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Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Hey there! I am gonna describe a very strong and safe car seat for your baby. Yes, I will describe to you the Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Mosaic.

You are welcome here for your quarry about Click tight convertible seat for your baby. As a conscious parent, I know you have the consciousness about your baby’s safety while you are driving your car with your little passenger. We are here for giving you the proper and vivid knowledge about what type of click tight convertible car seat has the most safety measures for your child. We are 100% sure about that your confusion about buying a click tight convertible seat will be cleared by this review.

Britax’s Advocate CT convertible car seat has the patented ClickTight Installation System,3 layers of side impact protection, with Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator, and SafeCell Impact Protection for a child. Car seat installation is easy. It gives your baby the 100% safety and security of babies

So, let’s have the total information about the click tight convertible car seat for your little passenger!


As I have reviewed many Britax seats over the years I find them very impressive and well designed with well engineered. It is known to all that Britax company is on the front line of car seat manufacturing technology for years. We all know that Britax has devoted itself to continuously manufacturing Its new seats with more better quality and ensuring them safer than the earlier ones. Which impressive system we find nowadays in the car seat like the ClickTight system, yes it is the latest and updated system which is used for an example of this and many of families are using these car seats for their child every now and then.

What is included in this review right? Ok I am going to tell you that this particular review will be a few of an update and particulars to the already existing review of the Britax Boulevard CT car seat. Though they seem similar, though there is a few small differences between the two!

I must tell you that what I am going to describe it’s an Advocate ClickTight, not the Boulevard Click tight car seat of Britax, What I found is the only some important difference between the two models of Boulevard Click tight car seat and Advocate ClickTight is the external or out sided side impact cushions which are found on the Advocate CT car seat system. Now, you may be thinking that it does not need to say they are not important. As you know that the external or out sided side impact cushions will provide your baby an extra layer of impact-absorbing protection with extra safety yes, also with side-impact protection, I must say that the interior design and mechanism of the seat is impressively identical to the Boulevard CT car seat, I think in this case there are not many comments to add there for this seat purpose.

I want to add that this special version of the Advocate CT has come with the impressive ARB system which is called the anti-rebound bar. Let me give you the info that if you want you certainly can buy a Boulevard ClickTight car seat with the anti-rebound bar (ARB) if you mostly interested with the Boulevard CT model. Additional information for you that If you have already buy an Advocate or Boulevard CT car seat model with the ClickTight system, you can simply order for the anti-rebound bar (ARB) individually for your baby’s seat.

If you analyze you will find that in the brand’s lineup The Britax USA Advocate is one of the most useful and safe convertible car seats. This car seat has brought change over previous models is the addition of the ClickTight technology and that has made installation easier than ever before.

The click tight technology has now become a notable feature in other models by Britax. The producing company managed to make it better day by day by including the convertible option, which describes that child can go from relaxing in the rear-facing baby seat to turn around an also can enjoy the front-facing car seat. With having the ClickTight feature installed in it, this impressive car seat has now become one of the easiest to install in your car, I am assuring you that it will keep the babies safe while you are on the road.


The Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat has the impressive patented ClickTight Installation System in it. This car seat has safest 3 layers of side impact protection which will protect your baby properly. There you will be provided with Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator which is easy to use. The SafeCell impact Protection for ensuring the proper safety of your baby while you are on the ride with your baby.

Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat installation process is very easy as buckling a seatbelt thanks to the ClickTight Installation System. I personally feel that In the Advocate Car Seat you are surrounded in safety. This impressive seat features the well engineered patented Britax SafeCell Impact Protection system which is included with a steel frame, energy-absorbing base, V-shaped tether so that it can minimize seat rotation and staged-release stitches which will slow and reduce forward movement in the event of a sudden crash.

Britax company of USA designed and engineered the impressive Advocate ClickTight Car Seat with extra three strong layers of side impact absorption. There is a deep foam-lined shell, side cushions and head protection that will properly shield your child from the most severe type of collision. Plush there is foam padding and fabric, along with seven recline positions which ensure the premium comfort for your baby. Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat has 14-position easy-adjust harness which will grow along with your baby and you can easily change the height of the seat with just pushing of a button – Yes, no rethreading necessary for that.

You will be glad knowing that your child’s harness is within range of proper tightness while sitting on this car seat. With the sound of a click I want to thank the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator. I am sure you will know it’s correctly adjusted. The Advocate car seat is durable you can use the rear-facing of this car seat within 5-40 pounds and in the term of forward-facing within 20-65 pounds. The child standing height 49” or less. The Car seat dimensions are 20.5” W x 23.5” H x 23” D. The impressive 14-Position harness slot heights are 8.35” to 19.4”. Yes, most importantly it is FAA approved.



Let me give you a demo example (the example that I am going to give you has been practiced physically). Let’s have an imaginary smallest model of a 1-month-old baby boy named Jhon. He weighs 10 pounds and he is 22 inches tall. At first, I was worried about while I went to shot his picture because by mistake I had left the infant insert at home, but you know what! Jhon the tiny guy fit perfectly without the infant insert.

I actually bumped Jhon up to the second height setting of the seat on the harness because that is how low the lowest setting system is. Actually, If I had some time to play around with the fit for him on the seat, or if I was honestly going to drive him anywhere from it, I must tell you that I would definitely have removed the huge rubber HUGS pads of this car seat. I would adjust the crotch buckle cover down him. It was a bit tough to get a snug fit on a newborn baby with the rubber HUGS pads on the seat, but the harness height of this car seat was properly fine and I with very comfortable can say that the Advocate CT would fit most average-sized of newborn baby from birth with the infant insert of this car seat.

I forgot to tell you that my very petite 2-year-old baby (he is 32” and 23 pounds weight) is next, and as a kid of middle-sized, it is not so surprising that he too had excellent fit in the Advocate CT. On that time I notice the fact that he has a bit less legroom than maybe he would in some other car seats.

I am now going to tell you about my last rear-facing model that I have physically experiment. He was average in size nearly 4-year-old ( he was 41”, 34 pounds in weight). This model was within the rear facing limits and he had some room space to grow within the harness of this car seat. I must say that He definitely had less legroom in the seat if I compared to how he fits in other convertible car seats that he used from time to time as his car seat, so to say that is a bit of a drawback.

In the time of practicing with the Forward-facing system of this car seat, the same 4-year-old child was gone through a good fit with two to three harness clicks left to grow of this car seat. The crotch buckle system of this Advocate CT car seat just has to be on the outer slot for forwarding facing point and this time he definitely would not have been comfortable without that adjustment process of the seat.

I think above information gives a view of how the Advocate CT fits a much bigger child. Like a 7 years old, 50″ inch tall, 56 lbs., by using the top harness height setting of this seat. Actually, she is technically over the 49″ inch stated height limit and I saw she was a little cramped in there but her shoulders were still below the harness slots of the seat. This Advocate CT car seat is outgrown by height once the child reaches 49″ inch tall or if their shoulders are above the harness slots of this car seat in the maximum height setting.


The ClickTight line of Advocate CT is really awesome as they take the effort out of installing the car seat. Britax has made it where you can properly install the car seat the right way within just in five minutes. I think there is no guesswork in how you have to do it or if it is done correctly or not. This is exactly what makes the Advocate a good car seat.

In this car seat, you are given a turn button on the front of the car seat. You simply need to push it down and just turn it to raise the seat as much as you need. While you are raising the seat, simply put the seatbelt over the base of the car seat to adjust. Then you are in the final step yes, now you just have to click the seat down to the back into place as you want you can change cars quickly with this car seat.

For any car seat like this, I must say the installation is by far the biggest asset in this area. The proper recline system adjusts without any kinds of great effort, the ClickTight panel system of this car seat is very much easy to use once you properly understand the system.

The tightening process of the harness can be a challenging part at first and if you are going to use the seat on a child over 24 months, you may need to lengthen the harness at the hip straps for extra room. But if once the harness is lengthened, it will be so easy to tighten the straps.

The Click & Safe snug harness indicator of this car seat is intended to be an awesome audible click to help you the parents to be sure that the harness is snug enough for your baby. In my personal experience I must say, it may be a bit misleading if you are not conscious to remove the slack from the hip area of your car seat because it will be clicked while it feels tension in the shoulders of your baby, but it might not be accounted for trapped slack around the hips area.

Finally, I must say that, if you are ever in any kinds of sudden accident and if you need to move the car seat with your child in it, you must have to cut the seatbelt otherwise you will not be able to raise the seat with the child in the seat. I know this issue can raise confusion if the first responder is not known with it. It might be dangerous at the moment if you do not have any other way to cut the belt in an emergency situation.


Let me tell you my experience that I actually hate to take covers off of car seats and that I am generally terrible at this fact. In this case, there was nothing inherently hard about taking the cover off the Advocate ClickTight with the ARB or putting it back on the car seat, actually covering it off took me a solid 10 minutes for each. The cover of this car seat is in four parts actually it is in 5 part if you count the buckle cover with it. Actually, each of the parts is a bit of a process while covering it off. If you do not get it back in place, the ClickTight panel of this car seat will not be closed, I found this was very frustrating for me after I have spent 10 minutes redressing a car seat actually. I might be unlikely to remove the cover of this car seat without a significant vomit situation around me, but it was far from impossible to do so you know!

The cover of this car seat can be machine washed easily, but it needs to be set out to dry before. The harness of this car seat is so much spot clean with water, so be conscious not to saturate or submerge it on the water.


The System of this car seat that the car seat system is built for ensuring that it is proper safe. The harness system of this car seat ensures to keep your child from flying forward from the seat. The side impact protection of this car seat is cushioned very well. The threads are V-shaped in this impressive car seat is to ensure the control system how they tear away. The steel base farm of this car seat help to absorb the energy in a sudden crush.

If you look on the side of the interior of this car seat. You will find the cushioning system that will fully support your little child’s head properly. The cushioning system has 3 impressive layers of protection which will protect your baby properly. The cushioning system will absorb the energy so that your baby is jarred as little as possible which is a sign of safety in this car.

This ADVOCATE CT impressive car seat will make your baby a comfortable Nap. Your little ones are known for sleeping on the way while ride home right? The Advocate CT will allow him/her to have a proper comfortable nap without banging their head with every bump in this car seat. The straps of this car seat are also quite wide enough so that your child will not dig into the tender skin while riding. This car seat makes for an easier ride and a better-rested for the child so that they can have the proper and comfortable nap while they are traveling with you.


Advocate CT one of the most attractive car seats comes from the Britax family, and it has the highest quality of safety ratings of any producer in the USA. This impressive car seat has an outer shell which is designed and engineered to absorb the energy from the sudden impact of any kinds of the car accident if happened. The headrest of this car seat is very impressive and lined with the comfortable foaming system and obviously, the shell has several protective layers in it for side impact protection for your baby.

The fit and function process of the Advocate CT has been designed and engineered to be all about ease and safety for your baby. The harness system has an awesome ClickTight feature which will allow you to know that the seat is properly installed with a specific indicator that shows if the car seat is tightened properly or not. Actually, the harness system has 14 separate kinds of positions that can be adjusted instantly for your baby.

Britax family uses parts of making the car seat from all over the world, but Britax builds the seat in the USA where the car seat is continuously tested for safety measures.

As you know Britax company has been manufacturing the car seats for years. The car seat of Britax is made with a steel frame on a base which is built for absorbing the sudden accident impact. The tether system of Advocate CT will keep the seat in place because of its effective and well engineered V-shape and stitches that are designed and engineered to release in stages to lessen forward momentum in any kinds of sudden accident.

The strong shell of the Advocate CT comes in a neutral gray when the interior textile of this car seat is black with coordinating piping process. If you want to purchase the car seat from online, it may be packed with protective padding so you can find that it is safe delivery to your home. This car seat also comes with an impressive recline system and a level indicator button. Using the indicator button, you might be able of finding a proper comfortable recline angle for your baby. The level of this car seat will properly let you know if the recline angle is appropriately set for your child’s comfort or not.


Britax company of USA has established weight and height ranges for the child who is allowed to ride either the rear-facing or the forward-facing of this car seat. When the weight limits of car seats are easy to determine, I think the height does need a thorough explanation for your baby.

The infants who are under 12 months of age might face the rear of the car and they will weigh between 5 and 40 pounds. While sitting in the shell of this Advocate CT car seat, the child’s head should not be allowed to go higher than one inch below the shell of this car seat.

This Advocate CT sets the limit at 27 inches, Which gives the Advocate the title of the tallest rear-facing seat on the globe! At the time you are ready to turn the car seat around, a child who will ride in it should be 20 to 65 pounds around and should not be taller than 54 inches at all. The Advocate CT is the second-tallest car seat of the market as the highest harness setting of this Advocate CT is 19.5 inches in height. The harness of this car seat can be adjusted in increments of .85 inches with the lowest setting of at 8.5 inches in this car seat. While the car seat faces in the front, you can realize your child’s safety by the location of the tips of his ears which is a good one.

I must tell you If your child’s ears just below the top of the shell, then your child will properly be safe in any kinds of a sudden car accident while sitting in the Advocate CT. Even though there you will find the proper functioning that a child who is 12 months of age can face the front in this car seat, The car seat safety experts from the globe recommend that child face the rear for much longer time when they are in the car seat and it is for even up to age two of a baby.


  • Advocate CT allows the Rear-facing within 5-40 pounds, the head must be 1 inch from the top of the f fully extended headrest. . I think this is so much tall- one of the tallest rear facing seats of the market
  • In the forward-facing system it allows within 20-65 pounds, and 49” inch or less than it, a least the baby must be 1 year old. I must tell you that the Britax company’s recommendation is children rear face to the limits of the car seat.
  • The lower LATCH anchor of this car seat limits around 30 pounds rear-facing, and also 35 pounds for the forward-facing system.
  • You will get the biggest 10 Year of Expiration on this car seat.
  • This Advocate CT is fully FAA approved for use on airplanes when you need it.


The ClickTight installation system of this car seat has a built-in lock-off button that installs the Advocate CT so easily that you will think you have done something wrong with it, except it is rock solidly installed and you perfectly have done everything in right way. Isn’t it so amazing?

  • This car seat has 14-position headrest with no-rethread harness system.
  • In this car seat, you will find 2 crotch buckle positions with EZ-Buckle System, that keeps the crotch buckle out of the way while loading and unloading your baby from the car seat. Once you have this, you will wish every seat had it as it is so amazing.
  • This car seat has the most strong steel reinforced frame to ensuring your baby the proper safety.
  • This awesome car seat has 3 layers of side energy absorbing impact protection and these are:
  • The supper energy absorbing shell
  • The soft Foam lined headrest
  • The impressive external side impact cushions
  • The Impact-absorbing base of this car seat contains cells that are designed and engineered to compress down while a sudden crash and reduce forward head excursion for your child.
  • This Advocate CT has energy-absorbing Versa-Tether for the forward facing system.
  • This car seat has the most impressive 7 recline positions with easy to read angle indication bubble system for rear-facing angle system. This car seat has 2 zones- the newborn and the toddler to allow for more upright for them, but it is still safe for your baby, It is pretty well for positioning for older rear facers. There are no too upright problems while rear facing the toddler in this car seat.


  • The Harness height range of this car seat is about 6.5” inch, and it’s width while an infant loaded to 18.5” inch.
  • The crotch strap positions of this car seat are about 5.25” inch and 7” inch
  • The depth of this car seat is about 10.5” inch.
  • Internal height with head wings of this car seat is fully raised. The measurements are to the bottom of red harness adjusted around 27.5” inch.
  • The rear-facing seated height of this car seat limit is around 18.65” inch.
  • The external width of this car seat at the widest point of this car seat with side impact cushions is around 20.5” inch.
  • The internal width of the seat portion is around 11.5” inch for this car seat.
  • Internal width at shoulders in Advocate CT is around 16” inch.
  • The w0idest point of the base of this car seat is around 14” inch.
  • This car seat weight: 29.5 pounds.


I think some of you may be wondering by guessing the fact that what an anti-rebound bar is! Right? Ok, before going to jump into the details of it, This is worth reviewing the function of an ARB system of Advocate CT. The anti-rebound bar which is called ARB is a U shaped piece of a metal that will connect to the foot area of the car seat and help to rest against the vehicle seat back in rear-facing mode for your baby. The anti-rebound bar of Advocate CT will prevent the seat from rebounding or bouncing back into the car seat back at the time of the final stages of a frontal sudden crash. In Britax’s private crash tests program, they had found that their ARB reduces the rebound of their seats by 40% which is very impressive and it will also provide you the improved stability for the front, rear-end and side-impact crashes for your baby. It may seem like an unassuming car seat accessory, but let me tell you that this chunk of metal can do more than meets the eye for your baby.


The Anti-Rebound Bar of Advocate CT is only for the rear-facing system, but the directions of ARB for opening the ClickTight panel of this car seat for the forward facing installation which will be the same as described.

If you need to attach the ARB in the car seat, you just open the ClightTight panel system by pressing the indentation process on the circular of this car seat ClickTight which looks like a logo and then just turn it like a key. The panel should be pop right open. If you once open it, you will need to pull back the cover slightly to expose two small open areas near the foot area of this Advocate car seat, and they are marked with red color.

The ARB of this car seat then just slides in place into those two slots in the place. This ARB of car seat does not click in or really secure itself till the ClickTight panel is closed properly, my advice is do not pull on it until you have installed the seat or it is going to come flying out from the seat. Believe me, I myself once did that and was so dramatic and also hilarious, I took my own eye out of it and then I needed to put it back in the place, and it was thankfully easy.


Seatbelt Installation of Advocate CT:

At the time of installing the rear-facing, the panel must be open as you just installed the ARB of the seat. While you are installing the forward-facing, just follow the directions above to open the panel of the seat, you should also unhook the Versa tether from the back of the seat as it may be next to impossible to get out once it is installed. If the ClickTight panel is open, you just require to route both the lap and the shoulder portions of the seatbelt through the proper belt path guide actually which are labeled clearly for rear and forward facing system of the seat, then just pull out any excessive slack- but, I need to tell you that this is very important so do not spend a lot of energy pulling out all the slack of this seat, You need to remove any obviously large volumes of slack if needed, then you just shut the ClickTight door down.

Now just check out the install by moving the seat side to side and front of back at the belt path and you will find that you easily get less than an inch of movement with almost effortless. You just make sure that you connect the tether and remove any slack if the installing is forward facing of the seat.

If you find that the panel does not be closed, then you might have pulled the belt too taut and also might require to give it a little more slack before you are going to close the ClickTight compartment of this car seat. Also, when you are going to install the rear-facing system, the seat may almost end up more upright by nature if once it is installed than it just looked while you were in the way of installing this car seat.

So I must say if you are going to plan to use this car seat with a newborn, just be proper sure and you need to make the seat within extra reclined prior to installation so I think it will be maximally reclined for the newborn recline angle range if once the panel is shut off this car seat.


To be honest, I actually can’t understand why anyone would need to use the lower anchors on this Advocate CT car seat as the seatbelt installation is so much easy, but if you want to do it, it is very easy for you. Just remove the lower anchors of this car seat from their compartment on the back side of the seat. Then just open the ClickTight panel of the seat, then simply route the lower anchors of this car seat through the correct belt path as you see, just hook them onto the anchors of the car seat, then remove excess slack of the seat from the connector of the webbing, then close the ClickTight panel of the car seat and that might be what you want. Just check it out for movement at the belt path of the seat, you may need less than an inch side to side and front to back side of the seat.


As I mentioned you earlier, you just make sure that you have to attach the tether of the seat while you are using the seat in the forward-facing mood, at that time please discontinue use of the anti-rebound bar. The tether of this car seat is stored in a nice little compartment on the back of the seat, and it is nearly impossible to access if the seat is installed in the forward-facing mood. The tether system of this car seat should be utilized whether you want to install with the seat belt or lower anchors as it is bound to serve to dramatically reduce the forward head excursion of the baby. Please do not skip this step cause this step is extremely needed for safest operation of the seat while riding.


You may need to use the car seat in the rear-facing position of the seat from the time your baby is born till they are old enough and also tall enough also heavy enough to be turned forward-facing position. Please remember the fact that the AAP recommends keeping child rear-facing till they are at least two years of old.


Before I go on the topic, I must say that you may need to know that Britax’s own site has great instructions and also videos for your help.

If you need to install an Advocate ClickTight car seat in a rear-facing position using the car’s seatbelt just check out below information:

  1. Just open the seat by pressing the ClickTight dial and rotating it until it releases.
  2. Simply recline the child’s seat and place it rear-facing on the vehicle’s seat.
  3. You just make sure the vehicle’s seatbelt is completely smooth and thread it through the rear-facing belt slots under the seat. Buckle the seatbelt, then pull tight and remove slack.
  4. Just close the seat until you hear a click. Check to make sure the ClickTight logo is a horizontal position.
  5. Make sure that the ball on the recline indicator is in the appropriate area for the child’s age.
  6. Make sure that the car seat cannot be moved more than one inch in any direction.


Here are the details about what you need to do installing a rear-facing:

  1. Just open the LATCH compartment at the back of the car seat’s base, and remove the LATCH connectors.
  2. Then you need to open the seat by pressing the ClickTight dial and rotating it until it releases.
  3. Just recline the seat and place it, rear-facing, on the vehicle’s seat.
  4. Simply pull the lower connector strap to what would be the child’s left side and extend its full length. Then, easily slide the connector strap into the rear-facing belt slots under the seat.
  5. Strongly press the lower connectors over their adjacent anchors. Just ensure the connectors are secure and the strap is straight. Then, pull the end of the strap to remove the slack.
  6. Just close the seat until you hear a click. Check to make sure the ClickTight logo is horizontal.
  7. Then simply check that the ball on the recline indicator is in the appropriate area for the child’s age.
  8. Finally properly check that the car seat cannot be moved more than one inch in any direction.

While and how to install the Advocate ClickTight forward-facing mood.

While your child is ready to be turned forward-facing it may be after age two and when they have reached the rear-facing weight limit, at that time just turn the car seat to its forward-facing position.

I must say, Britax’s own site has both videos and instructions for this, and I strongly suggest that neither these nor the Britax site’s instructions are a replacement for the user manual.


To install the advocate CT using your car’s seatbelt all you need to do is here:

  1. Just remove the car seat’s tether from its compartment, and place it over the seat’s back. Then close the compartment.
  2. Make sure the car seat’s base is flat against the seat of the vehicle, and that no more than three inches of the car seat’s base hang over the edge of the vehicle’s seat. Just check that out that the vehicle’s headrest does not interfere with your car seat’s headrest or push the seat forward.
  3. Then you just open the Advocate ClickTight by pressing the ClickTight dial and rotating until it releases.
  4. Simply slide both the shoulder and lap belts into the forward-facing belt slots, and buckle the seatbelt. Remove the slack from both the lap and shoulder parts of the belt. At the time of using only a lap belt, push the seat down into the vehicle’s seat to tighten the belt.
  5. Just close the seat until you hear a click. The ClickTight logo should be horizontal.
  6. Then check that the recline indicator is in the appropriate area for your child’s age.
  7. Simply check that the seat cannot be moved more than one inch in any direction.
  8. Finally, locate the vehicle’s tether anchor, attach the tether, and remove the slack.


To install the advocate CT in the forward-facing position by using the LATCH you just need to do:

  1. First, remove the car seat’s tether from its compartment, and place it over the seat’s back. Close the compartment.
  2. Then open the LATCH compartment at the back of the car seat’s base, and remove the LATCH connectors.
  3. Make sure that the car seat’s base is flat against the seat of the vehicle, and that no more than three inches of the car seat’s base hang over the edge of the vehicle’s seat. Then check out that the vehicle’s headrest does not interfere with your car seat’s headrest or push the seat forward.
  4. Then just open the Advocate ClickTight by pressing the ClickTight dial and rotating until it releases.
  5. Now, pull out the lower connector strap to what would be the child’s left side and extend its full length. Then, slide the lower connector strap into the forward-facing belt slots under the seat.
  6. Strongly press the lower connectors over their adjacent anchors. Make sure the connectors are secure and the strap is straight. Then, pull the end of the strap to remove the slack.
  7. Then close the seat until you hear a click. The ClickTight logo should be horizontal.
  8. Now check out that the recline indicator is in the appropriate area for your child’s age.
  9. Then check that out the seat cannot be moved more than one inch in any direction.
  10. Finally, locate the vehicle’s tether anchor, attach the tether, and remove the slack.


At the moment that you think the headrest of the vehicle causes the Britax headrest to be displaced or prevents full extension of the headrest, Britax family says to the fact that you should remove the vehicle headrest.

If you think that the seat is too upright for a young infant, even on the maximal recline, you just can use a pool noodle or rolled towel to achieve an appropriate newborn angle.


I insist that this part is very important – you cannot open the ClickTight panel until the seatbelt/latch strap tension has been released. At the time you’re installing with the seatbelt, this is very easy- simply unbuckled the seatbelt, then open the CT panel. Yes, with the latch strap, it’s not quite so simple. The latch connectors of this car seat are the old-style hooks. You can’t simply detach them like the seatbelt before opening the panel. Instead, you just have to use the tension release button near one of the hooks to release the tension on the latch strap. I think this might take Hulk level strength/creativity, as a result, this is just another reason the seatbelt installation is the way to go.

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  • The ClickTight compartment of Advocate CT acts as is a lock off also. As a result, you don’t need to understand how your seatbelts lock and you also do not need to switch the retractor to locked mode if you can understand how to they lock.
  • This car seat is very tall in both rear-facing and forward-facing mode.
  • Advocate CT has impressive 3 layers of side-impact protection for optimal protection.
  • This car seat has the amazing 14-position no-rethread harness with easy adjustment.
  • You will find the impressive 7-position recline with no limit on how upright the seat can be in the rear-facing mode for an older child.
  • This car seat has EZ Buckle System which keeps the crotch buckle out of the way for loading and unloading.
  • Advocate CT has EPP foam, with rip-stitch energy absorbing tether, also has HUGS pads and impact-absorbing technology in the base of this car seat that serves to absorb energy in a sudden crash.
  • This car seat has removable harness strap covers and HUGS pads. This HUGS pads may be removed in RF, unable to be removed when FF.
  • It is very much compact when installing rear facing, even though with the ARB installed.
  • This car seat has long 10-year lifespan before expiration.
  • Advocate CT is proudly Made in the USA by Britax!


  • This Advocate CT more likely heavy and bulky but you may know that this bulkiness will ensure your child’s safety properly.
  • The rear-facing leg room of this car seat for bigger kids is not great at all I think.
  • This car seat is wide as there you will find the additional side-impact cushions. I must say the truth that If it’s too wide for your situation, the Boulevard CT ARB offers essentially the same interior in it, but it has a narrower exterior.
  • The harness length of this car seat needs to be manually adjusted at the hip straps. Yes, this is to make it longer for kids more than 2 years old.
  • The most frustrating fact is uninstalling the seat when installed with the hook-style lower LATCH anchors can be extremely challenging for you. I feel very thanks as the seatbelt install is very simple that there is no reason to install this seat using the lower LATCH anchors in your car. You simply remember to always use the top tether when you install the seat forward-facing mood.



  • The Advocate CT seat is the most impressive car seat and it is also convertible car seats which are very easy and simple to install in the car. Advocate CT will serve you as a rear-facing seat for infants and also a forward-facing seat for toddlers sitting. That clearly includes several Britax features which make it an extremely and strong safe car seat for a child who simply weights between 5 and 65 pounds.
  • This car seat has several types of protection, from its SafeCell Impact Protections to its three layers of side-impact protection. I think, the highlight of the seats is the noticeable click that happens when the seat is installed.
  • This car seat also includes the impressive 14-pound harness and a buckle that can be moved up and down to fit newborns, infants, and toddlers.


  • Advocate ClickTight car seat is one of the safest car seats around the market. This car seat will prevent two of the most common parent mess-ups like the lack of proper installation, and the other is not getting the straps to fit perfectly. Advocate CT also has 3 layers of side impact cushion technology.
  • Britax’s ClickTight car seats solve is the lack of proper installation and it is between 75-95% of car seats are not correctly installed. There is a whole lot of kids whose parents think that they are safe – but who aren’t really safe at all.
  • The Advocate CT is very simple to install, and most interestingly nearly it is impossible to improperly installed. Advocate CT will render you follow their instructions properly.
  • I must say that another tricky part about car seats is getting the straps to fit perfectly – and Advocate CT has taken care of that problem.
  • In Advocate CT car seat there has a harness indicator, as a result, you may easily know while the harness is tight enough for your baby. Additionally, the harness system can be positioned impressively in 14 different ways and the buckle can be used in two different positions, and this is what makes it easier to find the perfect fit for your child.
  • Finally, I want to add that the Advocate ClickTight has 3 layers of Britax’s side impact cushion technology, that works to absorb the impact, and therefore reduce, the energy transferred in a side crash and make the safety of your baby.


  • Even though you may not cart it around on your arm like the other classic infant car seats, But the Advocate CT will provide your newborn with a 100% safe and 100% secure ride.
  • Advocate ClickTight is very much impressive as I see. It has a convertible car seat which can be used both rear-facing and forward-facing mood. The headrest of Advocate CT can be adjusted to your baby’s height, so amazingly with 7 different ways to recline the seat for your baby, You will find the proper angle for your newborn or infant is very simple.
  • To ensure the protection of their necks, the AAP recommends parents secure babies under two years of age in a reclining, I must say that the rear-facing safety seat.
  • It is very appreciating that Britax recently has come out with an impressive anti-rebound bar and they are attaching on select Advocate ClickTight models seat. While you need to use in a rear-facing seat, this bar will change the center of gravity and will help lessen the head excursion in case of a sudden accident. I strongly suggest that If your model doesn’t come with an anti-rebound bar, you simply can purchase one cheaply and easily.


  • I think the most impressive part about using Britax’s Advocate ClickTight for toddlers is that you can choose when you need to switch your child from rear-facing to forward-facing mood.
  • Even though you are still bound by the general which is one inch below the top of the seat rule when the rear-facing your child, with a approximate seated shoulder height of 18.65″ inch, you will have plenty of easiness to choose correctly when to make the switch.
  • I strongly need to say that in order to rear-face safely in any car seat, the top side of a baby’s head must be at least 1″ inch down the top of the seat. But this rule will not be applicable to forward-facing only car seats, or to convertible car seats used in a forward-facing position.
  • You can easily use your Britax Advocate ClickTight as a rear-facing car seat for babies and toddlers up to 40lbs, then you just face it forward for toddlers and older children who weigh between 20lbs nearly 9kg and 65lbs nearly 29.5kg. Be remembered that, a child should be in left rear-facing as long as possible while riding.
  • If you are using it for the older kids, you may know how important it is to keep your baby in a car seat – not just a booster – for as long as you can for your baby. Advocate ClickTight will securely keep your baby forward-facing and keep safe until he or she reaches 49″ inch around 124cm in height and 65lbs about 29.5kg in weight.
  • At the time of Advocate, CT Britax family mentions the difference between the seated shoulder height” – i.e., just tosh to shoulder when sitting down – and absolute height. I think in the time of the unlikely instance your baby’s specifically seated shoulder height will reach 18.65″ inch nearly 47cm before your baby’s total height reaches 49″inch, You may still have to switch to a booster of the seat, regardless of how much he or she weighs while sitting.
  • Just don’t worries, even though most of the kids will not reach those height limits till they are around 7 or 8 years old


Finally, I have come to the bottom line of this Britax Advocate ClickTight review. I clearly want to give you the firm and vivid concept with my final words. So, let see….

The car seat company of Britax has huge name and fame around the globe and also in marketplaces. The Advocate ClickTight car seat is a high-quality and most impressive car seat and very strong for long ten years. The parents whose child were properly secured in this car seat at the time of a sudden car crash went out and bought another Advocate ClickTight car seat after the crash, as their loving child came through without a single scratch by having 100% safety.

The advocate CT of Britax company has the ability of easy-to-clean option, It is also the easy-to-use seat and I think this does not have to be replaced as your child grows around the years. In case you can not get you baby fit the Advocate ClickTight in your car, the Boulevard ClickTight is a good alternative which also came from the Britax family. I suggest that if you have gotten the room in your car for the Advocate ClickTight, this is may be one of the best convertible car seats you will find. I forget to tell you that Britax’s nearly failed to proof easy installation feature which practically ensures your child will be more secure even though you have got two left hands.

Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

The stylish Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat having Base fits the bill with both style and function smartly. It is well designed and engineered for a baby with all features making it the easiest baby car seat to install and adjust simply, accurately, and securely, every time you are using.

You are welcome to our site! I am pretty sure that you are so much concern about your baby’s car seat as you love to travel with your baby. Like all other conscious parents, you may be looking for a very strong and safe also comfortable car seat for your little champ right?

If this is your confusion about what type of car seat should be the best for your baby than stay with this article because, in the end, you will have your perfect and proper decision about buying the best car seat for your baby.

Ok, I am gonna show you a clear view of a baby car seat which I think will blow your mind. Let’s get to the point over here!

Chicco KeyFit 30 Product description

I should start with a real story that I know, in 1958 there was someone called Pietro Catelli who was an Italian inventor of medical devices. Actually, he founded the Chicco after his first son was born. Now Chicco has grown up since then to more than 120 countries and is offering gear for all things for the baby and you will also find toys, nursing products, clothes, shoes, and many more.

It is good to know that Chicco still is honoring their Italian heritage with a focus on products quality and style. The headquarters of Chicco isn’t very far from Milan, which of course all knows like the fashion capital of the world. Their fashion experts travel all over the world far and wide to search for all the new trends in baby products, yes, obviously with a focus on safety, With proper comfort, and style trends that are going on. They do believe that chic and functional always go hand in hand.

The stylish Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat with having Base fits the bill with both style and function smartly. Experts have compared it with the other products on the market, and they found it that it has a few flaws, I strongly think that it is a great choice for your baby. If you are getting prepared to welcome a little one into the new world, or you are simply looking for an extra car seat for your baby or a need an alternative for him or her, you can consider this car seat for your baby’s proper safety and comfort.

The Impressive KeyFit 30 car seat is well designed and engineered for a baby with all impressive features which make it the easiest baby car seat to install and adjust simply, accurately, and securely, in every time you are using.

This impressive car seat features a recline-Sure with spring-loaded leveling foot and two Ride-Right bubble indicators that indicate the level in order to achieve and verify proper angle in the car seat. You will find the extra cool LATCH connectors and there is also a Super-Cinch one-pull tightener system with impressive force-multiplying technology that will help you to get a tight and secure fit with a fraction of sudden effort while driving with baby! The base of this car seat is also designed and engineered with the easy belt routing system and integrated lock-offs for alternate installation with car seatbelt. There you will find an enclosed underside helps protect car seat from damage.

To hold a newborn baby, this car seat includes awesome ergonomic head and body supports which can be removed easily if needed as baby grows. There you will find a five-point harness system with simply one-pull tightener which helps to keep baby secure, and the car seat carrier shell is properly lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection which will ensure the baby safety properly. There you will find an adjustable canopy which provides shade for your baby from the sun.

For the parents who are fond of traveling, I must say that KeyFit 30 is designed and engineered for traveling system using with compatible strollers from Chicco brand. The car seat carrier ensures the security easily to the base and strollers with a simple reassuring audible click. This car seat has a two-position, also has ergonomic carry-handle and the awesome one-hand release makes it just as easy to remove anytime.

I can confidently assure you that if you’re in the market for an infant car seat, it will be the best decision to buy this amazing car seat for your baby.

The Keyfit 30 car seat is a high-quality product which is impressively well designed by the manufacturer. It is a rear-facing infant car seat which has now become the seat of best choice for many other proud parents like you. The popularity of this product brings you a major plus point as you will soon find out later on in this article below.

Now let’s analyze the details of the car seat will all pros and cons and let’s find out what the things and matters that makes it tick, as well as if it’s worth the investment of not for you.

Important Specifications of Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat-

  • It is perfectly designed and engineered for infants 4 – 30 lbs.
  • This car seat has approximately less than 30” in standing height.
  • The number of harness slots of this car seat is (pair): 3
  • The dimensions of this car seat are 22”(H) x 17”(W) x 24”(D)
  • The weight of this car seat is about: 9 lbs
  • The base dimensions of this car seat are 15” x 7” x 20”
  • The approximate base weight of this seat is: 7.4 lbs
  • The dimensions of this car seat with the base are: 26”(H) x 18”(W) x 25”(D)
  • Why choose an infant seat and not a convertible (all-in-one) seat? Here are the points!

    I have a personal view for you. I see with all the combo car seats out there, you may simply wonder why you should bother with a separate infant seat for your baby. The convertible car seats can switch from forward to rear-facing mood till the kid is about 40-80 pounds. An all-in-one car seat is able to carry a child from infant until she or he no longer needs a booster for the seat. And most importantly they are not terrible products by any means, I must say but an infant seat is designed and engineered for just that carrying the infants properly.

    Most safety experts around the world do believe that newborns of 20 pounds and below them are safest in the rear-facing baby car seat. In the term of with a convertible seat, the harness straps of the seat could be a bit longer than you are expected, Sometimes it becomes impossible and tough to get them tight enough for a small child. The harness slots of the seat may be sated too high as well. I think if they are not at or slightly under her shoulders, they might not give her or him as much protection as with a baby seat.

    Please do remember the convenience factor. Baby seats tend to be lighter in weight and smaller than all-in-one or convertible car seats. The car seat should fit snugly in a base in your car, and they can generally snap on a stroller so that you won’t feel disturb her if she is sleeping.

    What makes the Chicco Keyfit different from others?

    As it is one of the most popular infant car seats of the USA, the Chicco Keyfit 30 has several impressive things going for it. If you look into the features of this car seat you certainly can find some impressive things that will blow your mind I guess. Let’s have a look at what the things that bring the keyfit 30 most popularity around the USA!

    Key features

    • This impressive car seat has the 5-point harness system for your baby.
    • In this car seat, you will find the EPS foam which is included for absorbing impact in case of any sudden accident. Actually they are bound to give the proper safety for your baby.
    • In this car seat, you will get the most easy-to-use buckle system.
    • There are easy-to-attach LATCH connections that will give you the smooth adjustments while you are using it for your baby.
    • Chicco Keyfit 30 has impressive easy-to-adjust LATCH strap which will improve your tightening skills.
    • There is Bubble level system on the base to ensure proper angle while you are installing the seat.
    • This car seat can leave handle up when in the car.
    • You will find easiest machine-washable covers in it.
    • It also works with compatible strollers.
    • Most importantly this car seat has the good fit for premature infants.

    The 4 important features with elaboration:

    1. Excellent safety rating

    It truly has no importance to let you know that Chicco scores well in crash tests conducted by various places and their safety features offer better protection than required by the Federal safety standards of USA for sure.

    The seat interior is designed and lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for side energy or impact protection, and the thickly cushioned seat pad of this car seat has an industry standard 5-point harness which is very standard for baby.

    This is the seat in which definitely I will not hesitate to put my baby in while traveling.

    2. Great for preemies and smaller babies

    This impressive car seat can easily accommodate babies from 4 – 30 lbs and you will have it with an infant insert.

    You may not know about it, I must say that this car seat is actually a hospital favorite! Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurses of a hospital often recommend this carrier if you have a preemie in order to pass the car seat test and as a result be discharged to bring the baby home.

    Let me tell you that for a preemie, you may need for want an infant carrier with a bit low harness slots so the harness strap is positioned correctly as needed; either at or a bit more below the top of the baby’s shoulder. The Keyfit has the lowest harness height for the baby of 6.5” with newborn insert, and is low enough for considering most preemies will do fine at the long as it is less than 8 inch.

    The infant inserts process of this car seat work really well to support the smaller babies and it helps to keep the very Little One snug.

    3. Compatibility with top rated strollers

    By analyzing the market I found the fact that due to the popularity of this type of car seat, almost every popular strollers in the market have the adapters for receiving the Keyfit 30 to make your own custom travel system as well.

    4. It is certified for use on an aircraft

    Keyfit 30 is one of the car seats of USA that are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved which assures you the proper safety.

    If you the situation of traveling often and you can not bear to leave your baby behind the home, this car seat model will certainly serve your traveling needs properly I guess.

    In this car seat there is a section in the manual that will show how to install this car seat while you are on an airplane, I found it’s basically the same as installing in a car with a lap belt.

    You may be sometimes using it without the base, and you may install it rear facing, as you just would in a car. On that kind of situations, there may be flight attendants who will argue that it should be forward facing, you then need to show them the stickers on the side that indicates that it is not meant to be forward facing as they are thinking about it.

    What are the exact size limits for the Chicco Keyfit?

    • You can use it for 4-11 pounds with the newborn insert (included)
    • And also for 11 – 20 pounds without the newborn insert

    Please remember that there is also a modified model called the KeyFit 30 Magic which has a higher weight limit around 30 pounds than the original weight limit of 20 pounds. Be 100% conscious while ordering from online that some colors of this car seats are exclusive to the KeyFit 30 and vice versa.

    How big is this seat, and will it work with your vehicle?

    Exactly what type of car seat you are searching for? I think if you are searching for a light, easy to transfer seat, you are probably in good shape with this car seat that I am talking about. This impressive baby car seat may not take up a huge of space in the backseat as it is only 17 inches in wide, but for the smaller, and for the fuel-efficient cars, this may be a little large for you, Most importantly if you need more car seats in the back of your car.

    Let me give you a vivid measurement of this car seat-

    • It will weight – 9.6 pounds – mid-range compared to others on the market
    • The Dimensions are – 17 x 27.5 x 24 inches
    • The Harness slots of this car seat with newborn insert: 7, 9, and 11 inches
    • The Harness slots of this car seat without newborn insert: 8, 10, and 12 inches.

    Important tip: Do purchase an extra base to store in a second car for a quick click and go transfers while you are in need to switch vehicles.

    Safety measures

    As with all other infant car seats, the Chicco KeyFit is also crash tested and will offer you extra side-impact protection for your baby. This car seat has met federal crash-test safety requirements and has got a standard overview from there. This car seat has a sturdy design of developments and plenty of head and body support.

    In the USA you will see that many NICU nurses prefer the KeyFit as it has excellent infant cushion insert on it. At the time when you have a premature or small child, the infant insert will offer extra support and keeps your baby secure. While your baby is big enough, you simply can remove the insert. Though this seat works well with the small baby, your baby will surely outgrow it at 30 pounds and 30 inches, so I think you may need to upgrade to a new car seat before long.

    This supper infant car seat is also airplane compliant and tested, so when you need to do a lot of traveling, this car seat will give you the support of dual purpose of keeping your baby safe on the ground and in the air. The simply designed LATCH connectors on this car seat assure the security that the seat tightly into place so that there will be virtually no movement in the case of any sudden accident.

    How safe is the Chicco Keyfit?

    The crash test results have been too much impressive for this car seat. This car seat ranked in the top 5 for crash testing comparing with the other top branded infant car seat, and also for head injuries. This car seat is tested higher than the federal safety standards of USA. The energy absorbing foam of this car seat and plenty of head and body support help to protect even very small babies in case of any sudden crash while driving.

    Actually, NICU nurses recommend this Keyfit car seat because there is the infant insert which renders an extra layer of protection for premature or small infants from any kinds of harmful activities at the time of driving the car with your baby. This car seat is also FAA compliant, so with seconds, you can switch from ground to air and back again.

    There are several design features that work toward the total safety of the Keyfit. Both the car seat models are the same I found, but there are some variations in the key fact is spring-loaded ReclineSure leveling system will help you to adjust the fit in the varied back seat designs for a huge of different cars. The bubble leveling system of this car seat which is on each side of the base is designed to help remove any doubts that you may have the seat at an improper angle of the seat. There you will get the SuperCinch LATCH tightener which ensures a secure, tight fit in just a soft pull.

    Possible flaws in this regards:

    There are some users who have had trouble getting the shoulder straps a bit tight enough. There is someone who reported to us that just hearing one click may not mean that the car seat is confirmed in the base. This buyer needed to push down harder until a louder click was heard. So I think you should be conscious that you can not properly depend on a click alone. We simply are recommending you that every time pull up on the seat to make it properly sure that it is nice and snug in the base before driving with your baby in the back.

    Let me tell you that the other users have gotten the fabric on the seat interior does not breathe well enough as we are thinking, It may be contributing to excess sweating for your baby. The users have also found that the canopy of this car seat did not cover well enough, it may leave the baby somehow exposed to the scorching sun. Please just be 100% sure about not to dress your baby too warm clothes while riding and use car window shades and or in the thin blankets to keep the sun off and avoid overheating to make sure the proper comfort of your baby. The users have told that the Keyfit 30 Magic car seat has a well-improved canopy so that it may not be an issue of your thinking with that model.

    What Makes Chicco Keyfit 30 The number ONE Rated Infant Car Seat?

    As a reviewer, I was so much aware that Consumer Reports rated the Keyfit and Keyfit 30 as their first and foremost choice back in 2014. Let me ensure you that I really don’t know if it is still the case at this point about car seat in time because I am not a paid subscriber as their products reviewer. You will be glad to know about me that I actually do not fully believe a single source of information, as there may be bound to be a debate on the evaluation methods and criteria about review.

    After analyzing a lot of information and practice I simply come to a decision that this car seat is able to have the fame of an exceptional infant car seat, which i think is very popular and well loved by a majority of their users around the globe.

    Let see the more details and installation about this car seat.

    In this phase, I will show and elaborate you some important details that you should know before going to buy this car seat. Let’s get start…

    Ease of installation

    Chicco company really has taken good care to ensure the fact that their car seats can be installed easily and correctly. After talking to those people who’ve used the Chicco Keyfit car seat and I can assure you that almost all of them will rave about how easy it is to install in your car.

    Though there are many of us who detest instruction manuals, this is I think advisable to read the one provided by Chicco prior for installing the car seat properly, as I think your very precious cargo is at stake here with it. And you will find the manual is a bit short and too easy to understand with pictures and diagrams to follow along each and every step of the installation in the car.

    The 3 different installations you’ll be using Chicco Keyfit 30

    1. Installation With Base Using LATCH system

    I think this is the very easiest and my most preferred method I found. At first, just place the base on the seat and use the ReclineSure system of this car seat, and it is a nine position spring-loaded leveling system to adjust and to get the angle of the base right about.

    The angle of this car seat can easily be checked with the bubble level-indicator situated on either side of the base. This process is called the RideRight system, I see it works like a spirit or carpenter’s level. The important fact is as long as the bubble falls in between the 2 arrows, you should understand that the seat angle is correct.

    After that, you just pull out the two LATCH connectors and hook it to your car’s car seat’s lower anchors. Easily pull on the strap on the base to tighten the seat and while the base is tightened properly, then roll excess strap and store the strap in the pocket, then just check the bubble-indicator of this car seat again, just to be proper sure.

    2. Installation with Base Using Seat Belt

    For this technique, you have to position the base and have to adjust the angle like previously I described to you.

    Then you should route the seat belt through the base and buckle in your seat belt. If that is done, you then need to secure the seat belt and keep it locked so the infant car seat stays properly in place for all times. The base of this car seat has a shoulder belt lock-off, please do not use it just yet.

    What you need is to ensure that the seat belt is as tight as it possibly can be, and you simply can do this by giving pressure to the base towards the vehicle’s trunk and just pulling on the seat belt at the same time, till the desired tightness you are looking for is achieved. Then simply thread the belt into the lock-off and release the seat belt of the car. Just check the tightness of the seat and angle again.

    3. Installation Without Base

    If you are frequently in need to hopping into different vehicles or cars, for example, taxis, Uber, shuttle services, or riding with friends, you cannot truly have the base of the car seat with you while you are traveling.

    You just need to contend with installing the infant carrier without the base of the seat using a seat belt of the car.

    At first what you need to achieve is a proper angle. On the sides of the car seat that you are using, there you will find a horizontal red line and you just need to make it sure that the line is properly leveled with the ground.

    Then, you simply pass the seat belt through the belt path of the car on both sides of the car seat and simply buckle it in. The Chicco Keyfit uses an American belt path system so it is good to know that the shoulder strap stays over the car seat, not around the back.

    Up Next, then engage the locking mode of this car seat on the seat belt by pulling the belt all the way out, then just let it retract back in. The objective of this car seat is to get the strap across the baby as tight as it is possible, therefore you may need to apply pressure to push the seat forwards the trunk when at the same time, pulling and retracting the seat belt together. Then just check for tightness and the angle while you are done adjusting the seat.

    How hard is it to install?

    For the conscious parents of newborns, actually who are the first-time parents, just want to make sure the car seat is properly right can be an added stress in an already stressful time of the life. The total design and interior of the Chicco Keyfit are bound to help parents so that they can correctly install the car seat the first time, actually for every time.

    While at the time you hear a definite click, you simply get the knowledge that the seat is attached firmly to the base. While you are using the bubble levels and ReclineSure system, you simply can rest assured about your baby that your baby’s seat is safe and secure with proper safety, though you have never installed a car seat before. Just be proper sure to always refer to your seller’s manual to understand the complete instructions on how to install it. The baby product models of the market are continuously changing, so the manual that is given to you by the seller’s should be your first stop while you are installing your baby car seat.

    Let me give you some important clue that if you have a pre-2000’s vehicle with no LATCH system, you simply can use the seat belt to secure the base of the seat.

    Possible flaw:

    When the KeyFit 30 can easily be used without a base, sometimes the installation of this car seat at the correct angle and tightness without the base has proved with some difficulties for some parents. I think you may need to use the red line on the sticker or label to help you for finding out the right angle for your baby. Simply rolled-up the towels possibly be used to help level it out for you while installing the seat.

    The Differences Between Keyfit 30, Keyfit 30 Magic, and Keyfit 30 Zip:

    If you ask me about this I will tell you that to put it out simply, Keyfit 30 is the base model I guess when the Magic and Zip are loaded with additional features with them.

    I found all the three of this car seat use the same base, and the dimensions of the car seats are totally identical. Most impressing thing is that the safety features are the same for all 3 models as I survey.

    The impressive Keyfit 30 Magic may cost a little more and may feature a bit better or more luxurious seat cover fabric I found. This car seat also comes with an infant boot for cold weather protection for your baby. The infant insert of this impressive car seat and the shoulder pads are very reversible which means you can switch between the soft fabric or a more breathable mesh when you need. I think the main draw of attention the Magic though, is the canopy system. I find that it is more generous than the base model, you will be glad to hear that it has an extendable mesh panel which offers more coverage when being more breathable.

    Let’s come to the Keyfit 30 Zip. It is, on the other hand, has the convenience of parents in mind I guess. It is impressively featured with the zippered canopy, Sun visor, as well as the infant boot. You will find that this car seat is the most expensive option among the 3 Keyfits baby car seat.

    Which Strollers Are More Compatible With The Chicco Keyfit 30?

    I think this question is one of the most commonly asked questions I have heard, because as we see many parents already have a stroller as a gift, or otherwise planning to buy one that is going to last long after the little one outgrows the baby car seat.

    Here I am giving you a list of the Chicco strollers that will easily fit the Keyfit 30:

    • The Caddy Stroller Frame
    • The Urban
    • The Activ3
    • The Bravo
    • The Cortina
    • The Cortina Magic
    • The Cortina Together
    • The Neuvo
    • The Liteway Plus
    • The TRE

    The list that I have given above is for strollers that can easily be used with Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat for your baby without the requirements for any kinds of an adapter.

    My opinion is that, If you already have a stroller for your baby from other brands, or are intending to get one, you may need to buy the adapter separately from the market.

    You will be happy to know that this impressive car seat is almost compatible with every stroller under the Sun. which means that you can easily customize your Chicco Keyfit 30 travel car seat system with your favorite stroller any time you need.

    Please just be properly sure of the fact in the cost before making your purchasing decision. Many parents may go for the caddy for the first year I guess before they purchase a stroller. Others they will simply buy a complete traveling car seat system to save the hassle for their baby.

    Where Is Chicco Keyfit 30 Made?

    If you google for the manufacturing details then you will find that Chicco’s infant car seats are proudly made in China.

    But mostly I would love to see them manufacturing in the USA, Chicco has nicely managed to maintain a high quality of standard in their making process offshore. I think you can truly trust your baby’s safety in this car seat without a doubt.

    What Is The Expiration Date for this seat?

    This impressive car seat is designed and engineered to expire after 6 years from the date of making, That means This seat can be passed down through several Los, so long as this car seat has not been involved in a kind of sudden or major accident.

    While you are bringing this car seat at your home or receive your seat, just be properly sure to check out the bottom of the seat for the date of made and the expiry date clearly.

    My suggestion is that please do properly check the top of the base as well, as sometimes the base and the seat may have the different manufacture dates from the manufacturing company.

    I would simply jot this car seat down or make a note in Ever note, as I think it will aid in the case of a recall. Please just be sure to register the product to enable Chicco to have the means to contact you in case.

    How To Clean The Seat Cover?

    If you ask me I will say that I am truly not a big fan of the fabric on the Keyfit but what I most like about this car seat is the fact that it is machine washable. So you can simply wash this while needed.

    To remove the seat cover of this car seat or the seat pad as Chicco represent it in the manual is not exactly the easiest I see, but I think you will be able to do it quickly by following to the manual that you will be given.

    I think the stain of this car seat is easily removable, so you can simply spot clean the seat by using the mild soap without removing the cover from the seat.

    At the time when you are using the washing machine, just use cold water and run it through a delicate cycle, use the mild detergent. Then simply air-dry it after washing.

    When Do you should Remove The Infant Insert, If you Used One?

    The infant inserts are meant to be help supportive for a baby from 4 to 11 lbs to get a proper and comfortable adjustment.

    This should be removed during the baby get the weight of 11 lbs or more, or during the baby can easily adjust the seat snugly without the insert, which fact comes first.

    What the things Could Chicco Have Done Better?

    1. The Fabric of the infant car seat

    You may have come across this fact already. But I must say that the fabric is the most complained feature for the perfect rear-facing infant car seat I guess.

    The cover of the seat is on the coarse side. Also, the breathability for the children certainly has ample room for improvement. As the infant insert of this car seat is made of softer material, you will be able to remove them after a few months.

    This may be a big fact of thinking for those who are in the warmer states of the world, and also for those parents who may most often need to travel a few hours in the car regularly. In this case babies will get the hot temperate and sweaty, and in that case your best bet may be to dress him/her up in loose clothing which can absorb the wind easily, and you may need to make a stop every hour or so if you are riding for long distance and ventilate the back for a while.

    2. Tiny Canopy

    After closing second to the fabric complaints of this impressive baby car seat, the canopy on the Keyfit 30 model is really too tiny just to be able to provide proper protection for your baby.

    On a bright day when you suppose to go out with your baby with the seat facing the Sun, the fully extended supper tiny canopy only assure you to protect the back of the head of your baby, And it will leave the face exposed. The pull-out of Sun visor only adds a tad more coverage, which I think is actually not enough to protect the baby’s face properly.

    Actually, in my thinking, the biggest flaw may remain with the car seat. I’m actually not too much concerned about the fabric of this car seat, but when it is about the canopy, you may need a nursing cover or any blanket while a sunny day to cover up the unprotected area of your baby.

    I hope Chicco may notice this issue in the upcoming upgrade, that will at that time make this car seat more impressive and compelling to buy for those who are on the fence.

    I must say that canopy is a huge concern for parents. So, you would be greater off with the Keyfit 30 Magic, which has a larger canopy for your baby.

    3. Product Details On Corporate Website and Listing

    If you ask me about this I may personally tell you that I don’t like the presentation of the product page on the Chicco corporate website that they are showing.

    When I was busy with research and collecting information for this review, I wanted to have all the specifications of any key information available in one place as I can easily make notes and do my comparisons with the other car seats. There I found some information that I wanted. But you know that info cannot be found, without you digging deep into the page, or searching for other websites that are available.

    Let me give you some example, I am sure that you will not find the weight and dimensions of this car seat anywhere on the official website in google nor the listing page on Amazon until you go through the customer’s questions section on various websites like Amazon.

    What should I say is that fortunately you may have come to our website as our reviewer experts compiled will all the essential questions and much more information all in one place for you so that you can have our help to buy a baby car seat.

    From Where To Buy Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat?

    As we all know that Chicco has become a global brand and there you will find many places that retail their flagship infant car seat, you can easily buy it from the local market or from the online shops.

    When it is about money I need to tell you something, I strongly recommend placing your order with Amazon, as their customer service and their reliability is very much trustworthy.

    Based on the information about this car seat that I have read, Chicco company themselves do not boast the best customer helping team around and if there you find any issue with your order from Amazon, you can be sure it’s much easier to return and get an easy refund through Amazon than anywhere else in the globe.

    Most importantly I want to tell you that please read the section below because with all the ease of ordering and seamless delivery, there you will find a huge caveat, buyers need to be conscious of

    BE AWARE Before you are Placing Your Order (For

    There I found one very important fact to take note of before you are looking for or you’ve decided to buy through Amazon.

    Please consciously do triple check your cart and order list details before you are making the payment. I’m telling you this because Amazon has decided to group the different kinds of variations on the same listing process, this I find rather messy and misleading for someone I guess.

    The design layout of the listing page of Amazon varies and changes from time to time as they constantly split-test their pages online, but I think you may likely find the color variations to be the first and foremost option to be selected on. And this is the fact where it gets interesting.

    Various kinds of the color variations are sold by Amazon website, while some are also sold by the third party agent. You may simply notice the fact that some colors are discontinued too. Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with buying from third-party sellers if their seller feedback rating is excellent and helpful. But if it is in fancy colors, I am highly recommending you that you actually take a trip to the store to check it out first before you place order, as the images on the listing that you are watching may not be a true representation of the actual product due to the lightings, touch-ups, and adjustments that you are looking for.

    I especially advise you to mention for the color OMBRA, this baby car seat is basically Chicco Keyfit which is the one with the weight limitation of 22 lbs for the baby, instead of the Chicco Keyfit 30. You simply can see the title change while you click on the different variations of the color.

    That is not at all. You will have another dropdown menu or grid for styles, with the option that is used to select only the car seat or maybe bundle it together with a caddy stroller frame of the seat. Some color variations of the seat may be grayed out and not available to select while you are selecting the bundle most likely those colors which are offered by third-party sellers. To get this around for your baby or to be able to purchase the grayed out color, you must have to select the car seat only option from the sites, and purchase the caddy individually that you are looking for.

    But I must say that if you choose and looking for the option with the caddy included, another special mention should go to OMBRA. Please notice the title indicates Keyfit 30 properly, but we came to know that this color is for Keyfit 30 only. This is maybe a glitch at this time while the article is being typed out by me, and maybe they will fix in the near future, but my recommendation is that do take note of this and check it before you are paying, to be sure properly.

    [joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Title Here” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Get it now” disable_button=”yes” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”dofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]

    • About Quality – A global top-rated baby seat from a well-known company
    • Comfortable fit – It has a good fitting for preemies and very small babies that otherwise might not fit well in other models of car seats
    • Simple installation – There are several features that are designed specifically for right the first time installation – bubble levels, adjustable recline angles and one-pull latch tightener
    • Compact –This car seat is Sized for smaller vehicles, no mini-van needed
    • Easy washing – Easily removable, machine washable covers.
    • Traveling in a friendly way – This car seat has proper conforms to FAA regulations; just click on compatible strollers then you will find it relatively lightweight


    • Manufactured in China – There are many things are these days from China, you must be aware of recalls, just inspect all parts properly before use in case of damage or poor construction, and you should also know the return policy of the seller
    • Not breathable Fabric – In this car seat we find fabric on interior may not be breathable enough; watch for overheating and excessive sweating for baby, especially in hotter months or hotter area.
    • Less sun protection for baby – The canopy of this car seat may not stretch far enough to cover baby for making sure the complete sun protection
    • The strap tightness of this seat – Some reporters and users have found some difficulty tightening the straps
    • The weight of the seat – I see at 9.6 pounds of weight, it simply is tough to carry a bigger baby around in this seat without the aid of a stroller or baby carrier.
    • Not enough secure without the base of the seat – This car seat can simply be used without the base, but remember some users and reporters had a hard time to get it adjusted just right


    While you are thinking that this seat is not perfect, it has a huge of things going for it. For those families with preemies who have a very difficult time finding the right-sized seat, this car seat is your friend as it will help you to hold your baby perfectly. We have found that from 4 – 20 lbs weight, this car seat will keep your baby snug and will make the proper secure until your baby is ready for the next upgrade. The sister model of this car seat is the Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic which will hold up to 30 lbs baby. This car seat has performed very well in the crash tests and has many of head support safety measures and there is also the side impact foam for proper protection in case of a sudden crash. The impressive thing about this car seat may be its easy installation process, which likely is great for new parents or also for caregivers which are not well known with car seats. There is a second base which is highly recommended if you are interested in switching your car often.

    Before you are going to buy this car seat, I want to mention some fact that there are some issues to take into consideration before buying. This car seat is made in China, and I think that does not important to affect the quality, long way shipping can increase the probability of damage. Please just inspect your baby car seat parts before you are going to use, and that is the way goes for any car seat for baby uses. If you think that you are worried about your baby overheating while using this car seat, or live in any hot climate around you, please take the note that the fabric of this car seat may not breathe as well as other models of the seat have and consciously dress your baby according to the weather. If you are planning for extra sun protection for your baby too with your car window sun shades or thin blankets since the canopy of the seat might not extend quite enough that you are looking for.

    Final words

    The final words for the Chicco Keyfit are that it seems like a great starter car seat, most importantly if you have a preemie or newborn baby with you. If you buy an extra base or any part of a travel system with a stroller, it will provide you with more convenient travels for families always on the tour. I must say you that If you are blessing with a cute baby from the god just put this seat on your registry list. This car seat will bestow your baby with the proper safety. Your little passenger will feel the proper comfort while you are riding with her/him