LBLA FPV Drone With Wifi Camera

LBLA FPV Drone With Wifi Camera Live Video Headless Mode

LBLA FPV Drone with Wifi Camera Live Video Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF RC Quadcopter, Compatible with 3D VR Headset

The demand of the unmanned aerial flying toys is on the rise. A large number of manufacturers are producing drones. But the best drones under 100 are occupying the market for numerous reasons. The most important thing about the cheap drones is their availability and durability. In fact, despite the lower flight time, people are prone to have the cheaper one. They prefer the quads for their features and quality. In line with the pricy drones, a large number of cheaper drones are also dominating the online and offline markets.

So, if you want to fly a drone based on your desire, you can get one and start flying. But before you move to get the piece for you, it is imperative to know about the drones rightly.

There are mostly two types of drones are manufactured across the world – for indoor use and for outdoor use. But some of the quads are combined with both the features that increase the fun. People use drones for numerous reasons. Photography is one of the key reasons that make drones popular among the users. The variety in price is the other reasons for loving the little quads. It appears that within in next few years, quads will be the usual companion of people in the society.

How to Buy

Well, this is an important issue to consider. Many of the drone users are unaware of the drone buying issues. They are unable to consider what they actually need and how the mini toys will serve them. But if they had the knowledge to pick the right one, they could have enjoyed the drones far better. Here are some special tips to know before you decide to get a drone for your use.

Know the type

In most of the cases, people who buy drones do not know about the drone types. There are several types of drones available based on the people’s needs. So, at first, you have to sort out your needs and then have to get the piece. Usually, there are drones available for three types of users. They are – the beginners, the intermediates, and the experts. So, you know the best which one is you are. If you are an expert, the beginner drones would be unable to satisfy you. And if you are a beginner, you would be unable to control the drone. Thereby, you have to define your skills and then grab the right one.

Drone Functions

This is another important thing to know that how your drone works or how many components does it have. In fact, the knowledge will help you to fly the drone smoothly or repair it (if needed). Usually, a drone comes with four propellers. The frame has either an H shape or an X shape. Whatever the shapes are, the key functionalities are the same for almost all the drone. The propellers run on a motor that gets power from a battery or any other power sources. Sometimes, cameras are attached to the drones.

The photography drones have cameras attached. And the cameras come with different resolutions. If you want to get some clear picture from above, you need to get the drone which has a very good resolution. Such drones are specialized. But the ordinary drones do not have such powerful cameras. Therefore, you have to check the camera resolutions at this point to ensure if it will do or not. Besides, you also have to check the camera functionalities as well.

The other important thing here is to know about the drone speed. Some of the drones are able to control the speed automatically. Besides, some other drones do not have the same feature. If you are aware of the issues, you can control the drone smoothly when it is on the flight. But if you do not know about the speed issues, you cannot get the desired experience from the drone.

Flight Duration

This is the most irritating issue for the quadcopter users. They are concerned about the flight time. The majority of the drones have more or less eight minutes flight time on average. It also depends on the mode you are flying. If you are flying in the beginner mode, you might get an extension of the flight time depending on the drone model and features. But if you are in the expert mode, you might get a reduced amount of flight time as well. Whatever the mode is, you have to expect the fact. A drone is a small device and it is unable to perform around the day.


The availability of the accessories is the other prime concern of the drone users. Often they are unable to find the right accessories for the drones. Hence, they use some below standard accessories like batteries, extra batteries, propellers and more which result in the early damage of the toys. So, they should gather information if the accessories are always available or not. By the same time, they also should try to know if the quality accessories are found in the local markets.


Before deciding to get a drone, the users should know about the available features of the drones. Unless they are completely aware of the features, they would be unable to use the drones perfectly. This is, in fact, one of the most important tasks that every drone users should undergo before getting the piece.


The quadcopters are available in the different price range. Hence, it would be wise for the users to know about the price of the drone they selected in prior. Often people get shocked when they know the price. As a matter of fact, the price of drones varies based on their features and quality. The cheaper drones are unable to perform like a pricy drone. Similarly, you cannot expect a high-quality performance to the drones that you buy at a very cheaper price. As a result, you should know about the pricing issues and set your budget.

The Range of the Drone

Most of the people and drone users are unaware of the drone range. The range here refers to the altitude that the drone can reach from the ground. The range differs based on their categories. The beginners’ drone is unable to reach a ceiling of 50 meters of altitude. And by the same equation, the range would not be the same for the racing drones. So, if you find your drone is not going to a high altitude, you cannot blame the manufacturer. It is your lack of insight that you did not know it before.


Complaining about the camera is a common issue for the done users. Most of the beginners do not have any clear concept about the drone camera. The cameras installed with the drone come with less resolution but there are some high resolution or HD cameras are also available. Interestingly, not all the drones come with cameras. Some of them are only for flying. In that case, you will not have the options to install them. So you need to know each and every detail about the drone cameras before you get them.

Key features of LBLA FPV Drone

The drone comes with some special features. Some of the key features of the drone are noted here.

HD Camera

This is one of the most outstanding features of this LBLA FPV Drone. It comes with a 480P HD camera. In fact, this is a great piece for the photographers. Photography has been made easy with this piece. You can easily take aerial photos and HD videos. The camera is able to deliver some professional level photography and videos to the users. Moreover, the camera resolution is up to the mark that will thrill your heart. The ordinary drone cameras are unable completely to capture such nice images as this one is able. Thereby, this would be a masterpiece for you if you are a photographer.

WiFi Connectivity

The days are gone when you had to manually check the photos and videos from the drone. In fact, it was really a trouble to do everything manually. Most of the available best drones under 100 lack this feature. You can get the photos using your cell phone WiFi connection. For instance, you can see the images or videos on your cell phone live when the drone is on the flight. And only for this feature, the drone has gained massive popularity among the users. A large number of users prefer the drone for the photographic needs. Some of the professional videographers are also fond of it as it delivers the top quality videos to them.

Altitude Holding

Many of the best drones under 100 are unable to keep the altitude when they are on the flight. It happens for different reasons. They are unable to stay up with the wind or foul weather. The drone we are discussing here comes with the feature to hold the altitude whatever the situation is. Unless there are massive troubles in the weather pattern, the drone will not drop in altitude. Once you release the throttle, the quadcopter will stay in the height you set. This is really an amazing feature for the drone and also the users admire it greatly.

Headless Mode

Wondering what the mode is? Well. This is nothing special with the drones. Almost all the drones have this feature. The mode allows you to determine the navigation of the drone. When the drone is at a high altitude, it becomes a trouble to decide in which direction the drone is facing because this is a small toy. But when the headless mode is attached with the drone, keep in mind that the drone is always facing to your face when it is on a high altitude. Hence, you can decide the way to navigate. But if the headless mode is absent, it really becomes tough to decide the direction and navigation becomes tougher.

Easy Control

Usually, the drones are controlled with remote controls. But with this drone, you can have the options to control it differently. There are two ways to control this LBLA FPV Drone.

The drone allows the users to control from the ground using a remote control. This is a common way to navigate and fly the drones. The remote controller helps you to decide the directions and command the drone to fly. This is really enjoyable.

On the other side, you can connect the drone with your WiFi. The app will allow you to have smooth control on the drone. When the drone is paired with the WiFi connection, you also get the chance to control it directly when it is capturing photos and videos. The photographers prefer the second way for its convenience. They are able to see what is being captured and accordingly can amend the directions or can set any other necessary way to get the right shot. This is an effective way for real-time video or photo shoot.

One Key Return

This is another impressive feature of this drone. The drone comes with a one key return method. In fact, this feature allows the users to control the drone perfectly. When the drone is at a high altitude, you will not need to press several other keys on the remote control to bring the drone back on the ground. This is a very good feature for the beginners. Sometimes, they are in trouble with the drones and they are unable to bring the drone back in the ground unless the battery dies. So, if they press the one key return, the drone will immediately come back to them.

3D VR Set Compatibility

The drone comes with the 3D VR set compatibility. As a result, you would be able to enjoy some attractive things with the help of the drone.


Moreover, the drone is able to have 3D flips. This is another impressive feature of the drone that will blow your mind. When the drone takes a flip on a high altitude, it looks much better than only just flying.

Indoor Use

The drone is modeled to fly in the indoor spaces. But in that case, you need a proper lighting arrangement to get the pictures. If you do not have a wide and spacious room, it would be wise not to use the drone inside the room. The image quality may drop to a great extent.

Outdoor Performance

The outdoor performance of the drone is adorable. In fact, the drone has been tailored for outdoor performances. The altitude of the drone is up to the mark. It is able to stand the altitude with great speed. The navigation is also easier on outdoor places than the indoor spaces. The overall outdoor performance of the drone is satisfactory.

User Skills

The manufacturer of the drone has been careful while designing the drone. They have considered all types of users. The drone is able to serve all of the users like the intermediates, the beginners, and the experts. Even, the drone is able to meet the racing needs of the drone racers. So, it does not matter whether you are a newbie or a racer. You will get the necessary functions based on your needs.

Faster Charging

Most of the drones take more than two hours to get fully charged. But this particular drone is able to get charged within two hours. You can fly for around eight minutes with the charge. However, the charging duration is lower than the average drones. This is really very good news for the drone users indeed. Waiting for the drone to be charged is irritating and nobody wants to do that willingly. Some of your troubles are relieved here. You should thank the manufacturer for this faster charging process.


The outlook and design of the drone are adorable indeed. You will fall in love with the piece after having the very first look. The drones are available in black color which makes them really gorgeous.

Pre-Flight Checking

Sometimes, the drone users are confused about the pre-flight check. Often, it is seen that the drones are unable to fly and thus a pre-flight check becomes necessary. The users are to conduct the check at home and if they find something unusual, they return the drone and get a fresh one. But the all the LBLA FPV Drones are well tested. You do not need to conduct such checks. They are ready to fly.

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  • 480p HD camera
  • App control
  • Live streaming
  • Different operation modes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Decent for beginners
  • Various features
  • High speed flying
  • Backup rotators
  • Simple assembly
  • 50-meters range
  • Blade guards


  • Sudden blade quitting
  • Maladjustment in WiFi connection
  • Made of plastic


Final Verdict

LBLA FPV Drone is one of the best drones under 100. This is a great piece to learn flying. If you are willing to know about the drones and also want to have some experiments, you can get this one without any second thought. This great little drone comes with a wonderful camera. Simply this is a wow!

The easy to use features will help you operate the drone skillfully. Hence, you can get this one for your ordinary use. It would be a fun for you and your family members.

LBLA FPV Drone is one of the best drones under 100 in the market. The drone will bring your peace of mind. The extraordinary features, the HD camera, 3D flip, less charging time, 50-meter range, altitude holding – all will make you surprised.


GoolRC T47 FPV Drone Foldable with Live Video

GoolRC T47 FPV Drone Foldable with Wifi Camera Live Video

It does not matter what you are. You are intended to buy the best drone under 100. So, you are here. Amid hundreds of varieties, you might feel awkward what to take. And if you are a beginner, this is a bit upsetting matter for you to get the right one amid the varieties. The necessity of the drones is on the rise in the current days for numerous reasons. Earlier, the drones were used for fun only. But now the necessities are not bracketed into the fun. The drones are used for a wide number of reasons. Photography, surveillance, site mapping for construction purposes, tracking the wild animals are a few of them.

Drones are outstanding! They have countless functionality if you know how to use. But before starting to use the drones, you need to have the idea that what should you get. Most importantly, the drones have varieties and based on the necessities, the drones are manufactured. As a result, if you are a newbie, you need to know every single detail about the drone. Besides, when you are an expert drone player, you also need to know the features of the drone you are planning to have. In fact, without knowing the right features, it would be unwise to get a drone. That would be wastage of money and time.

This review will help you to get some clear ideas about the drones, particularly the GoolRC T47 FPV Drone. This is a great piece to learn drone flying and become an expert in this arena. So, why late? Let’s move forward.

How to Buy a Drone

Before we move to the features of this drone, it is wise to discuss some important aspects of buying a drone. Here are some insights for you that would prove beneficial in the long run.

Readiness to fly

Some of the drones come that needs to be fixed. You cannot make them fly instantly. You have to fix some issues, take pre and post flight test and more others before flying the drone finally. If you are a beginner, this is not feasible for you to take all the necessary preparations to make the drone fly. Besides, the tasks are also troublesome for the experts indeed. So, you should take drones which are ready to fly (RTF). They come with some certain features like you can instantly fly them just after unwrapping. Such drones save your time to a great extent and help to enjoy the drone flying smoothly.


The quadcopters are made in a manner that they can withstand a reasonable velocity of wind during the flight. Without the stability, this is not possible for the drones to fly in the sky. Some of the drones are even able to carry loads as well but to a certain amount. All the features have made it a great thing to enjoy. In fact, you can carry some small amount of loads from one place to another. But if there is no stability, the drone will fall in the ground. Thereby, make sure the drone is able to be stable during the flight.


The beginners feel a great deal of trouble to control the drones they fly. They do not know how to control the drones and consequently, the drone crashes. Their time, investment and labor are gone in the wind. But when the drone comes with an easy control feature, it becomes easier for them to operate. At present, the drones are available in different controlling formats like gesture control, remote control, app control etc. Among the controlling features, the gestures control appears the most suitable one for its handiness. As a matter of fact, when the controlling option is easier, the enjoyment doubles. You do not need to worry about the control and there are fewer risks of falling. So, the users have a hassle-free experience.

Therefore, before making the decision to get a drone, you need to check if the drone has the easy control features. When the features are not easier to control, it would b wise to give up them and look for a better one.

Specific Tasks

Each of the drones has their own different capacities. They are not made to serve different purposes together. So, all the drones would not be befitting you. They are not able to meet all your needs. If you are a photographer, you should get a drone that will allow you to get some exciting photos. The camera resolution would be higher than the average drones. If you are a drone racer, you need some heavy duty drones that would be able to compete with the other racing drones. But if you get the photography quadcopter here, the purposes would not be served and you will be dissatisfied. Hence, this is the good way to get your drone.

Battery Life

This is another curial aspect to consider. In fact, the battery longevity of the drones is quite unreasonable. And there are several reasons behind this. The drones work so fast. They fly in the sky but the power they need is insufficient from the batteries. Further, due to their size and shape, the manufacturer is unable to attach a large battery that will give some extra backup. As a result, you do not get the flight time to your desired level.

The drones mostly fly for around 10 minutes (maximum and based on brands) and it needs a charging time of around at least 120 minutes. So, you have to consider the matter that you will not get a drone now which will fly for half an hour. But be sure you get a moderate battery backup before you decide to buy any specific drone.


The weight of the drone is another issue to consider. When the drone comes with overweight, it is unable to fly for a long time. But if the drone comes with a less weight, it flies for a comparatively long time. So, if you are planning to get a drone, you need to think about the drone. When the weight is less, you will get some outstanding benefits. So, this is better to get the drones which come with lightweight.


Before taking the decision to buy a drone, especially best drones under 100, you should check the availability of the accessories. It happens often that the drone’s get damaged – particularly the rotors. They also need additional batteries and chargers. But the ordinary drones do not come with the facility to have the accessories easily. So, before you get the drone, you should check online or by other possible means if the accessories are available or not. When you will get the accessories easily, you may decide on getting that drone

Customer Service

The drone users regularly need customer service from the manufacturer. And it happens mostly with the new users. They need to know about the functions and ways to perform a smooth flight. But frequently they are denied the services. The manufacturer takes no responsibilities after the sales are completed. This causes some serious troubles for the drone users. But if the manufacturer provides a better after sales service, the drone users can fly the toys without hassles. Therefore, this is important to learn about the customer service of the manufacturer and then to come to a decision.

Your Type

If you truly decide to get a drone, you have to decide the type you want. There are several types of drones are available. And they come with varied features. Based on your needs and experience, you have to pick the one that suits you the best. If you are a beginner, you need the drone that comes with the features suitable for the beginners.

When you are at the intermediate level of drone flying, get the drone accordingly. Know about the features and pick the best one. If you are really an expert, the beginner or intermediate drones will not suit you. You have to get the one which is filled with extra features. This is really important to know about the drones otherwise there are chances that you will be in a mess.

Drone size and Shape

You should get the drone based on the size and shape you need. In fact, not all the drones are suitable for all the places. Some of the drones are suitable for indoor space while some others are suitable for outdoor operations. So, you have to decide where you want to fly the drone. Besides, there are some other drones which are able to perform in both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are considered the best for everyone. But the budget is another issue to consider here. If you are planning to get a larger drone, you need to hike your budget. But you also can get some moderate drones within a lower budget. The manufacturers will not assume anything about them. Hence, this needs some consideration as well.

Camera Quality

The key task of drones is to take photos. And so, they need some outstanding cameras. If the cameras are not up to the best position, they should be able to capture the image in a clear manner. Besides, the camera resolution is another issue to check on. Sometimes, the manufacturers do not pay attention to camera qualities. They just install the cameras which do not serve the purposes rightly. As a result, the experience of the users becomes horrible. So, if you are willing to buy a drone, make sure you are checking on the cameras regardless of their necessity.

Drone Motor

This might sound strange that what a motor has to do with the buying guide. But this is really an important issue to consider. You need to check on the motor too. The motor which is brushless make low noise than the ones that come with the brushes in the motor. The price of the brushless motor may cost you more but in return, you will get some extra advantages. The brushless motors are able to stay longer in operation. So, you do not need to plan to get a new drone when too early if you take this brushless piece.

Different Modes

Among the drones, there are several modes available. The one which comes with a headless mode is considered as the perfect one. The headless mode has some special benefits. The drone users are in trouble to determine the directions of the drone when they are at a high altitude. But when the headless mode is activated or available, the drone is facing on the users. Hence, navigation and operation become easier for the drone users. So, many of the users seek for this features in their drones. The drone that you planned to buy should come with this specific feature.

GPS Tracking

The application of the GPS is on the rise in the present day context. It helps the users to know about the geographical location where the drone is flying. Some of the drones come with an integrated GPS mechanism. It makes the entire process easier for the users to track the drone if somehow it is lost. Moreover, you can use the GPS to command to get it back to home by itself. This would be highly interesting for you when your drone will come back to home without any external help.

GoolRC T47 FPV Drone features

This particular drone comes with a wide array of features that will be beneficial for the users to great extent. Some of the most admired features are mentioned here.

Folding Features

The other drones come with some fixed axis that does not allow the users to fold the drones. As a result, the risks of drone rotor damages are higher with those drones. But this GoolRC T47 FPV Drone comes with a folding option. The option allows you to fold the drone for a better storage. You just need to open the wings before the flight. As a direct result, you will get some advantages. The drone will not get damaged easily and you can carry it within a pack to different places. In fact, the fixed drones will not allow you this option of folding.

Sleek Design

A good number of users are unaware of the design of the drones they are flying. But this is an important issue to consider. The drone should come with a nice design and outlook. When you are flying a drone, it means you are different than the other people. You got something special in you that are inspiring you to fly drones or adopt this technology. So, your technological tool should be in a good shape and look. The design of this GoolRC T47 FPV Drone is outstanding. The color, the shape – everything is able to win your heart.

Moderate Size

This is neither a large drone nor a too smaller one. The size of this drone is moderate. As a result, the drone is able to fly in different places. Usually, the larger drones are made for the outdoor application while the smaller ones are for indoor uses only. Being a moderate size, this drone is able to fly in all the spaces. There are no barriers to it. So, you do not need to worry if you have a large open field to fly the drone, or if you have a tiny study room at your home.


Often the users are anxious about the range of distance of their drones. The average distance of the drones is around 50 meters. This is a moderate distance. But considering the issue, the manufacturer of this drone has increased it to around 80 meters. As a result, now you have more freedom to fly. You can control the drone more easily than before and this is not possible with the other ordinary drones as well. So, this is a great feature of this drone for which the products are getting a rapid popularity among the drone users across the world.

Extended Flight Duration

The flight duration of this drone is around eight minutes. The ordinary drones do have the time around six minutes. Comparing the flight duration, you are having some more benefits here. Besides, you can also increase the flight duration of this product if you attach some spare or extra batteries of the same manufacturer. This is another special option for the users. They can attach the spare batteries with no trouble. But the other ordinary drones do not have any such options. You have to recharge the batteries once the batteries are dead.

Low Charging Time

Charging time is another issue that creates a great problem for the drone users. Flying drone is fun. And when you have to wait to get the fun is really unbearable. The ordinary drones have a charging time around 100 to 120 minutes minimum. But you will have some special option here. The drone batteries will be charged by 70 minutes. This will save your time and you will have the options to enjoy the drone flight several times more in a day.


The drone comes with certain accessories that you cannot get with the other drones. Moreover, the accessories are not available in the market. They are made only for the customers who will buy the drones. The zippered case will allow you to carry the drone in everywhere you want. By folding the drone, you can put in the case. Moreover, there is a one-handed transmitter available with the drone. The charging cable looks nice. Besides, there is a screwdriver attached to the package to make any tweaking. The eight propellers that come with the drones are also easy to assemble.

Brushless Motors

Thanks to the brushless motors. As it is said before that brushless motors have a longer lifespan, the manufacturer has attached the same motor with this drone. So, you are having a better speed and longevity. But the ordinary drones come with motors with brushes. As a result, they make more noise. The surrounding environment feels that something is going on around. When the brushless motor of this drone starts working, there is almost zero noise and you will feel the quietness of the environment even though the drone will be in operation.

Rapid Response

Though the drone will be moderately far away from you, you certainly will get a rapid response. The drone will respond immediately. This is a problem for the large number of quadcopters that they do not respond instantly. And to some extent, this is true. The motion sensors are unable to respond immediately they receive the signals. But the manufacturer has fixed this technical issue with this particular drone. When you press any button, the drone will respond immediately. If you want to navigate, the similar thing will happen. In fact, you will not have to wait after passing a command.

Night flight

Well, this is a modern feature that the drone is armed with. There are some LED lights that you can turn on. When the lights are on, you can fly the drone in the night times. The ordinary drones do not have any such features. As a result, you are deprived of this night flight. In fact, the night flight allows the drone users to get some special types of enjoyments. Imagine the drone is flying in the night and illuminating the area you are flying. The LED lights also help to fly and land safely on the ground. In fact, the fun is doubled with this special drone.

Speed Mode

Since the drone is able to fly in both the indoor and outdoor spaces, there are several speed modes available. You can control the speed based on your location and necessity. The other drones do not have any such options. Consequently, the drone is getting popular for this special feature. You can adjust the altitude; navigate the drone and also the other necessary tasks so easily.

HD Camera

This is one of the most important features of this drone. It comes with a 720p HD camera. Few of the drones have the same feature. This would caste a great impact on the users as the photos would be lively and clear. The necessity of HD images is undeniable indeed. So, whatever your purpose is – let it be construction, survey or aerial photography- everything will be easier for you. The wonderful camera is able to stream live during the flight using a WiFi connection. And this is another impressive feature that has made it the top one. You can see live what your drone is seeing right that moment if you use the app.

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  • Compact: the drone comes with a compact design. It allows the users to fold the drone in a special way and you can unfold it too within a minute.
  • Striking look: the drone has a pretty nice appearance. It some with a red look that resembles like as metal
  • Portability: the GoolRC T47 is easier to carry. The manufacturer has added a carrying case which you can use for carrying the drone here and there you want.
  • Easy transmitting: the drone has a one-handed transmitting option. It makes the flying easier than ever before.
  • All Accessories: the little toy comes with all the accessories required to make it fly. You do not need to buy any external accessories.
  • Multiple control: you are able to control the drone using the transmitter and even by using the smartphone app. Both the ways are easy to perform.
  • Durable: the quadcopter is made of durable ABS. So, your worries about the damage of the drone are half now.


  • The app needs remodeling: the mobile app for the drone needs reshaping. This is not user-friendly and the users have chances to get puzzled with the functions.
  • The trouble with rotor: the users might face some troubles while flying the drones. The rotors might not work properly.
  • Best for indoor: though this is made for outdoor applications too, it flies better in indoor condition. It is completely unable to withstand the wind velocity.


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Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, this is one the best drones under 100. The features are special and the product lasts longer than the other ordinary drones. Importantly, you do not need to make any pre-flight check with this drone. The camera functions very well and you will be amazed at the images captured during the flight. In fact, any better name is not in the mind right now considering all the features that this drone allows to the users. It contains all the necessary things for a safer flight and landing.

The other aspects of this drone are – this is a beginner friendly piece. You can control the speed and altitude easily even if you are a beginner. This will also entertain the experts at the same time.

Being one of the best drones under 100, this drone will serve you the best than the other contemporary drones. You can rely on it without any second thought.

Wish you a happy drone flight!!!

GoolRC T47 is one of the best drones under 100. The drone has specific features and some mind-blowing aspects that have placed it on the top of the list for a remarkable time. The drone is easily controllable and thanks to the HD camera. You will get some striking images!