Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor

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Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor

A clean shave is always desirable and if it comes with the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, the happiness doubles. Amid thousands of varieties and brands, this particular brand has achieved a great position among the shavers who use the electric razor. The key reason for selecting an electric shaver is the convenience and comfort. An electric shaver is able to provide you the optimum level of shave that you will not get anywhere else. The usual manual razors are able to make your face clean but the electric shavers are able to make the face cleaner. Considering all the grounds, people are tending towards electric razors.

The electric shavers are preferable for many other reasons. Alongside with a clean shave, the razor is able to render a comfort to your skin. Some of the improved shavers are able to make you feel cool after having a shave. You will not need applying any aftershave balm or lotion. Experts are of the view that the electric shavers are able to shave and even they remove the stubs from the face which the ordinary razors are unable to do. Besides, the prices of the electric shavers are competitive. You can have a wide variety of electric shavers around you. They are available in varied features and options. According to your needs, you can take anyone you want.

Which one is the best?

Well, this is a controversial issue indeed that which one is the best. As a matter of fact, the issue is all about perception. The shaver that suits you might not suit me or the other people. You may like the foil shaver while someone else is in love with the rotary shaver. Even you might find people who are in love with dry shavers while some others are in love with the wet shavers. Actually, the preference level makes the electric shaver the best. So, you cannot say that a certain shaver is complete in all aspects.

But there are some shavers which contain almost all the qualities to be considered as the best. Thus, some of the key features of an electric shaver are noted here so that you can get some ideas which one is preferable for you. Before making the purchase, you should look into the features and get the right one for your everyday use.

Foil shaver

Some of the electric shavers come with foil. The foil is a special category of the electric shaver that allows you a smooth shave. The foil shavers are able to render a clean shave. The most important issue about the foil shaver is that it does not come into a very close contact with the skin. In fact, this is the perfect one for those who have skin sensitivities. Often people suffer from skin bumps or irritation after having a shave. The irritation lasts for a notable period of time. And this happens mostly when the razor blade comes into a close contact with the skin.

But if they use the foil shaver, they will get rid of such troubles. Though the shaver does not come into a close contact, it is able to give you a cleaner shave. The foil of the shavers helps the razors preventing to get into the touch of your skin. But at the same time, it cuts the hairs smoothly. You would be unable to find even the slightest trace of a hair after the shave. Thereby, most of the people with sensitive skin look for this type of shaver. The foil shavers are really helpful for them in every term.

Rotary shaver

This is another special type of shaver that can render some good services to the users. In fact, the rotary shavers have some blades that rotate across the skin. The blades reach the corners of your face and provide you with a smooth and clean shaving experience. The manufacturers of such shavers have made the shavers in an improved format. As a result, after having the shave, you will not need to apply any type of balm or aftershave lotions on your skin for further comfort. They might cause a little bit of irritation to the users but at the end of the shave, the cooling effects neutralize everything.

The other benefit of a rotary shaver is that it lasts longer than the ordinary types of shavers. The users are able to add accessories as per their needs and they are available everywhere. In fact, finding the right accessory at a reasonable price is not found all the time. The manufacturers of rotary shavers have made it accessible for everyone and they can have them easily. Besides, the rotary shavers are durable too. If you are habituated with a rotary shaver, you would not prefer any other types of shavers in the world. The features are really charming in all aspects.

Easy charging

Most of the electric shavers come with a rechargeable battery. They need some charges before the operation. However, they provide a good charging back up to the users. Charging of the shavers is not too complex. You just need to plug-in the charger into a power socket. As the shavers run with batteries, the manufacturers have tailored the batteries in a way that you will feel comfortable. Most of the batteries are made with lithium-ion. As a result, they get charged easily. On the other side, due to the charging feature, you can take the shavers anywhere you want. But you will not get this feature with the other shavers.

On the other sides, there are some shavers which come with a corded feature. They need charge instantly when you shave. This is uncomfortable for many of the users. In fact, people use the electric shaver for their comfort and flexibility. If they had enough time with them, they would have used the traditional shavers. But when they switch on the electric shavers, the manufacturer must consider the issue. Accordingly, the manufacturers are improving the charging features. The users are now able to enjoy a varied number of electric charger features and the ease of charging is one of them. If you have a power source around you, you can have the charge within a short time.

Ergonomic design

Generally, the electric chargers come with an ergonomic design. Most of the cases, people have to shave for a moderate period of time. And it the shavers are not ergonomic, people are unable to hold them or use them. Based on the aspect, the manufacturers of the electric shavers have redefined their shavers’ models. Now, most of the shavers come with an ergonomic design. The users will get some specific features with the new types of shavers. First of all, the handles are most of the cases made with rubber. Usually, it is easier to hold a rubber handle than a plastic one.

There are chances of fall if you use a plastic shaver handle. At times, your palm might get wet and the plastic shaver handle may lose the grip. But there are no such issues with the rubber handles. Besides, some of the shavers render to options to cover all of your faces. You can apply shaver at any part of your face while many of the shavers do not have this feature. The manufacturers are now aware of the issues and accordingly, they are making the shavers easier to use. And all of these have been possible for the ergonomic designs.

Dry and wet shave

Not all the electric shavers are able to provide dry or wet shaving. Before jumping into the issue, you should know what dry and wet shaves are. During a dry shaving process, you will not need any leather or shaving gel. Simply you can shave your face using the shaver. This process is known as dry shave. Even, you do not need to apply some water on the face to wet the hairs. The shaver is manufactured in a way that it will perform better in a dry condition. If you apply water or leather, the result might not be the same. The performance may fall to some extent if you apply any external elements to make the shaving process smooth

Regarding the wet shave, you will have a different experience. The manufacturers have made the shaver waterproof. As a result, you can shave in complete wet conditions. Often people take the shaver under the shower to get the shave and shower together. The waterproof feature of the shaver is able to prevent untoward situations and at the same time will provide a great shaving experience to the users. Not all the shavers are able to provide a wet shaving and especially those with the corded feature are completely unable to be used under a shower. There are some shavers which are able to provide both the features to the users. So, if you want, you can have one of them which have both the features. It will save your time and money as well.


As they are electric shavers, in most of the cases, the users need to remain careful about the cleaning issues. In fact, those shavers are a bit sensitive and you have to clean them carefully. Sometimes, the manufacturers allow the users to wash the shavers with water and in some other points, the users need to disassemble the shavers at first and then clean each of the parts one after another. But truly such types of cleaning are time-consuming. As a result, people are reluctant to clean the shavers. Consequently, the shavers become dirty and at a certain point, you are unable to use them.

The best idea is to check if the shaver has the feature of washing with water. Some of the manufacturers have added this feature. You can easily clean the shaver under a tap. This is a too easy process and helps to extend the lifespan of the shaver. In fact, many of the shavers get damaged as they are not cleaned properly. There are some certain reasons behind this reluctance of the owners in cleaning them. When the users cannot manage time to wash the shavers, they keep the shavers without cleaning. The hairs and other stuff reduce the longevity of the blades and they ultimately become pieces of junks after a couple of weeks. Therefore, before you get an electric shaver, make sure it comes with an easy cleaning feature.

A trimmer

An electric shaver is incomplete without a trimmer. You need a trimmer for different purposes and it helps to complete your shave. The trimmer is able to shape your mustache and sideburns. But the electric razor is unable to do that. Thereby, people need a trimmer which meets the specific purposes of the shavers. There are some shavers available which come with a trimmer. The trimmer is concealed inside the body and comes with a pop-up. The trimmer is able to serve in some other specific purposes too. When the trimmers are concealed inside the shaver, you will not have any trouble to shave with the razor.

You might think that how you will complete the shave as there is a trimmer inside. But in reality, there would be no problems at all with the shaver. Rather, the shaver becomes complete with the trimmer. It would be beneficial if you look for a trimmer with the shaver. Many of the manufacturers are now adding trimmers with their brands so that the users could get a comfortable shaving experience.

Why people prefer Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver?

A brand has some special values. When you will get something from a brand, you would be able to rely on the product. In fact, a brand never cheats on its clients. Consequently, people have become habituated to trust a brand. Remington is one of the leading brands in the arena of electric shavers. Alongside the electric shavers, the brand has some other businesses as well and they have topped there too. Based on the all the aspects, people prefer the electric shaver from this particular brand. Here are some key features of the shaver from this brand.

Foil shaver

The manufacturer has brought this foil shaver with some special qualities. As a foil shaver, the product is preferable for the people with sensitive skin. Alongside the sensitive skin, people with the normal skin types also could use the shaver. The foil is made of durable steel. So, there are fewer chances for the foil to get damaged. In fact, the users are worried about the durability of the foil shaver. The foil shavers are less durable. You can easily damage them. If you press a bit harder, the foil will be damaged seriously and you have to change the head. But there are no such issues with the Remington product.

The manufacturer is well aware of the foil and thus has attached a steel foil. The steel foil is hard to break and thus provides a lengthy service to the users. Moreover, the foil is able to handle all types of hairs including long or short. Even, you can cut the hairs which have grown for over two or three days. The other usual shavers will not allow you to do the shaving as easily as it will do. Considering all the matters, this is a great shaver for men around the world.


Remington has added a trimmer with this particular product. The shaver comes with a pop-up trimmer. The trimmer is highly sharp and able to take care of the needs that the razor is unable. For instance, you do not need to meet any outside hairdresser for shaping up your sideburns or mustache. Whenever people do not need to get a trimmer, they move for professionals to shape up the remaining part of the facial hairs. But this is truly uncomfortable and time consuming for the people. And you might not have enough time to complete all the purposes. With a trimmer with the razor, you can smoothly completely all the tasks.

Besides, the trimmer also saves your dollars. You do not have to buy an extra trimmer that may cost a smart amount of money. The manufacturer has considered all the issues and accordingly produces the shaver so that it can meet all your needs together. At the same time, the price of this shaver is reasonable. If you consider the price of a shaver and trimmer separate, it would appear that this product is really economic.

LED panel

At present, many of the renowned manufacturers have started adding LED panels on the shavers. As it is told earlier, the LED panels have some importance. People use an electric shaver for their convenience. This is less time consuming and shaves faster than the traditional shavers. And most importantly, an electric shaver runs on battery. Here is the necessity of an electric shaver. The LED panel helps to inform you about the battery status. For instance, you are going to shave and find that there is no charge on the battery. How will you feel right at that moment? And you have to attend a meeting in your office and you are late at home.

But if you had an LED panel with the shaver, it would have been beneficial for you. The LED panel mostly shows you the latest battery condition. The manufacturer of this shaver has thus added the LED panel. The panel does not need an extra charge to illuminate the panel. Besides, you can have the right idea about the charging level and accordingly, can take the decision to place the shaver on the charge. You can have the best performance from the shaver with a perfect charge and the LED panel is there to guide you.

Emergency charge

Amid hundreds of your engagements, you might forget to place the device on charge. So, when you need to shave in the morning, you find the shaver without charge. No worries! The emergency charging option is there for you. With a five minute charge, you can complete the shave. In fact, the manufacturer is aware of such situations. You cannot guarantee always that you will charge the shaver perfectly. As a matter of fact, nobody is able to ensure that they will charge the shaver in the right moment. A large number of issues are related here that help you make the delays.

But this emergency charging options of Remington will allow you to complete the shave. You do not need to be frustrated in the early morning after discovering the shaver without a charge. On the other side, you should be careful about the charging issue. As this is one of the most important devices in your everyday life, you are to be sensible a bit. It will help to increase the lifespan of the shaver as well. You might have plenty shaving round the week. That is okay. But a five-minute charge is not always able to provide the best shave. Therefore, you should be careful about this issue despite the flexibility of the manufacturer.


Many of the electric shaver manufacturers produce their shavers with a cord. They do not want the users to have the battery issues. In reality, the corded shavers have some demerits. Of course, the intention of the manufacturer is to provide relieve to the users from battery draining issues. But if there is no power source inside the bathroom, the users would be unable to have the shave. And often this is troublesome to carry the corded shaver with you. Based on the facts, the manufacturer has brought the cordless feature with this shaver. You do not need to worry about the charge issues.

The shaver takes around 50 minutes to get a complete charge. And this charge allows you to have a shaver round the week. The battery charge will stay for 60 minutes and you can get over 10 shaves with this shaver. Therefore, being it as cordless does not make any difference to you. Rather, you will get some extra advantages that the corded shavers are unable to provide you. Being a cordless electric shaver, you can carry it anywhere you want. The basic charging station is able to meet all your needs.

Dry Shave

The shaver is engineered to have dry shaves. You will need no leather or other shaving materials to get the shave. The manufacturer has sharpened the blades in a way that you will get a complete shave within a short time. Besides, the users will also feel comfortable. Since the shaver comes with foil, the users will not feel any sort of irritation. Whenever you need a shave, you can get that instantly. But make sure, you do not use the shaver in any wet condition. The shaver is not waterproof and wet shaving might lead to untoward events to the users.


  • Best for sensitive skin: this shaver is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin. It prevents skin irritations and bumps.
  • Reasonable: the price of the shaver is reasonable. Alongside the features, you are getting some other benefits too.
  • Comfortable use: the shaver comes with a cordless feature and thus handy to use and carry anywhere you want.
  • Hair intercepting technology: the shaver comes with a hair intercepting technology. The interceptor helps to cut the long hairs and works like a comb as well.
  • Pop-up trimmer: the shaver comes with a pop-up trimmer that trims the sideburn and other areas like mustache where the razors are unable to perform well.
  • Easy cleaning: the shaver is easier to clean. You need to remove the head and clean the foils. Interestingly, you can clean the heads with water as well.
  • Warranty: the shaver has a two-year warranty. Most of the shavers do not provide the warranty but the manufacturer has provided the warranty for the betterment of the users.


  • Dry shave only: the shaver is not waterproof. So, you cannot have a wet shave. You just need to have a dry shave only.
  • Noise: the shaver creates more noise than the other types of shavers.
  • Regular cleaning: the shaver needs a regular cleaning. If you do not clean it regularly, there would be a jam in the shaver head.

Final Verdict

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor is one of the leading razors that is able to render a great shave. The manufacturer has engineered the shaver based on the necessities of the users. The shaver is able to serve you even in emergencies. At the same time, you will have a durable shaver while the cleaning of the shaver is easy too. If you want a great piece of foil shaver for a reasonable price, this Remington piece is the perfect one for you.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor is able to render a close shave and your experience would be different. The durability and flexibility of the shaver make it the most suitable foil shaver. It takes less time to be charged and also meets emergencies.

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