Holy Stone HS170G Night Elven Mini

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Holy Stone HS170G Night Elven Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

The application of the best drone under 100 is on the rise now. In fact, the usage of drones is increasing gradually for numerous reasons. This miniature flying object is applied for myriad reasons. As a matter of fact, the most important thing is their appeal and diversified applications. Photography has reached its peak using drones like the best drone under 100 which is available almost everywhere. Interestingly, when you will see your drone is on the sky, you will feel something different. Drones are designed to dominate in the sky and they have already started occupying the sky. You need some aerial photos? Easily you can get them from your drone. Need to track your race? Engage a drone above your head. Now the necessities of drones are proven.

Sky has no limit. Drones are designed to rule the sky. The devices are shaped nicely to complete a good number of tasks. Aerial surveillance and photography is notable mostly in this case. The cameras of drones are made with top quality materials. But pricing is an important issue to consider. Usually drones are sold at different prices based on their features and qualities. Despite a strong will to own a drone, many of the people are unable to get one only for the price issues. So, here is a comparative discussion over the Holy Stone HS170G. This is a moderately cheaper drone that comes with some specific amazing features.

Certain things to consider before you get your drone

Before buying a drone, as a user you should consider a couple of things and those are noted here in brief for your comprehension.


Controlling the drone varies and you can get a long range for a strong drone. But in that case, you have to increase your budget. The usual drone range is around 30 meters from the ground. They work best within the range. So, before you decide to get any drone, make sure the range is moderate and you get the best benefits. Make sure you do not need to be in trouble with the range issue because many of the manufacturers do not keep their promise in this case

Camera Resolution

Whatever the price is, before you finally decide to get a drone, you should check the camera quality. Though the manufacturers try best to attach the high quality cameras for the drone, unluckily some the cameras might come with poor quality. Since you are spending a remarkable number of your bucks, you should check the camera correctly. Ensure that the camera resolution is up to the mark; the images are clearer and the camera provides the HD output.

Charging Hours

If you need to take around half a day to charge your drone, there will be less time for you to use it. Nothing but a fast charging feature is able solving this problem. This is actually a must for you to know about the charging time. A drone with moderate features takes over an hour for a full charge. But if the drone battery takes over an hour, there might be some issues with that battery or the system. Deciding to give up the drone would be the best idea. And you can also arrange for some spare batteries when you are out to fly the machine.

Features of Holy Stone HS170G

Well, this is a remarkable quadcopter with a good number of features and specification. The price range is one of the considerable issues for this device. This is the best drone under 100 that anyone can afford without any hassle. Moreover, some other noted benefits are available comparing the price of this product which has made it a recommendable one to everyone. The key benefits of this wonderful piece are mentioned here.

Strong Device

Holy Stone HS170G is a great device despite its size and shape. The drone is made with the latest technology and it proudly owns the altitude holding capacity. The majority of the drones are unable to hold their existing altitude when they are on the sky.

But this particular piece from Holy Stone is made with considering some practical factors. The drone is able to hold its position on the high. Only a high wind or storm is able to displace it from the altitude.

Great for Newbie

If you are an amateur, this would be a great piece for you. This is really important to be skilled in dealing with drones. You can simply do that by some practices. Often there are chances for the drones to get damaged while rehearsing. So, this is imperative to get a lower priced product to know it better.

But in line with the lower price, this quadcopter is also able to amaze you. The drone is dissimilar than the average drones. You will have a remarkable stability. The drone will also provide you with an easy maneuverability.

Easy control

The controlling system of the drone is easier. You can control the drone using the controller. The functionality of the controller is user friendly. Often the users are in trouble with the directions of the controllers. The controllers are made in complicated ways. And this is a big problem for the user of all levels.

So, when you will discover the differences of this drone regarding the controller issues, you will be amazed. The controller comes with an easy functionality and you can control it without experiencing any troubles.

Diversified flying skills

Well, you might need some change. You might get bored about seeing the drone flying in the same mode. Yes, it may occur. The ordinary drones are unable to fly using several methods. They simply fly on the sky. They cannot roll or take dives. But this quadcopter is dissimilar than them.

It has the capacity to move in different directions. When you will see it to flip on the air, you will truly feel happy. This only happens for the flexible body of the drone. Majority of the drones lack the flexibility. Comparing the price range, surrounding moving directions are really adorable.

Night Drives

If you want to fly the drone at the night times, you also can do that easily. The manufacturer has focused on the matter seriously and accordingly has attached LED lights. In fact, many of the modern drones do not have the features.

The bright LED lights are able to highlight the drone when you are flying it at the night hours. There might be needs to capture some moments at night. If there are LED lights, the drone operation becomes easier. You can easily track the drone’s position. As a result, you can complete you desired tasks easily even in the dark of night hours.

Speed modes

This particular drone comes with three speed modes. The usual quadcopters lack this features. So, this feature allows you to drive based on your desire. You an increase or decrease the speed level. Usually the lower speed is preferred when the drone is on a lower altitude.

Once you are driving a car and need to get some clicks from above the head, you drone speed should be able to adjust with your vehicle speed. In those cases, you will need a higher speed level to get the photos rightly. But many of the ordinary drones do not have such feature. Thereby, this is a bit different one than the other drones.

Easy start / stop

The starting and stopping options of Holy Stone drones are adorable. They are able to start easily. You can start using the single key. Even, if you need to stop it for emergency, you can also do that. Landing has never been so easier before. You can make the drone land within a few moments for meeting emergencies.

A sudden storm or ghastly wind may make you compel to land the drone. An emergency landing is a must. All the other drones are unable to perform an emergency landing. Moreover, there are chances of damages. A drone with emergency stop or landing capacity will prevent such damages. Hence, the feature is really a great one for the users.

Striking Design

The drone comes with a stunning design. The drone has four attached wings. Besides, the design is made considering different flying styles. Since the drone would be able to fly in several modes, the manufacturer has produced best piece. The rotor arms are little and thus able to move at any way.

This is a great product comparing to the lower price. The construction is very well and this is highly compatible for both outdoor and indoor flying. The design allows the users to fly the drone effectively and feel the joy of playing with drone. So, the design is a bit special than ordinary drones.

No Assembly

Usual drones need to assemble. The parts are separated. Opening the package, you have to attach the parts one after another. Sometimes, it may cause troubles and delay the process. Being aware of the issues, Holy Stone has manufactured the drone alternatively. Just insert the batteries to make the operational. Before you fly it, it would be wise to read the user manual. You adventure will begin shortly.

Indoor mode

Many of the drone users want to fly their drones at home. There are some problems in this case. They are unaware about the features and get the ones which are featured for outdoor flying. As a result, they actually cannot enjoy the flights. The drones which are for outdoor flying do not perform well in the indoor places. As a result, the experiences are not up to the mark for the users. But this one is different than the other types of drones. You can easily fly the drones inside your home. The performance would be great.

Outdoor application

The drone also comes with the outdoor application feature. It points that you would be able to fly the drone out of your home as well. You do not need to spend time worrying how would be the performance or how would you handle that. The applications for outdoor flying are easier. You can control the drone easily while flying outdoor spaces. In fact, the outdoor is flying is more fun than flying the drones inside your room.

Good for experts too

The Holy Stone HS170G is well designed. It comes with some innovative features that allow all types of users to fly. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or expert. You can easily fly the drones. The operation capacity is simple. Hence, it would not be a problem for you if you are unskilled to fly the drone. Moreover, if you are highly skilled, there is no problem at all. The drones come with all the necessary features that you need to fly in different level.


The product comes with few necessary accessories for the users. In fact, the accessories are unavailable in the market. Or if they are available, you need to pay high to get them. So, the manufacturer has attached a lithium battery, spare propellers and screwdriver. You can apply the accessories to make the quadcopter fly smoothly and also the accessories after your needs. The user satisfaction is ensured.


Many of the quadcopters need pre-flight checks. This is often creates a sense of irritation to the users. And y you need to wait for hours to fix everything. The waiting hours become unbearable. But there are no such pre-flight with this drone. You can fly it after just the unpacking is over. Waiting hours are gone. Considering the pre-flight issues, the manufacturer made the changes in the operation plan of the drone.


The overall performance of the Holy Stone HS170G is completely satisfactory to the users. The pleasures you will get are immense. The manufacturer has taken care of the minor issues that are found bothering in the other ordinary drones. So, you can be relaxed if you get this drone for your needs.


  • Best for over 14 years
  • Different size controllers
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Ready to fly
  • Looks striking
  • LED lights
  • Faster flying
  • Impressive materials


  • No Camera
  • Flight time around 8 minutes
  • Sideway drifting
  • Best for indoor use

Why Holy Stone

There have been some rapid changes in the technology. The drone industry is also experiencing the same. So, if you do not get the product from a reputed manufacturer, there are chances that you would get the horrible products.

Besides, there are good numbers of reasons to pick this quadcopeter from Holy Stone. Holy Stone HS170G is one of the impressive drones that fit your budget. The drone has a couple of specific features that are amazing indeed. The users are able to fly the quadcopters for their diversified use.

This is undoubtedly true that you will not get the perfect piece of drone with this budget. So, you have to consider the loopholes. But by the same time, it does not refer that you are wasting your money. Such drones are able to make you skilled. You also will have the chances to learn newer things with the drones. The piece from the manufacturer comes with the best possible features within the budget that will make you smile.

If only flying drone is your hobby, you can take this one without a second thought. You can use the quadcopter for non-commercial purposes smoothly. Besides, drone racing is an interesting hobby for many in the present days. You would be able to participate in the race with this wonderful piece.

Comfortable operation is the other important issue that makes it preferable to many drone users. The simple operation is able to save your time and labor. Flying becomes fun when the operation of the drone becomes easier. Considering the aspect, the manufacturer has brought the piece with easy operation.

Relatively low price is the other reason to pick this Holy Stone HS170G. As a matter of fact, this particular drone aims to provide the optimum level of fun to the users. You can get some high-priced drones but it would be unwise to use them for your daily purposes. You can use them in some special occasion. This HS170G is able to provide you some unforgettable moments that you will cherish for a long time.

Final Verdict

In this present age of technology, the application of quadcopter is gaining popularity for numerous reasons. You can have ample chances to use the quadcopetr for various purposes and will meet your needs instantly. You can have drones with a higher price or you can get the best drone under 100. People think it imperative to get some cheaper drones in the beginning for having some perfect drills. This Holy Stone product allows you with the opportunity. When you would be able to operate the drone, there would be no issues with you to run the advanced models.

Holy Stone HS170G is a miniature drone that comes with diversified features for the users. The drones are designed to dominate indoor and outdoor spaces. Holy Stone HS170G is moderately cheaper drone that will change your drone flying experience.

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