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Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

The article provides an overview of all the features of the Epica Personal Blender review for you to assess whether you should buy the product or not. Before making your final purchase decision, make sure you evaluate all the alternatives available. Learn more about the blender from here.

For making smoothies with a good texture and taste, blenders play a vital role. The quality of blenders is very essential as the inner construction of the blades, switch and timers will determine how well your smoothies will be blended. As a kitchen electronic appliance as well, smoothie blenders are a useful tool to make dips, shakes, cocktails and so much more than just ordinary smoothies. Therefore, it is completely understandable for you to become very choosy or picky while buying a smoothie blender.

We have tried to list all the features of the Epica Personal Blender for you to assess whether you should buy the product or not. Before making your final purchase decision, make sure you evaluate all the alternatives available.

The Detailed Description of Epica Personal Blender

Epica Personal Blender is an ideal blender for single or double person consumption. For a busy person who doesn’t get enough time to make salad dressings, cocktails or smoothies, this blender could be one of their options. The reason being the speedy process mechanism it has and the ready-to-go features of this blender.

The price of the product is around $89.99 on Amazon if you buy the new product. You can also opt for a used one at a discount of around $9. This is actually a very small price to pay for the smoothie blenders. Buying this product will help you in various ways other than simply making smoothies.

Increase Cost-Efficiency

Yes, smoothie blenders, in the long run, will have an impact on your spending habit and reduce your monthly expenses to a great extent. How? Every day when you are thirsty or looking for drink options, you simply go out and buy it from the restaurants or local stores. The smoothies will cost you around $5-$15 on an average. But if you make them in your own personal blender and carry it with you through the portable container is provides, you will save yourself around $5 each day.

Healthier Choice

While you buy smoothies from the stores, the problem is you don’t have the liberty to select each and every ingredient of the smoothie. Yes, restaurants have customizable options but not personalization to the core level. If you have a smoothie blender at home, you can use the ingredients as per your dietary requirements and make yourself a healthy and tasty smoothie. If you have an appliance at home, you can easily resist the temptation of drinking outside smoothies with high sugar content or with ingredients you shouldn’t be eating.

Variety in the Menu

People who want are looking for diverse options in their food menu, this smoothie blender is the just about the right choice. Your breakfast meal can start with a smoothie made with fresh fruits. As part of lunch, for salad dressings, dips or soup items, you can utilize this blender. During supper or afternoon snack time, fresh juice or a protein shake could be one of the options. For a party or get-together making cocktails would become so much convenient with the smoothie blender.

Key Features

The product has a portable container that makes it easier for you to carry it outside. Therefore, you can simply make the smoothie and take it to your gym, school, and workplace or in the car. The blender has a powerful motor with heavy duty stainless steel blade that means it has all the right features to get the perfect texture and blend of your smoothies and drinks. It has mixture jars free of contamination and harmful chemicals.

The product also comes with a warranty along with convenient cleaning features. Other than portability which is a huge convenience factor, the blender is versatile enough to bring out the inner cook in you in time efficient way. Not to mention, the diversity it can bring to your food choices and snack items you have every day.


Now that you have understood why you need this smoothie blender in your life, let’s get into the specifics. For your better understanding, we have divided the features into eleven distinctive features. This is not just for this blender only; we would recommend you to check these features before buying any new blender in general. Each feature carries a separate benefit and significance and you have to prioritize and rank them based on your needs. For your convenience, we have sub-divided each feature into two categories. That would be what the features exactly are and how it can be useful for you.


The blender’s size is on the smaller end. That is, the container of the blender is a 20-ounce mug. This can be termed as a mini blender according to the size.

The significance of assessing the size of the blender is that it lets you know the amount of smoothies you can make at one go. It gives you an idea based on your consumption pattern whether the size is the optimum size you are looking for. For instance, someone who needs a large quantity of smoothies regularly needs to look for larger size containers and blenders. But for someone for whom a single or double cup of smoothies are enough, that person needs smaller containers. Another important evaluation criterion is the need for portability. If you need carrying convenience, the smaller size is the wise choice to make.

Blender Motor Power

The motor power of the blender is 300 watts. Since this is used as a portable blender, the power is lower compared to large blenders. The quantity that can be made from this blender is one or two mugs of smoothie and hence the 300-watt power is sufficient enough.

Now for engineers, the importance of motor power is quite clear. However, for someone with less technical expertise, it can be difficult to fathom the utility of motor power. In most simple terms, what we can tell you are to pulverize the content well, you would require as much motor power as possible. This means, the more, the merrier! So, for crushing the ice into small parts, mill grain, mix the bread dough, create the perfect nut batter, you would need a good amount of horsepower in the blender. A powerful motor also helps in neutralizing the blender damage if unwanted materials are put inside it.

Blender Capacity

The size of the blender gives an estimation of the overall blender capacity. What we can say is that size and blender capacity are interrelated. Epica personal blender has a take-along bottle of 20 ounces. That is, the blender has the capacity to make smoothies of 20 ounces at one go. This quantity is sufficient for single or double serves only.

Understand this that the blender capacity is quite subjective according to your needs. Therefore, only you would be able to make the decision whether the blender capacity of Epica personal blender is enough for you or not. If you need to make the large quantity of smoothies regularly, this blender might not be the ideal choice for you. We would recommend for those portability is not the major concern rather large quantity is important to opt for different blender option.


Despite being a mini-blender, this product will surprise you by its speed and the time efficiency it provides. The rate at which the steel blades move is 23000 revolutions per minute. This means you would find your perfect blend of smoothies within a span of few minutes only depending on the hardiness of the ingredient.

As said correctly, time is money and so is efficiency. Speed if well-adjusted with the motor power, we would say this is the best quality for a smoothie blender. Any blender will make your smoothies but the right blend with right texture can only be provided if there is the balance between speed and motor power. The discussed product maintains the right ratio of speed and motor power for the smooth functioning of the blender.


The blades play the role of crushing and mixing the ingredients in correct proportion. The quality and the material of the blade are two important criteria for blender evaluation. Luckily for Epica Personal Blender, you don’t have to worry about any of these. The blender has heavy duty stainless steel blades. The material steel is the most popular and widely used alloy for blender blades. The quality is superior and exquisite with sharp ends making it helpful to grind the ingredients appropriately.

The blades are the one that revolves with speed and intensity and responsible for pulverizing, grinding and crushing the mix. Hence superior quality is essential in this regard.

Counter Space

Epica Personal Blender is going to take very small space of your kitchen counter. The size and capacity of the blender are small as mentioned before. Therefore, we can safely assume that it is not going to take much of your kitchen space.

Something even you know that the space an electronic appliance takes in your home is one of the most important deciding factors. If your apartment does not have ample space, you might not choose a particular product despite having good features. As far as the discussed blender is concerned, you don’t have to worry about the space at all! It takes a very minimalistic space and it wouldn’t matter if you have a large or small kitchen counter.


Versatility implies the different items you can make from one single blender. We would advise you not to judge the book by its cover. Don’t get confused with the small size of the blender. The blender might be a mini one but it has the potential to create wonderful food items. Starting from simple smoothies, protein shakes, soup, batter to cocktails, juice, frozen drinks, salad dressings, dips and many more items. The list actually goes on and on depending on the diversity of recipes you have in your mind.

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of versatility within a blender. You would definitely not want to go through the hassle of buying separate blenders for individual tasks such as- making smoothies, creating dips etc. As a customer, you would look for a one-stop solution to your problem and we value your choice. Hence this blender comes with the option to customize ingredients and recipes according to your preferences.


Whether you are a busy person or someone who has enough time for oneself, it doesn’t matter in this aspect. Cleanliness is a high priority for everyone. And the even greater deal is avoiding the hassle of cleaning a product. The good part is all the containers of the blender are completely dishwasher safe. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of individually cleaning all the separate parts of the blender.

Before checking the blender, do look into the manual on how to clean the product well. Any electrical appliance requires greater care in the cleaning aspect. So we would suggest you read the manual carefully before doing the first cleaning.


How the entire mechanism works behind creating the perfect blend is not an enigma anymore. You have the full right to know about the inner operations of the blender. This might sound fairy tale like to you but just a single touch on the switch and you would have your smoothie prepared within minutes. The only problem here is that it doesn’t have a set timer. So, you would have to trial and error about the right timing for a good blend. For softer ingredients usually, the thumb rule is to blend for 60 seconds but for harder ones, it can be more than 140 seconds.

Ease of Use

For a new user, the ease of use is the most valuable criteria. Convenience while preparing the product is important. The good news is Epica Personal blender actually cared about personal preferences while designing its key features.

The container has a sealed lid which means that the content won’t opt out of the container and create an absolute mess. The product is overall broken resistant and the container is BPA free. The difference between polycarbonate container and BPA free ones should be well accustomed to as a conscious consumer. For health issues and reasons, you should always choose the BPA free containers.


In terms of durability of the product, the blender comes with a warranty of two years. When a product gives a warranty of more than 6 months, it means the makers guarantee the durability and longevity of the product. For the first 2 years, the blender will give its best possible performance. However, the duration of years will depend on how you use it. If you recklessly use the blender, we cannot guarantee that the product will last longer.

Moreover, the blender is heat and cold resistant. This implies that the performance won’t be deteriorated if you use either warm or cold water. The temperature range of the blender is from -40° to 112°F.

Why Should You Buy the Product?

Now that you know the specific details of the product, we have summarized the good and bad parts of the blender for your better assessment. A good decision-making technique is to jot down the pros and cons of the particular product. If you have alternate purchase options, we would suggest that you compare the features and their relevance to them for your regular use.


  • Ensures portability: The 20-ounce container helps you carry your smoothies almost everywhere.
  • Healthy option: The container is BPA free and the blender gives you the scope to customize smoothies made with healthy ingredients.
  • High durability: The longevity of the product is quite high compared to other mini-blenders.
  • Break and Heat resistant: The container and other parts of the blender is break and heat resistant which makes it extremely convenient for you to use.
  • Increase efficiency: The blender has the right amalgam of motor power, speed and blade quality making it appropriate for creating the right blend.
  • Diversification: Despite being a mini-blender you can almost create all sorts of food items that can be made from a large blender.


  • Unsuitable for making large volumes: The blender can only make smoothies of single or double serving. For creating the large quantity of smoothies, this is not the ideal choice.
  • Relevance with kitchen aesthetic sense: For someone who has a large kitchen space and looking for a big blender to match with it, a mini-blender like Epica Personal Blender will not work for you.
  • Lacks timer and variable speed control: You have to manage the time on your own and it does not have variable speed control. Therefore, for new users, this might be a risky choice if you don’t have outside help.
  • Less motor power: The product has less motor power and so you need to be careful while using the more concentrated ingredient. You need to blend it for a longer time if hard ingredients are used.

Final Verdict

After final evaluation, our recommendation would be for someone who is extremely busy and portability is the major concern for making smoothies, Epica Personal Blender is the perfect choice for you. The blender is a wise option for those who drink smoothies regularly but for single or double serves only. However, if you need a large quantity of smoothies every day, this smoothie blender is probably not the optimum choice for you and might lead to inefficiency.

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