NordicTrack Recumbent Bike Reviews

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NordicTrack Recumbent Bike Review

Without having the right amount of exercise, this is not possible to shed the extra pounds from your figure. People adopt a wide number of ways to cut their unnecessary flesh and get a nice shape to be presentable in the society. This is also needed to maintain a healthy figure too. So, most of the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews have opined that using a recumbent bike is one of the most beneficial ways to reduce the weight. At the same time, this is a great exercising device that will nicely shape the figure of the users. With the present age of technology, we are ignoring the physical exercises and this is one of the key causes of getting unfit within a short time.

But if you continue the exercise using a NordicTrack Recumbent Bike, you can have some special benefits. Most of the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews recommend this bike as it comes with some special features that are not available with the other bikes. The application of the exercise bikes have been found for decades and people are getting benefitted with the bikes. The bikes are manufactured with the view to assist people in getting the right amount of exercise in a day and keep fit. So, when you are using an exercise bike, you are keeping yourself fit. Thus, the importance of exercise bikes cannot be described in words.

Almost everyone wants to have a good health and the exercise bikes are of great support to them indeed. Thereby, the necessity of the exercise bikes are climbing high and a large number of people are grabbing the bikes for their ordinary use. Most of the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews are of the view that people are tending to have exercise bikes more and more because they cannot manage enough time to spend in gyms. Amid their hefty businesses, they are unable to sort out enough time for the gyms but at the same time wants to keep them fit. Based on all the issues, they prefer to have an exercise bike at home.

How to get a recumbent bike?

This is not an easy task indeed to purchase an exercise bike if you do not have any prior experience. Even, people with experience are often deceived. They cannot get the right bike for them as there are now hundreds of varieties available. Besides, the brands and manufacturers offer different types of features and flexibilities to the users. So, they prefer to have the bikes which have more features. Of course, this is a positive indicator that the bikes are manufactured with lots of features. But before you take the decision to get a bike, you need to bring some issues under consideration. Are all the features helpful to you? Do you need all of them or they are simply to increase the beauty of your bike?

If the features are not for your use or if they cannot be proven useful to your needs, you need to discard the idea to get the bike. In fact, using your valuable dollars, you should not bring a junk at your home. You need to have exercise and you are getting an exercise bike to meet your needs. But if the entire issue turns the opposite and you cannot meet the needs, there are no necessities to have an exercise bike. Most of the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews suggest to get some necessary ideas before you get an exercise bike for your ordinary use. So, here are some of the basic features of an exercise bike are described that you should look into the bike before finally decide to get that.

Durable frame

Want to know the secret of a longer lasting exercise bike? The frame is the secret. Many of the users are of the view that the bike should be made with high-grade materials. Of course, they are right to their argument. But if the frame is not durable, you cannot expect a longer service from that bike. The bike frame should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the users. At the same time, unless the frame is strong, the users could not use the bikes as long as they want. They will feel worried about the bike and thus the frequency of riding the bike becomes reduced.

On the other side, a bike with a durable frame is able to bear the weight of the users no matter how bulky they are. The bikes which have been made with low-quality frames cannot bear the weight. The bikes appear with numerous problems and collapsing down of the frame is the most prominent one. They cannot survive for a long time if the weight of the users is increased. The manufacturers of such bikes are unaware of the issues or they might not care at all. Considering the aspects, you should check the exercise bike frame. If you believe that the bike frame is strong enough or it appears durable, you can get that no matter what the price is.

Besides, you will also get some benefits with the durable frames. The will require less maintenance and you can be free of worries.

Take a test run

This is a must before getting a bike. In fact, unless you are riding on a bike, you cannot have the chance to know the bike and its features properly. The sellers might try to deceive you by different means. They usually praise high of their product regardless of their quality. And most of the cases, the buyers are deceived with the praises and they get the products. If you are lucky enough, you can get some quality products. But in most of the points, the users are not lucky enough. They cannot have the best products. They are sold the faulty and low-quality products. The buyers are to regret in the long run when they are influenced by the sellers’ words.

So, to prevent such scenarios, the best way is to take a test ride. This is the way that will allow you to know about the details of the bike. If you ride on it, you can know how it performs, how the pedals are, if the handles are okay with you or not, if the bike is comfortable and many such other issues. In fact, taking a first-hand experience is the best way to know about a bike primarily. But, if the seller does not agree with your proposal of taking a test ride, be sure that the bike has some sort of problems. If there are no problems with the bike, the sellers would have no issues at all to allow you to take a test ride.

Moreover, a test ride is also required to make sure you are able to take the right amount of exercise with the bike. During the test ride, you can know about the bike’s conditions and how it suits your needs. People need to have the experience as this is the best way to know about something practically.

Seat padding, adjustment

This is another key issue that a prospective exercise buyer should keep in mind. The seat of the exercise bike is one of the most important things that people need to use frequently. This is the place where you will take your seat during the ride. So, if the seat is not comfortable, you cannot expect to have an efficient experience. Besides, the seating option should also come with an adjustment feature. The height of every user is not the same. If the seat is not adjustable, they will be unable to take the rides smoothly. Moreover, the entire riding experience will turn into a dissatisfactory one.

Hence, this is highly important for the seats to be comfortable. The padded seats allow the users to take the ride comfortably. When they ride on the bike, the seats provide a sense of comfort. If the seats come with a ventilation process, it becomes more comfortable for the users to continue the ride. At the same time, the seat adjustment functions allow the users to set the seats based on their height and necessities. If all the things are up to the mark and the users are able to get comfort, they can take the bikes without a second thought. Besides, if the seats well padded and ventilated, the users can continue the rides as long as they want.

But if the seats are not comfortable, or not well padded, they will not feel the comfort. This will result in their regular reluctance of riding on the bikes.

Quality pedals

The pedals of the exercise bikes should come with some additional features. Almost all the pedals are able to provide the necessary riding experience. But the good pedals are different. They are wider than the usual pedals. In fact, by pedaling the riders will get their exercises. If the pedals are not up to the mark or no wide enough, they cannot hold the feet. Besides, there should be some straps on the pedals. The straps will help prevention of feet slipping. Actually, many of the users are in deep trouble with the pedal issues. They cannot comfortably pedal the bikes as the pedals attached with the bikes are not up to the mark.

They feel trouble while pedaling the bikes. It happens mostly as the pedals are smaller in size and shape. Being smaller than the standard measurement, they cannot hold the feet perfectly. As a result, the users cannot pedal them effectively. If you check them before you get the bike, you could get rid of such troubles. When people move to get a new exercise bike, they actually do not care about the issues. At the same time, the manufacturers are also unaware of the issue that the feet size is not the same for everyone. One pedal size will not fit all the users. So, they also do not take measures to change the pedals. But this is important indeed.

Therefore, when you are at the market to get your new exercise bike, you can take the one considering the pedal. Check the pedal if it matches with your feet size and you feel comfortable in pedaling them. When everything will match, you can decide to get that bike.

LED panel

The LED panel is one of the most recent additions in the exercise bikes. In fact, most of the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews recommend the users to get a bike which has an LED monitor. The monitor is helpful to the users in many aspects. The monitor usually shows the heart rate, calories burnt, how long you have been riding the bike to burn calories and more other necessary information. If you want to collect them manually, it would not be possible for you to continue the exercise. Collecting information manually about the calories burnt is a truly hefty task. This is not possible for the users to count the calories instead of pedaling the bike.

At the same time, the LED panel will exhibit some other information about your heart rate. If you feel dizzy or unwell during the exercise bike ride, there might be some disorders in your heartbeat. If the heartbeat is more, you need to take a break. And then start again at your convenient time. But without an LED panel, this is not possible for you to know about the heart rate. The sensors attached to the handlebars will inform you about the heartbeat and instantly. So, now you can recognize the reasons for your feeling dizzy or over sweating.

Further, the LED panel brings a wonderful look on the bike. The illumination on the LED panel makes it look attractive too. While you are exercising, the illuminated LED panel will bring an adorable look at the exercise bike. However, the manufacturers have attached the panel not for a look, rather so that the users could know their health information instantly. This is a great benefit of the standard exercise bikes indeed. So, when you are to get one of the exercise bikes, make sure it comes with an LED panel.


Sometimes, the exercise bikes need accessories. The users might need some air and so, they might want to install a small fan. Besides, during the workout, you might want to listen to some songs from your playlist. But if the exercise bike does not allow you to do the works, you cannot listen to the songs or cannot get the air during the exercise. In fact, there should be options to set up a fan or there should be options for a music player. This is not possible for the exercise bike riders all the time to pedal the bikes. This is a tiring task indeed to keep pedaling the bike without any break. If you can do that, you are a superhuman. But not everyone is so.

Thus, this is important for the users to know about the accessories. Besides, getting thirsty is another reason for the riders. And this is natural. They will get thirsty if they continue riding the bike for a certain time. So, to dehydrate the body, they need water. If there is a water bottle holder is available with the exercise bike, they can easily drink the water. They do not need to take a break and have a glass of water. Rather, they could drink while riding the bike. This is another important accessory for the exercise bike.

Therefore, when you are taking the decision to have an exercise bike, make sure it comes with accessories or at least has the option to add the accessories in later stages when needed. The accessories are really beneficial for the users and able to make the ride comfortable.


Noise is a great issue to consider while riding a bike. But the sounds are bearable. If you want to have a noise-free bike, you need to check it carefully. In fact, the noise is created from the bike pedals. The stronger you will pedal, the more the noise will be. There are some other bikes which come with a fan that runs on the same pedal too. If you pedal the pedal, the fan will start to run. The fan’s breeze will be stronger based on the pedal speed. So, this is a great way indeed to save electricity and get some fresh air. But you need to tolerate the noise.

There are some exercise bikes, which do not make much noise. The chains are smoother and able to run at a great speed. At the same time, it can generate the other features. Most importantly, there is almost no noise. Most of the exercise bike manufacturers do not care about the issue. They make the bikes to increase their profits instead of their brand values. As a result, the users are in trouble and have to get the noisy bikes. So, try to check the noise level before you get the bike at home. If it makes too noise, leave it at the store.

Why is NordicTrack Recumbent Bike the best?

There are so many reasons for becoming the best recumbent bike for this particular one. In fact, the manufacturer has added some special features and flexibilities with the bike. It has been available in the market for years and people are using the bike for their everyday exercise needs. Considering all the matters, the bike has become a great one for the people who want to exercise at home. At the same time, the bike does not have any issues that hamper the regular exercising. Most of the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews have found that this bike is one of the most spectacular ones for its outstanding outlook and performance. The bike is able to meet all the arising needs of the users.

Besides, the manufacturer has also taken some other measures to make the bike look attractive in all terms. Not only the bike performs well, it also has a majestic look. The bike is able to serve the users for a long time and without any serious troubles. If you consider the price and the services, it will appear that this is a cheaper bike than the other bikes with so many functionalities. According to a nordictrack recumbent bike review, this is a great device as it is able to serve the users with almost all the requirements. The bike is enabled to calculate your heartbeat and other necessary health information. And it provides them with the LCD panel.

Some of the key features of the bike are described in brief here for a better understanding of the users so that they could decide rightly to have a great bike.

Comfortable ride

Before you finally take the bike, make sure you are having a comfortable ride. Here comfortable ride not only refers to have a padded seat or adjustable functions. Rather, you should feel comfortable. The ride should not make you tired. You should also not feel any sort of pain in your joints. When all the things will be fine, you can consider that you had a comfortable ride in all terms. But most of the cases, the users have a different experience. They cannot have a comfortable ride for different reasons. Either they feel pains in their joints or they feel the pedals to be sticky that needs more pressure.

A large number of exercise bike riders have different issues regarding the comfort. They cannot have the exactly perfect ride on the ordinary bike. Almost all the bikes have some sort of problems that irritate the riders. But once you are on board on this exercise bike, you will have no such issues. The bike is smooth to ride on. Being a speedy bike, pedaling is not a concern for the riders. They do not feel any pains in their joints. Moreover, pedaling becomes fun to them as they can effectively continue the pedaling without any hassles.

Therefore, as you are determined to have an exercise bike for your own, you should not miss checking this particular feature of this bike. This is truly a good piece that has special features and functionalities.

Sturdy frame

The frame of this particular exercise bike is different from the other type of bikes. The key reason for the difference is because of the steel. The frame of this Nordic bike is made with commercial durable steel frame. As a result, the bike is able to bear a moderate level of weight of the users. The most other exercise bikes are unable to serve for a longer period as those come with some non-commercial frame. The frames are troubled once a heavyweight is given on the bikes. So, the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews recommend using this bike for a durable performance.

In fact, unless the frame is strong enough, the users will not get a durable performance. They always have to be careful while riding the bike. And it happens most with the overweight persons. People with an excessive weight level want to reduce their pounds but if they are to remain worried about the bike conditions, they cannot have the exercise at all. But this product is different from others and allows the users to ride resourcefully and cut the weight level. It happens only for the steel frame made from commercial grade elements. You can have it without worries.

Workout apps

The nordictrack recumbent bike reviews also recommend this bike because it comes with some applications. The applications show the users of different ways to use the bike. You will get around 32 different apps where you can have the ways of workouts. If you are unaware of the workout methods or need some prior ideas to get the workout efficiently, the apps are there to support you. A nordictrack recumbent bike review also claims that the apps are the easiest ways to cut your unnecessary pounds. Just pedaling the bikes does not ensure that you will get the desired level of exercise or will burn your calories.

Rather the apps will show the most effective ways to reduce the pounds in a less time than you figured out by yourself. Most of the cases, people ride the bikes randomly and do not follow any routine. If you follow a couple of the apps, of course, you will get the desired result. The manufacturer has designed the apps so that you can easily get the result while the other ordinary exercise bike manufacturers do not bother about the issue at all. This is the basic difference among the other manufacturers and this Nordic.


  • Heart rate monitoring: the device is able to monitor your heart rate within no second. You could know your heart rate with the receiver just after getting connected to it.
  • Moderate price: pricing is a great issue for the users but the manufacturer is careful about it. They sell it within a reasonable price and this is truly affordable.
  • Accessories: the exercise bike comes with accessories like a workout fan. The fan is able to render a smooth breeze to the users when they are on the ride.
  • Warranty: the device has a warranty of two years on certain conditions. The other manu7 factureres provide a warranty of one year. This is a great advantage for the users of this bike.
  • Easy pedaling: this is a smooth bike and its pedaling is smooth. So, the bike riders do not need to spend much of their energy to start the bike while they are to be careful with the other bikes on this particular issue.
  • App control: besides, you can control the bike through an app. If you want a reduced or increased pedal speed, you can do that using the app.
  • Fits different platforms: the apps developed for this bike are able to fit on different platforms like your smartphone or tablet.


  • Seating disorder: the users might have some disorders with the seat. It does not lock perfectly.
  • Hard to assemble: the assembly of this bike is difficult. The users often feel troubles while assembling the bike after unpacking it.
  • Breaks easily: some of the parts are poorly manufactured and so they get broken easily. You need to replace the parts frequently if you want a comfortable ride.

Final words

There is nothing in the world that comes with perfection. There might be some flaws too with the NordicTrack Recumbent Bike. But the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews recommend having this particular bike as it is far better than the other bikes you use for your exercise. Besides, this bike is armed with the latest technological features while you can enjoy the riding better when you will apply the apps. According to a nordictrack recumbent bike review, this is a spectacular bike within a low-price. You can have a relaxed position during the exercise which the other bikes are unable to provide. If you consider the longevity, this would be a great piece for your everyday use. So, grab it to meet your needs.

NordicTrack Recumbent Bike is a great exercise bike for the people of the modern age. Many of the nordictrack recumbent bike reviews praise highly of this bike for its special features and technological additions. The bike has 25 digital resistances while it is compatible with different devices. It’s a wonderful tool for a happy workout

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