After placing the shaving unit into the cartridge, you simply have to press the start button. The rest will be done automatically. So, you are free from the manual cleaning process. The cleaning cartridge will lubricate the moving parts and other necessary tasks that will make the shaver operation smoothers like before.

All the unhygienic elements will be removed within a short time and you will get some attractive scent after the cleaning is done.


  • Any time shaving: you can shave at any time of the day with this shaver
  • Complete accessories: the shaver comes with complete accessories while the other shavers do not serve the users with such pieces
  • Pricing: the price might appear a bit higher but the features are worth the price of the Braun product
  • Waterproof: the shaver is waterproof and thus you are able to use it in any situations regardless of seasons.
  • Complete coverage: the shaver is able to cover all of your faces. No parts will be abandoned while shaving.
  • No burning: the shaver comes with a cooling effect. So, you will have no burnings at all when you shave.
  • Less recharge time: the shaver takes around one hour for a complete recharge while the other shavers take some more hours than this.


  • Heavier: the weight of the shaver might appear heavier to many users.
  • Weak pop-up trimmer: the pop-up trimmer is not as good as advertised.
  • Battery drain: when you will apply the cooling effect, your battery will drain faster.

Last Words

Braun is one of the leading global shaving product manufacturers and this Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver, Electric Foil Shaver is one of its wonders. The shaver is able to provide a cooling effect to the users who have a sensitive skin and covers all the face. As a result, you will get a special shaving experience. The manufacturer is crossing the boundaries every year and gaining success for its outstanding performance. This could be a great piece for all types of users including the newbie as well.

This is a high-grade product and been Serving generations for centuries. The users need not struggle while shaving. The Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver, Electric Foil Shaver is able to make the shaving experience smoother which even they might not imagine. So, this could be a great buy for you. Grab it. Your shaving satisfaction is guaranteed.

Are you looking for a complete shaving experience? Try Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver, Electric Foil Shaver which comes with some industry-top features. The manufacturer is experienced over centuries and knows your needs. You will not be disappointed.

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