Parrot Minidrone Mambo Drone

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Parrot Minidrone Mambo with Cannon and Grabber Accessories   

Have you ever wondered why the best drones under 100 are so much popular among the users? Well, there are lots of reasons for selecting those drones. They are available everywhere and provide the best possible pleasure to the drone users. Moreover, the drones are able to complete some particular tasks which are not possible for humans to perform. Since the ordinary people are unable to get the industrial level drones, they rely on the toy drones within their reach. This is another special reason why the people are moving to get drones in these days. Amid thousands of varieties, people select the one which suits them most.

Besides, there are some other factors also influence people to get drones. Many of the people love to take photos and drones are of great help in this case. The drones can click some outstanding images which are not really possible for any human to deliver. The drone manufacturers of the present day attach some special cameras with the drones for photographic use. The other reasons are simple and the drones become of great help to the users in different ways. In fact, the applications of drones have been so common in the present society that everyone needs a drone for their respective use.

How to select the right drone for you?

Well, there are a number of criteria that will inform you about the drone you need. You can have the drone considering your necessities and enjoy the drone flights. To do that, at first, you have to understand your needs. There are hundreds of drones and drone brands are waiting there for you, but all the drones might not be necessary to serve your purposes. The entire issue is narrowed down here so that you can get some ideas about the drone and finally get the one you need most.

Flight duration

Regardless of your use, you should know about the flight duration of the drone you are planning to have. The usual flight time of the drone is around seven to eight minutes. The flight time may vary with some industrial drones. Those drones are able to take longer flights even for hours. But you cannot use them for your personal use. They need some special government permission for using which is unavailable at the individual level. So, the thing you can do is to know the flight time and get the one which lasts longer. Besides, the flight time also varies based on drone types and qualities.

The drones which are at the expert level will have less flight time. It happens because the drones need more battery powers to perform the export functions. On the other sides, the drone which is meant for the beginners lasts longer than the other types of drones. The drones just fly in the sky to make the users amused. They do not need to perform some other tasks like the intermediate or expert drones. In those cases, the drones get a couple of minutes more power backup. Hence, you are to select the right one based on your needs. If you are a beginner, you will more power backup and you do not need to lose heart if your drone power is lower.

Types of drones

Globally there are three basic types of drones are available. The types are – beginner, intermediate and expert. Each of the types has their own special features. Do not get surprised if you find the fourth type. Those are commercial drones and completely different than the ordinary drones. But they have some restriction over flying in places. However, let’s get back to the track again. The beginners’ drone helps the users to learn drone flying. When you do not know anything about drone flying, you can get the beginners’ drone. Actually, such drones will guide you about the things you need to know before you start drone flying.

The drones for the intermediate use are a bit higher in performance. They are engineered for people who are more skilled in drone flights. The usual speeds of such drones are more than the beginners’ drones. Flying the intermediate drones make it a good experience for the users. And when it is about the third category, you will have some different experiences. The drones for the experts are highly impressive and contain some interesting features. You can enjoy the great speed and be able to take even 3D flips during the flight of the drone.

The best idea would be to get the drone on the grounds of your skill. Some of the manufacturers are in the present days producing some drones which are able to serve all the three types of people. So, you can get one of them too.


Many of the drone users are dissatisfied with the navigation system of the drones. They accuse the drones with a poor navigation which foils their drone flights. As a matter of fact, someone is unable to enjoy something if there are issues prevailing that hamper the activities. The similar thought is applicable to the drones. When the navigation system is not up to the mark, you cannot get the right experience of a drone flying as you were supposed to get. The best navigation system is the installed GPS or Global Positioning System. The system helps the drones to follow the directions smoothly.

Earlier, when there was no GPS installed with the drones, the users had to suffer a lot. They could not determine the directions during the flights. So, they had some bitter experiences with the drone flying. But the modern drones are completely different than them. They come with the GPS sensors that set a specific set of coordinates for the toy. Even if you lose the drone, you can be able to track it back. Pressing the return button will bring the drone back to your home. This is indeed a great feature and as a potential drone user, you should look for it on the drone you are planning to have.

Camera Resolution

Cameras play an impressive role for the drones. The cameras are the life of drones in some cases. In fact, without the cameras, the drones do not have any useful impact. Thereby, some of the manufacturers attach some high-quality cameras to get some HD photos and videos. Though some of the cameras are poor in terms of quality and video recording, the majority of the manufacturers provide the best quality cameras. In line with the price, the manufacturers are unable to provide the best cameras but the cameras they attach are up to mark.

The drone cameras mostly provide the best service to the users in many terms. Only photography is not the issue that the drone users consider. When you are conducting some survey or other communicational works, you need some clear images. When the cameras are not up to the mark, you cannot get the right images. And if this happens with all the drones, there are actually no factual meanings of using the drones for the tasks. Hence, the drone producers are too careful and try to add some values for the cameras against the money that the users invest. Usually, cheaper models have cameras with less resolution but they are workable indeed.

Drone Control

The controlling of the drone is another sensitive issue for both the users and the manufacturers. The manufacturers try to make the drones in an easy way so that the users need not face any trouble while operating the drones. Earlier, the drones were based on the transmitter (also known as the remote control). In those days, the users had to face some issues like jamming of the controller, changing batteries frequently and others. But those days are gone. You now need to relax. The drones are now too easy to use that even a minor is also able to control the drone.

The manufacturers have applied the modern technology to fly a drone. The drones have certain apps that can be used to control the toy during the flight. The application is available at the online stores and mostly free of cost. So, now the drones are controllable using the Smartphone apps which is really an interesting issue. The users do not need to carry the transmitters with them even when they are on a drone race. The analog sticks though are available with the drones; they are not used that much like before. The users are able to get the overall control of the drones using the certain apps. Therefore, this is an issue to consider that the drone you are using comes with this particular feature.

Drone Accessories

The best drones under 100 have their respective accessories available around. In fact, every drone flight has some loopholes. And if the users are not expert, there are chances that the drone will crash and get damaged. At that moment, you will need to add accessories. But the matter becomes worst when the accessories are not available around you. The entire drone flying projects fail. So, to remove such issues, the manufacturers have arranged for drone accessories. The accessories are available and they are reasonable in price too. But you need to make sure that you are getting the right accessory.

The best way to prevent the problem is to get a drone which ensures the accessories. There are drones which look too smart and stylish that fall in love with them at the first sight. This is natural. But when you need to move in shops to get the accessories, the feelings are shattered. The entire issue becomes irritating for the users to visit shops here and there. Therefore, before taking the decision to get a drone, you have to gather some information that the accessories are available and you can easily add them to your spectacular drone fleet.

Readiness to fly

Some of the drones are ready to fly right after the unpacking. You just need to assemble the accessories and the drone is ready to fly. But the issue is not so simple for all the other drones. There are some other drones which come with the pre-flight test. This is really a boring issue indeed for the users, particularly who are expert. They are unwilling to get the pre-flight test. So, the ready to fly drones are the best for them. As a result, the manufacturers are producing drones which are ready to fly. This is fun indeed to fly the drones just unpacking out of the box.


Experts also consider the issue of drone stability during the flight. If the drone is incompatible to battle the wind pressure when it is flying, it would not be able to meet the needs. For instance, the photographers who use the drones for aerial photography need a very stable drone. If the drone is unable to stand still in the air, the photos will be noisy. Besides, the photo quality will deteriorate at the same time.  The performance of the drones mostly depends on the drone stability. The more the drone is stable, the more it will perform better. This is a must for every drone.

Bearing the matter in mind, the drone manufacturers around the world have started producing drones which are able to stable even in the high wind. This is a unique feature that allows the drones to stay in the same position as the user commands. Strong motors and drone weight play important roles in this case. The drones in the present days are made with durable motors with an improved power. Besides, the drones are lightweight that also helps to keep the balance on the air. The people who are seeking drones for their use should keep the issue in mind and check the stability issue.


Typically, the usual drones come within a range of 30- 50 meters. There are exceptions too. Few of the drones exceed the usual range and those are meant for the experts. But the drones which are for commercial use or for military purposes have a different range. While buying a drone, you need to check the drone range. Sometimes, the sellers try to provide wrong information about the drone range which does not match with the real-life experience of the users. As a result, they turn dissatisfied with their experience. But this is also their liability to check the range before they purchase the product.

Why is this Parrot Minidrone one of the best drones under 100?

The drone is one of the best ones ever made. There are numerous reasons for it to be the perfect one for all types of users. This toy parrot has special sensors that ensure the stability during the flight, it performs very well and much more. Some of the key features of this drone are reviewed here.

A mini racer

This smaller drone has a great speed. It comes with the latest technology and able to fly at a great speed. Though this is not qualified for racing, the users will not be disappointed with the product as it really flies faster than the usual drones. If you are in the entry level of drone using and want to participate in some informal drone race, this would be the perfect companion for you. You would be able to hold a prestigious position in the race. The other performance of this little flying machine is also adorable. Thus, this is a good drone for the beginners.

Convenient Size

Many of the drone users might consider it too much small but this is a convenient size for many more. This drone comes with a smaller size but has a grandeur look. Flying this drone is a fun indeed. As this is a smaller drone, the most important benefit you will get is that there is no restriction anywhere to fly it. You can safely fly the drone even inside your bedroom too as the size will fit your room. Besides, you can also fly the drone on the outside as well. The operation of this drone will make you feel thrilled indeed.

Replaceable Parts

Frequently the drone users need to change their brands as they are unable to replace the damaged parts. Well, it does not point out that drone parts will be damaged. In fact, damages may happen if you are not careful while flying. But if you are careful enough, you can get entertained with this drone for a long time. In between, if the drone is damaged, you can easily replace the parts after your needs. Besides, the parts are available in both online and offline stores and sold at a reasonable price. Therefore, you can be worry-free from the unnecessary visits to shops to get the accessories.


The drone will fit in your hand. In fact, the lightweight feature of the drone has made it more popular among the drone users. You will feel a different experience when the drone will be placed in your hand. Due to its lightweight, the drone is able to fly high and keep the balance in during its flight. As a result, the drone users will have a special maneuverability. The drone will instantly follow the commands. The drones which are a bit heavier do not have this maneuverability comparing this particular piece of product.

LED Lights

The LED lights placed in the body of this drone are the other attractive feature. As a result, the drone is able to fly even in the night hours. The majority of the drones are unable to fly in the night times as they do not have the lights. The absence of lights creates problems for the users. They are unable to navigate the drone. But with this special drone, the users would be able to navigate easily based on the LED lights. Moreover, the LED lights are placed in a position that makes them look like an eyebrow of the drone. They are attached to the down part of the drone body and this looks really amazing.

Easy Movements

The drone has some simple ways to operate. The transmitter is handy and is similar to an Xbox remote controller. Consequently, the users are able to handle the drone in an intuitive manner. You can move the drone in several directions using the controller and also would be able to perform some acrobatic moves. The other ordinary drones are unable to perform like this drone does. The take-off button helps to fly the drone immediately even after it crashes on the ground. You do not need to set the drone manually for the next flight. Just press the button and all is done. It will start flying like the previous time.

Besides, you can also control the drone using a special app. Some of the old-fashioned people might find the app difficult to use but once they are accustomed to the app, they will never give the app up.

Easy Charging

There are some allegations about the drone charging. The users are to face dissimilar issues while they are to charge the batteries. But this drone is free of those issues. The users do not need to charge the drone batteries separately. There is a micro USB port attached to the drone. You can plug in through the port to get it charged. Besides, the charging hours is also less than the other ordinary drones. The LED indicator will inform you when the charge is complete. As a result, as a Parrot Minidrone user, you are now able to charge the drone within a short time and can get flexibilities.

The charging hour is limited to around 45 minutes. But to make it charged faster, you can attach it to a wall socket. This will take around half an hour to make it charged fully. The charge will ensure around eight minutes of flight duration with this drone. By this flight time, you can also use your drone camera to meet your needs.

Pleasurable Performance

Once you own the drone, you will not have any issues with the performance of the drone. The manufacturer is producing drones for a long time and has established itself as a leading brand in this arena. The technology used to manufacture the drone is up to the mark and is able to satisfy almost all types of users. No matter if you are a novice or expert, the drone comes with the features of your desired performance. There are no chances of neglecting the drone being smaller in size and shape. Both the hardware and the software used in this product are the result of years of experience. The manufacturer takes humble pride in this particular drone and thus this has become one of the best drones under 100.

Flying Modes

Interestingly, the drone is engineered for all types of users and to fly in all places. If you want to fly the drone in your home, you can fly it at a lower speed. In that case, you might get a couple of more minutes in flight duration. Besides, if you are an expert or want to race with the drone, you have provisions there. It allows you to do that easily using different flight mode. Increasing the drone speed is a simple issue and it will thrill you when you will see the drone flying at a great speed.


  • Autopilot: this Parrot piece has the autopilot feature. The software installed on the device is able to fly it automatically.
  • Height setting: the height setting feature will allow you to set the maximum height of the drone.
  • Dual control: the dual control options (Smartphone app and transmitter) make it more convenient for the users.
  • Great Images: the camera installed with the drone will deliver top quality images.
  • Improved battery: the worries on the battery vanish with this drone. It lasts longer than average drones.
  • Replaceable: if you want to replace some of your drone parts, you can easily do that. There are available options to upgrade the accessories.
  • FPV function: the drone comes with FPV functions that make the drone flying more enjoyable.
  • Cheaper: the drone comes at a cheaper price but provides the best optimum performance.


  • Plastic body: the body of the drone is made of plastic which creates concern among users.
  • Software trouble: the app needed to operate the drone is a bit fiddly to install.
  • Motor breaks: the motors installed with the drone breaks easily.

Final Verdict

Certainly, you are not set to make some movies that will win you Oscars with this drone. In fact, this is one of the best drones under 100 that are set to provide you the features worth the money you spend on it. The drone is able to perform some special move in the air which will make the drone pilots feel thrilled. Besides, the easy operation of the drone is preferable to the majority of the drone users. In fact, they are reluctant to spend time with drones which come with some complex operating system.

The reputation of the manufacturer brand is another issue to consider. The manufacturer has long been producing drones and this is one of their best productions. You might also find minor troubles with the drone such as less charging duration (if you are an expert) but this is a usual issue for all the toy drones available around. But this could your best buy despite all the other issues.

If you want to have the best drones under 100, this Parrot Minidrone Mambo is a great piece for you with its lucrative features and flexibilities. You will have extended flight duration, acrobatic moves, armed accessories, options to customize and more. This would be a thrilling experience for you.

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